About Me

I was born in 1964 and live in Bari in the south of italy.

I'm a system administrator and security consultant. Actually I have a company and develop web application for various Account Department of Italian Government Places.

I have used diverse Linux distribuition: Red Hat, Debian, Suse, Mandrake and Ubuntu that I use from its first release.

Initially I was interested in Ubuntu for its philosophy; subsequently it hit me for its simplicity and stability.

Now Ubuntu is the only distribuition installed on all my servers, workstations and notebook.

I appreciate the attempt to make Ubuntu a distribuition simple to use through the creation/integration of graphic tools also for administrative task, although I open automatically a terminal window at boot on my system Smile :)


  • Email: <benjamin AT ubuntu DOT com>

  • Irc: Mizar at

  • Icq: 255266005.


I try to support Ubuntu users in irc channel, mailing lists and forums.

Recently I was involved to reorganize Italian community with some friends (MatthewEast, LorenzoSfarra, FabioMarzocca), because I had noticed its initial disorganization. I believe that we have succeded in it, the result is the creation of a structure that seems to give coordinated and integrated results as:

My Documentation

Display context of search results
Case-sensitive searching


  • Often new users have difficulty to find support in their language, therefore I think that, using information supplied by the user during Ubuntu installation process, it could be possible to add in Firefox's bookmarks a link to the locoteam support site.
  • Making online documentation as complete as possible.
  • Trying to improve hardware identification and simplify its configuration.
  • Trying to realize a presentation or an interactive introduction course addressed to who approaches to Ubuntu or Linux system for the first time.


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