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HP TouchPad 32GB WiFi running WebOS 3.0.2

Boden Matthews, 15

Sydney, Australia

  • "Hmm, I wonder what this button does? *poke*"

About Him

An extremely nerdy high school student who's fallen in love with Ubuntu, not to mention Linux in general.

Why using Ubuntu?

I use Ubuntu because it is extremely powerful but can run on my old Toshiba Tecra A7 laptop.

Life Goals

To write for a tech/gaming magazine.

Social networking profile

Twitter: @Bodman456, Last.FM: Bodman456, Facebook: Boden Matthews.


Toshiba Tecra A7 Notebook on Ubuntu 10.10 Developmental Release, ASUS F5GL Notebook on Windows Vista Home Premium/Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Dual-Boot, Custom-Built Gaming Computer on Windows Vista Home Premium. HP TouchPad 32GB WiFi running WebOS 3.0.2

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