The Ubuntu Software center should be more than just a mechanism for getting applications.


- Recently the app store mechanism has become popular. Application stores like the Ubuntu Software Centre provide a safe way to add applications to an Ubuntu Desktop, but if a user needs to load some content then they have to find it via unknown sources. The packaging process for Ubuntu ensures that content is safe and legitimate.

Use Cases

  • Nancy has an Ubuntu laptop - She's studying for an English literature qualification. Her Ubuntu Laptop has all of the applications she needs, but now she needs a copy of The Comedy of errors. She goes to software centre and types in "Shakespeare" and a list of packages relating to "Shakespeare". From here she can install the package. A few minutes later the book has been downloaded to her system.

  • Paul is an author - he has written a couple of novels which he has self published using Free and Open software. His novels are available to download from his site, but he'd like to get his novel in front of more people. Paul has packaged his books and uploaded them to the packaging system. The Launchpad version tracking system allows him to work on his books from any of his machines, and he can manage his text locally before uploading to Launchpad. His books can now be downloaded by searching the software centre. The community can write comments about his books, and offer opinions.
  • Rachel is a singer/songwriter. Her songs are released under a creative commons licence. She currently uploads her songs to a hosting service. She can now package her songs for Ubuntu and her songs become more accessible to people using Ubuntu.
  • David is an avid reader of Paul's books. He's spotted an error in one of Paul's old books. Being a 'team' player David submits an update to Paul. Paul is able to update his book and push the update out using the packaging system. Now David, and indeed all of Paul's other fans reading using Ubuntu get alerted to a new update for his book, and can update the book using the Ubuntu Update System.
  • Alan loves his Ubuntu TV - what's especially good is that he can download videos from Software Centre. Videos that he downloads from Software Centre are available in his videos folder, and can be sync'd using Ubuntu One to his laptop, and even his phone.
  • Mark runs a commercial company which produces a Free Linux based operating system. He has set up a programme which allows developers to sell their applications through his Software Centre application. The Software Centre now provides a revenue stream for content authors to sell their applications through the same mechanism.





Scope and Use Cases

Use Cases

Implementation Plan


Outstanding Issues

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