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What I Do

I am a professional IT Manager and at the moment and working freelance with a side scoop of php scripting. I have a small upstart web development company, but am not going to use this for advertising (if you want to know ask). I am currently brushing up on my C and hope to get into some GTK soon.

Our work place is almost 99% Linux run, to be honest I have one box in the closet for those little emergencies like flashing a phone and what not. We are proud to support the open source community and do give back with time and money when possible.

Ubuntu and ME

I come from a strong background in linux and have been using Ubuntu since Gutsy, I recently have more time on my hands and am trying to give back to the community. I am trying to stay active on the forums and hope to get into developing and posting to my launchpad.


  • C it up
  • Get GTK on my brain and start putting a face to a few of my apps

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