This is the page for the benchmarking-tool blueprint in Launchpad. The blueprint's URL is here.

Goal of this blueprint

To create a benchmarking tool that is comparable to (or better than) Vista's.

How to do this?

Vista uses a point scale from 1 to 5.8. This is very confusing. The Ubuntu Benchmarking Tool (as it should be called) should use a point scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the worst performance and 10 being the best.

The Ubuntu Benchmarking Tool should measure performance in these six areas:

CPU (clock speed, type of CPU (Pentium III, K6, etc.), instructions per second, BogoMIPS?) Memory (amount of memory, speed, etc.) Hard Disk (hard disk speed (5400 RPM, 7200 RPM, etc.), type of interface (IDE, SATA, etc.), transfer speed) Desktop Graphics (how well the computer can handle Compiz effects) Gaming Graphics (how well the computer can handle 3D games). Network (speed of network, reliability?)

If you have a Launchpad account and want to do any work on this, please subscribe to the blueprint (the link to it is above). I am not a developer, so if some kind soul would like to do this, please contact me at Make sure you subscribe to the blueprint!

Other points

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