Use of OSM maps on Launchpad


At the moment, Launchpad user pages use Google Maps. This seems a bit wrong considering Google is non-free. OpenStreetMap on the other hand is free.

This proposal proposes the replacement of Google Maps with OpenStreetMap using the OpenLayers system.


Launchpad is supposed to be for the hosting of Free Software, so having a non-free map is wrong.

Other uses of OSM

It is possible to use OSM maps without using OpenLayers. The following are examples.

* http://shaunmcdonald.me.uk/chdot/extents.html * http://www.nestoria.co.uk/isle-of-wight/property/buy

There is a OSM wiki page about deploying a OSM map, see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Deploying_your_own_Slippy_Map

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