Jan 18 16:00:14 dholbach        hello everybody
Jan 18 16:00:23 heno    hello folks!
Jan 18 16:00:27 dsas    hello dholbach (lecture got cancelled :))
Jan 18 16:00:34 rulus   hi
Jan 18 16:00:34 dholbach        this is the bughelper meeting
Jan 18 16:00:35 *       matsubara (n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:00:40 dholbach        dsas: good you could make it
Jan 18 16:00:59 alex_muntada    hello everybody!
Jan 18 16:01:01 dholbach        I announced the meeting over here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-bugsquad/2007-January/000236.html and I think we can use the list as a rough 'agenda'
Jan 18 16:01:35 dholbach        bughelper is a tool that heno started off (everybody thank him for that) and it'll hopefully make our bug triaging efforts all a bit easier
Jan 18 16:01:46 dholbach        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugHelper has some information about it
Jan 18 16:01:58 dholbach        and heno was kind enough to start a tutorial over here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugHelper/Tutorial
Jan 18 16:02:24 dholbach        let's all take a look at it now: please check it out by running something like:  bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bugsquad/bughelper/bughelper.main
Jan 18 16:02:29 gnomefreak      thanks heno :)
Jan 18 16:02:50 heno    I had an itch
Jan 18 16:02:59 dholbach        bughelper has its brain in the ./packages directory
Jan 18 16:03:11 heno    in the form of 668 open ubiquity bugs
Jan 18 16:03:24 dholbach        we recently changed the .info files to an XML format, which is described over here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugHelper/Dev/ClueFiles
Jan 18 16:03:40 heno    thank dholbach for that!
Jan 18 16:03:43 dholbach        which allows us to do queries depending on nested and/or/not statements
Jan 18 16:03:50 dholbach        de rien, I had fun hacking it :)
Jan 18 16:04:04 dholbach        as you can see from your local branch, the packages/ directory doesn't contain that much information yet
Jan 18 16:04:55 dholbach        if you invoke    bughelper    with a source package, it will check all the ubuntu launchpad bugs for that source package (based on the clues in the .info files)
Jan 18 16:05:02 dholbach        daniel@lovegood:~/bughelper.main$ ./bughelper vino
Jan 18 16:05:02 dholbach        http://launchpad.net/bugs/43050 :  Vino crasher bugs 
Jan 18 16:05:02 dholbach        daniel@lovegood:~/bughelper.main$ 
Jan 18 16:05:04 Ubugtu  Malone bug 43050 in vino "vino-server crashes after connect if resolution has been changed via xrandr" [Unknown,Unconfirmed]
Jan 18 16:05:10 dholbach        that's the result I get for vino
Jan 18 16:05:28 dholbach        bughelper can also search in the attachments of the bugs, if you pass it the   -A   flag
Jan 18 16:05:28 Nafallo <3
Jan 18 16:06:05 dholbach        with   -a   it searches not just on the first page of the launchpad bug listing (which only contains 75 bugs), but on all the succeeding pages also
Jan 18 16:06:24 seb128  dholbach: I think -a should be the default
Jan 18 16:06:31 seb128  any case where we want to limit to one page
Jan 18 16:06:37 seb128  the "one page" doesn't make any real sense
Jan 18 16:06:38 alex_muntada    I got an error...
Jan 18 16:06:38 alex_muntada    Traceback (most recent call last):
Jan 18 16:06:38 alex_muntada      File "./bughelper", line 58, in ?
Jan 18 16:06:38 alex_muntada        main()
Jan 18 16:06:38 alex_muntada      File "./bughelper", line 34, in main
Jan 18 16:06:38 alex_muntada        if not utils.package_exists(cl.sourcepackage):
Jan 18 16:06:40 alex_muntada      File "/home/alexm/ubuntu/bughelper/bughelper.main/bugHelper/utils.py", line 25, in package_exists
Jan 18 16:06:42 alex_muntada        sources = apt_pkg.GetPkgSrcRecords()
Jan 18 16:06:44 alex_muntada    SystemError: E:You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list
Jan 18 16:06:51 heno    that will become obsolete with XML bug data
Jan 18 16:06:52 dholbach        seb128: file a wishlist bug :-)
Jan 18 16:07:01 seb128  dholbach: oki
Jan 18 16:07:08 dholbach        alex_muntada: can you file a bug about that too? we should catch that bug
Jan 18 16:07:15 dsas    alex_muntada: You do not have any deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list. We should catch that.
Jan 18 16:07:20 heno    but I agree with seb128
Jan 18 16:07:30 dholbach        you can also pass a custom bug list URL to the bughelper, with    -l <url>
Jan 18 16:07:33 gnomefreak      this only works with packages in the packages folder right?
