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Hoary Hedgehog now lives on the old PC! It took a whole week of troubleshooting and interaction with some very good people on the ubuntu forum. The installation always would hang during the base system install, yielding a "segmentation fault." To make a long story short the problem was the cpu, a Cyrix MII 300, on a PCChips M571 motherboard. I told you it was very old, didn't I? By underclocking the cpu (just resetting a few jumpers on the motherboard) the installation worked just fine. To see all of the gory details, search for posts by CyberBob in the Installation help forum.


I successfully installed Breezy Badger preview on an otherwise unused IBM 300PL machine (256 MB ram, 13 GB HD) in our lab at work yesterday afternoon. I was impressed at how flawless the install went! This particular PC was sitting idle on a shelf for the past 18 months or so, and I felt it just needed some ubuntu. Now I can show my cohorts at work how wonderful Linux can be!

  • Interesting observation with my personal *very old* PC I have at home:

  • My success at work had me giddy, so I wanted to do another ubuntu install at home yesterday evening. When attempting to install Breezy Badger preview on my old PC (300 MHz, 128MB ram, 40 Gig HD), using the very same install CD I successfully used at work, the system could not find the boot record on the CD. The interesting part is that the ubuntu "Live CD" that I had originally made the day before (Hoary Hedgehog) boots fine business! So, to make a long story short, I downloaded the iso image of Hoary Hedgehog, burned it to a new CD, and voila! Hoary Hedgehog installs (well, almost) on Bob's old PC while Breezy Badger will not boot from the CDROM. I'm not sure what is happening here, but perhaps the combination of my old PC hardware (the CDROM is a Sony 4x read-only drive) and the preview release of Breezy Badger just don't like to talk to each other. Anybody out there have an idea of what caused this situation with the Breezy Badger preview?

  • The Hoary Hedgehog install always seems to hang during installation of the base system. A look at virtual console 3 revealed that (most of the time) a segmentation fault caused the installation to fail. Went to look for help in the ubuntu forums ...


  • Previous experience with Slackware, Redhat, and Suse distributions on older, slow machines (i.e. 486 vintage,4-8 meg ram)
  • Installed Debian Linux on a Sun workstation - OS worked nicely but with only 32MB of ram Xwindows was a bit sluggish
  • Continued frustration with Win-doze and associated problems (spyware, viruses, sluggish performance) have driven me back to Linux
  • Having newly discovered Ubuntu I am overjoyed and anxious to rekindle my enthusiasm for Linux
  • Desire to start a Local Community Team in Cincinnati, OH area and proliferate/advocate Ubuntu to friends & family

My current setup: Compaq Presario 2100US laptop with 40 MB HD/256MB ram running Win-doze XP home (pre-installed for me at purchase)

Update: 21-Jul-2006

Upgrade path:

  • Purchased Western digital 80GB drive/1 Gig ram
  • Plan to install Ubuntu Breezy Badger 5.10 onto new HD -- DONE! Now running Dapper - 6.06 LTS
  • Will save old HD with XP OS and transfer data as needed -- Purchased exterior case/USB connector works very nice!

Future plans:

  • Purchase PowerBook laptop with OSX - Not so sure anymore, I really like my FREEDOM

  • Contemplating dual boot setup (OSX/Ubuntu) for this future machine - Unnecessary. I can do nearly everything I want to do with a GNU/Linux system.



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