About Me

Im a 15 year old student at school, I have been playing with Linux as a whole for the last two years. My real name is Ian Hadaway and some of you may know me as "Son Of Aq". I like to play with computers as a whole, and spend a lot of time helping others with there computers.

Linux Experience

The first LInux Distro i played with was fedora, very stable but has a lot of compatbility problems, especialy when it comes to 'WINE'. I have also played with knoppix a lot as for system recovery, along with debian, SUSE and Redhat but i have found so far that Ubuntu and Edubuntu are probaly the most stable and compatible on most of the computers i have put it on, it just works!

Ubuntu Wiki

I have only just joined the Ubuntu Wiki but i hope to add to it. I know PeteSavage personaly as he works at my school and he has been a brilliant help along with Bluekuja. We are currently working on leaflets for schools and other people that wish to use Edubuntu.



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