Jan 18 16:07:37 *       j_ack (n=rudi@p508DA00B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:07:53 alex_muntada    dholbach: sure
Jan 18 16:07:58 dholbach        gnomefreak: bughelper will only issue clues it has in the packages/ folder
Jan 18 16:08:04 alex_muntada    dsas: you're right, thanks!
Jan 18 16:08:07 gnomefreak      k
Jan 18 16:08:08 dholbach        gnomefreak: one of the next steps will be to have 'general clues'
Jan 18 16:08:21 dholbach        gnomefreak: so that totem.info can inherit from gnome.info or something like that
Jan 18 16:08:32 gnomefreak      ok cool
Jan 18 16:08:36 heno    https://bugs.launchpad.net/bughelper/+bug/79151
Jan 18 16:08:37 Ubugtu  Malone bug 79151 in bughelper "support global clues" [Undecided,Confirmed]
Jan 18 16:08:41 dholbach        thanks heno :)
Jan 18 16:08:59 gnomefreak      ty heno
Jan 18 16:09:04 dholbach        if you examine one of the .info files, you will see that it could be a bit irksome to type in all the XML yourself
Jan 18 16:09:12 *       jsgotangco hat die Verbindung getrennt ("Ex-Chat")
Jan 18 16:09:27 dholbach        that's why I added    bugxml -sa <package> <condition> <clue information>    yesterday
Jan 18 16:09:37 dholbach        which will do the work for the simple cases for you
Jan 18 16:09:52 dholbach        that's roughly what bughelper can do for you at the moment
Jan 18 16:10:03 dholbach        I'm very happy with what we've achieved - thanks to all the contributors
Jan 18 16:10:27 dholbach        given that the effort is only around 4 weeks old ;-)
Jan 18 16:10:37 dholbach        are there any questions up until now?
Jan 18 16:10:39 heno    Yeah, bit really rocks to see patches coming in!
Jan 18 16:10:43 heno    *it
Jan 18 16:11:01 dholbach        Any suggestions?
Jan 18 16:11:07 dholbach        Any crazy ideas off the top of your head?
Jan 18 16:11:29 dholbach        Ok, let's move on then
Jan 18 16:11:42 dholbach        The future, of course, looks bright
Jan 18 16:12:01 dholbach        we'll move on to version 0.1 now and only implement tiny bits and pieces and QA it properly
Jan 18 16:12:04 heno    Could bughelper also look in upstream BTSes for dupes?
Jan 18 16:12:20 dholbach        heno: at some stage... why not?
Jan 18 16:12:40 heno    agree about the 0.1 plan
Jan 18 16:12:40 dholbach        we marked a bunch of bugs as 0.1: https://launchpad.net/bughelper/+milestone/0.1
Jan 18 16:12:59 dholbach        and most of them are easy fixes and enhancements, so there's plenty of room to get involved
Jan 18 16:13:28 Nafallo :-)
Jan 18 16:13:39 *       blackskad (n=blackska@d54C0B7A4.access.telenet.be) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:13:42 dholbach        we want it to live packaged in Ubuntu, but I'd personally recommend: implemeting all the 0.1 bugs, then QA for 2 weeks (and of course add lots of .info clues), then upload to Ubuntu
Jan 18 16:13:47 dholbach        what do you think about that?
Jan 18 16:14:24 heno    cool! universe, I take it
Jan 18 16:14:28 Nafallo dholbach: sounds good
Jan 18 16:14:33 Nafallo heno: indeed
Jan 18 16:14:39 dholbach        (if you plan to hack a bit on bughelper yourself, these are the bugs marked as 'bitesize': https://launchpad.net/bughelper/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize - they should be really easy and good to work on, if you want to contribute)
Jan 18 16:14:44 dholbach        ok cool
Jan 18 16:14:46 dholbach        :-)
Jan 18 16:14:51 *       licio hat die Verbindung getrennt ("shutdown -h now")
Jan 18 16:15:05 dholbach        we absolutely need documentation for it
Jan 18 16:15:13 alex_muntada    Just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/bughelper/+bug/80453
Jan 18 16:15:16 Ubugtu  Malone bug 80453 in bughelper "You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list" [Medium,Confirmed]
Jan 18 16:15:17 dholbach        so if you want to help with that, I'd highly appreciate it
Jan 18 16:15:22 dholbach        alex_muntada: thanks a lot
Jan 18 16:15:29 alex_muntada    :)
Jan 18 16:15:32 seb128  dholbach: I've a question
Jan 18 16:15:35 dholbach        we need wiki docs, manpages and a nice README
Jan 18 16:15:38 dholbach        seb128: fire away
Jan 18 16:15:40 seb128  has anybody talked with launchpad guys about it?
