Contact Information

Full Name: Bhuvaneswaran A
IRC Nick: bhuvan @, #ubuntu-meeting, #ubuntu-doc, #ubuntu-motu
Email Id: bhuvan at NOSPAM ubuntu dot com bhuvan at NOSPAM collab dot net

Ubuntu Contribution

As i wish to learn new things, i am contributing to the documentation team. Currently, i am one of the author of ServerGuide. I am responsible to make changes to ServerGuide to fit in the new Help system and release it with FeistyFawn. ServerGuide Preview is available. If you wish to contribute, please refer the status page. I have been contributing patches & wiki pages. Couple of my initial contributions are listed below. Please refer to the commit log messages of docteam Subversion repository for more details:


Wiki Pages


Based on the direction & responsibility, i will contribute addition/modification to docbook based ubuntu documentation. Consistently, I can spend time to contribute to ubuntu linux.

Other Open source Contribution

I am one of the partial committer for Subversion project. Please refer to the Subversion contributors page for list of contributions I have made so far for this project.

For details about me, please visit my website.


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