Bret Fledderjohn

Email: <freelancer317 AT gmail DOT com>

Who is this guy?

An almost 40 year old Account Executive for a cluster of radio stations based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Bret has held jobs from being a soldier, to working in a family owned two store franchise for 9 years, followed by a stint as a traffic manager for a trucking company, followed by truckload transportation sales, and then into the radio business, ducking back into traffic management, and then unable to avoid the lure of outside sales, went back to radio.

Bret has also been a freelance writer off an on for the past 17 years. Bret has been published in three daily newspapers, a weekly newspaper, and a regional business journal.

Currently, Bret has enrolled in classes for the Fall 07 semester to go for the computer degree (database analysis major) that he should have taken 20 years ago.

Bret and his wife, Mary Jane, have two fantastic sons, aged 10 (Riley) and 2 (Declan).

Team Leader Pennsylvania

Despite a major technical handicap, and with the help of other LoCo Team Contacts established the Pennyslvania Local Community Team.

Following the principal "If you build it, they will come" Bret decided to set up the Pennsylvania LoCo. Vorian held his hand through setting up the bones of the group's infrastructure. Launchpad, Forum, IRC channel, and mailing list were all applied for one night in March 2007.

Bret has had the pleasure of working with some outstanding people who have joined the team, all with different sets of talents, which have given us the ability to grow relatively quickly, and to start some great projects!



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