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Hoary Hedgehog now lives on the old PC! It took a whole week of troubleshooting and interaction with some very good people on the ubuntu forum. The installation always would hang during the base system install, yielding a "segmentation fault." To make a long story short the problem was the cpu, a Cyrix MII 300, on a PCChips M571 motherboard. I told you it was very old, didn't I? By underclocking the cpu (just resetting a few jumpers on the motherboard) the installation worked just fine. To see all of the gory details, search for posts by CyberBob in the Installation help forum.


I successfully installed Breezy Badger preview on an otherwise unused IBM 300PL machine (256 MB ram, 13 GB HD) in our lab at work yesterday afternoon. I was impressed at how flawless the install went! This particular PC was sitting idle on a shelf for the past 18 months or so, and I felt it just needed some ubuntu. Now I can show my cohorts at work how wonderful Linux can be!


My current setup: Compaq Presario 2100US laptop with 40 MB HD/256MB ram running Win-doze XP home (pre-installed for me at purchase)

Update: 21-Jul-2006

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