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About Me

I am a somewhat veteran Linux user having been using it since 1998 or so through various iterations and distributions including a stint with FreeBSD. I work professionally as a software developer for Thomson West and primarily do Java code right now. I enjoy computers and movies as well as outdoor activities including roller-blading, ice skating (hockey), winter sports, and hiking. I also enjoy the occasional online or LAN computer gaming.

When I'm online, I tend to hang around #ubuntu-ny and #usalug on I've tried and used Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu with varying degrees of success. I like Kubuntu the most, and currently run Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu), OpenSuse, CentOS, and rPath Linux on my machines at home. I usually provide Ubuntu or Kubuntu as the install of choice to Windows converts because of it's ease of use and familiar Windows-like feel to many things (control panel, K Menu, etc.). I change distros every so often as I try to find one that suits me (almost) perfectly. I'm a tinkerer, and if I have problems getting packages I need I start looking elsewhere. But even if I don't use Ubuntu primarily, I continue to recommend it to new users because I think it's the best new-user distro.

My Involvement

At present I'm not officially involved in anything in particular, but am happy to lend what talents I have to the cause.

My Vision

I sincerely hope Ubuntu is one of, if not the most popular distro that helps tip the scales in favor of Linux as the OS of choice, but small steps first. I look forward to spreading the word (and the install discs) one person at a time, selling Ubuntu on its merits without the need for hype and of course contributing what I can to the community. I hope also to spread awareness not only for Ubuntu but Linux in general and help teach everyone to revel in the accomplishments of all Linux distros, not simply get into turf wars with other distros. A win for Ubuntu is a win for Linux and a win for another distro helps Ubuntu just as much by increasing Linux awareness and cross-community support is the most important thing we can strive for.


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