Bryce Leo

I'm Bryce. I'm 20 and started way back in the 8th grade with Mandrake 7 way back when. I have always had a linux on my boxen since then. I have installed 9 flavors of linux and win 98 (deca-boot) with lilo for the fun of it without destroying any data just for the fun of it. I've used Ubuntu since the beginning. My favourite mini distro is Puppy Linux. I don't have windows installed on any of my main computers. I know how to add probed hexcodes to the modules files to assign a piece of hardware to a particular driver. I work at a job that lets me play with linux guts and do some scripting and app packaging in windows. I'm a vim kinda guy for most editing, I've been on a bit of an emacs kick recently because it's required for my compilers class. There is only one good music player on linux and that's Amarok. I don't like KDE, I like Enlightenment and cannot wait till DR17 to be stable. I like GTK well enough and Gnome is a decent DE. I only play a few games. Terminal Velocity, FFVII, and soon FFVIII. I love Heroes, I don't have a TV so i just watch them online or download them. I love talking about linux and all sorts of geeky stuff. I shoot photography professionally with Laura Eaton Photography as an assistant. I use ImageMagick and some custom scripts to process my jpg's for proofing, I do raw processing in UFRaw and my image editing in GIMP. That's about it for now I hope to meet up with you guys later. Oh and I got to school at The College of New Jersey.


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