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Email: [[MailTo(greenbrian AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)]] Email: [[MailTo(greenbrian AT gmail DOT com, greenbrian at gmail dot com)]]


Email: MailTo(greenbrian AT gmail DOT com, greenbrian at gmail dot com)

What I use Ubuntu for

Have Ubuntu running on 2 machines - one my workstation/server (Dell PowerEdge SC430) - used as a fileserver/jack of all trades machine. (on a side note, ask me why I had to use a hacksaw to run a decent video card) Loaded it up with memory to run VMWare and run virtual OS's for practice/studies (I do MS stuff in the workplace, but would much rather deal with Linux). FreeNX for remote access, even played some UT2004 on it as well (though I am horrible at FPS games). Laptop (Dell C640) with Ubuntu for day to day surfing and whatnot on the couch. Have a Shuttle PC setup running Knoppmyth, playing vids/music hosted on my server over NFS. Almost a terabyte of storage in total at home, with no problems of stability or dealing with licensing (YAY!). I'm a linux newbie still, but very enthusiastic about learning more about it.

What I am working on, relating to Ubuntu

  • Using Linux in general (command line usage, file system & troubleshooting basics)

  • Kernel/OS customizing
  • Spreading Ubuntu love Smile :)



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