My name is Bojan Bozic. I'm a 24 years old "Computer Science" student and work at Philips Speech Processing Systems in Vienna as a Software Development Engineer (Java, C++, .NET). I have about 10 years of Linux experience (Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu, Slackware, but also FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris). My courses at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna are close to UNIX System Programming, Embedded Software Design, C and Java Programming.

In summer 2007 I finshed the first course of studyies as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc).


A student collegue and me are distributing Ubuntu in our University, giving Ubuntu Support for different Departments and developing software for Ubuntu. Otherwise I am a member of different Linux forums and IRC (linux-web, ubuntu-forum,


That's how I'm trying to help Ubuntu:


How to contact me:

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