This page is for general discussion.

Type of benchmark

Would you like to create a tool which reads out values like HD speed and so on, or a tool which measures real values? I think measuring is always better and having information is vital to a better PC use. The best way to start such a thing would be to look at some other benchmark algorithms which are open source (Wikipedia listed some).

Point scale

Why should the point scale be from 1 to 10, with 10 as the best mark? I find it the wrong approach to use a point scale where the maximum is not open. Newer systems are faster but they may also use the same benchmark algorithm, so how could one define the maximum of points today? I'd propose a point scale starting from 1 without decimal places. The more points the more powerful the system is. How is this solved in the vista benchmark?

Start a separate Launchpad project?

Should we create a Launchpad project separate from Ubuntu for the benchmarking tool? Please reply by putting whatever you have to say under this.

Target audience

Should this tool be targeted towards overclockers and hackers or should a GUI be developed to make it easy for any user?

Existing Tools

Several benchmarking tools for Linux already exist that may provide some or all of the required functionality. One possibility is freebench which already runs well on Jaunty.

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