Jan 18 16:15:50 seb128  how does the bughelper query impact on the lp load?
Jan 18 16:15:55 *       mgalvin (n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:15:55 dholbach        seb128: yes, I sent a mail to their list already and matsubara was nice enough to comment on a bug
Jan 18 16:16:17 dholbach        seb128: dsas changed the http user agent to "bughelper <version> ..." so they can track our load on it
Jan 18 16:16:26 seb128  good
Jan 18 16:16:44 seb128  because I don't want to DoS launchpad because many people start doing huge query with it
Jan 18 16:16:44 dholbach        we need documentation on:
Jan 18 16:16:56 dholbach         * usage of the commands (all flags explained)
Jan 18 16:17:00 dholbach         * how to add clues
Jan 18 16:17:07 dholbach         * process docs - how we collaborate
Jan 18 16:17:16 dholbach         * tiny recipes, that explain how you work with it
Jan 18 16:17:23 dholbach        (anything else you can think of?)
Jan 18 16:18:15 dholbach        can somebody of you imagine contributing to bughelper in any way?
Jan 18 16:18:32 dholbach        be it documentation, code, clue files, bug reports or anything else? :)
Jan 18 16:19:08 dholbach        ok, I see - let's move on then
Jan 18 16:19:31 Nafallo hehe
Jan 18 16:19:42 dholbach         * we need people to spread the word (in blogs, mailing lists, etc. :))
Jan 18 16:19:46 Nafallo I think that will show itself later :-)
Jan 18 16:19:49 alex_muntada    yesterday I started to look at the docbook example that you suggested (kxmame)
Jan 18 16:20:02 dholbach        alex_muntada: ah nice... did it look manageable?
Jan 18 16:20:10 alex_muntada    but it's based on KDE handbooks
Jan 18 16:20:21 alex_muntada    is it fine for bughelper?
Jan 18 16:20:34 dholbach        alex_muntada: the one contained in debian/?
Jan 18 16:20:43 dholbach        alex_muntada: that's used to build a manpage iirc
Jan 18 16:21:05 dholbach        (thanks heno btw for spreading the word already :-))
Jan 18 16:21:07 alex_muntada    dholbach: I'm not sure it was the one on debian, let me check
Jan 18 16:21:19 dholbach        alex_muntada: ah ok, yeah - there might have been others too
Jan 18 16:21:43 dholbach        a last item (apart from general Q&A), I'd like to talk about is the processes we need to work on bughelper
Jan 18 16:22:03 dholbach        I envisioned doing commits to ~bugsquad/bughelper/bughelper.main only after peer review
Jan 18 16:22:30 dholbach        and heno, dsas, Vassilis Pandis and Brian Murray and I have been quite good with that already
Jan 18 16:22:33 Nafallo does that happen on IRC?
Jan 18 16:22:53 dholbach        so after one review (either in bug reports, mails on the mailing list) a merge and push to bughelper.main should be fine
Jan 18 16:23:02 dholbach        of course this is not suitable for additions and changes to clue files
Jan 18 16:23:08 dholbach        what do you think about that?
Jan 18 16:23:13 dholbach        how did it work for you until now?
Jan 18 16:23:22 *       poningru (n=poningru@adsl-074-245-140-197.sip.gnv.bellsouth.net) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:23:29 dholbach        Nafallo: we did some small discussions about patches yesterday in IRC on #ubungu-bugs, yes
Jan 18 16:23:50 Nafallo dholbach: nice. so peer review on any suitable forum then ;-)
Jan 18 16:23:50 *       kylem (i=kyle@fruit.freedesktop.org) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:23:52 dholbach        Nafallo: but until now the development happened mostly off-irc, which I think is very good
Jan 18 16:23:59 Nafallo sounds good :-)
Jan 18 16:24:03 dsas    the process so far has been fine by me. Patches still get pushed quickly and I'd be uncomfortable with my work going in without them.
Jan 18 16:24:12 dsas    them being reviews :)
Jan 18 16:24:12 dholbach        dsas: same for me
Jan 18 16:24:30 dholbach        heno, seb128: what do you think?
Jan 18 16:24:32 *       cypher1_ (i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-78a3298fc35ffe1f) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:24:46 seb128  dholbach: review for code changes are good
Jan 18 16:24:51 heno    I'm probably not the best person to be main reviewer
Jan 18 16:25:03 heno    as my python is quite weak
Jan 18 16:25:07 dholbach        heno: but what do you think about the idea?
Jan 18 16:25:10 seb128  dholbach: how are commit access handled?
Jan 18 16:25:13 *       cypher1 hat die Verbindung getrennt (Remote closed the connection)
Jan 18 16:25:25 dholbach        seb128: everybody in ~bugsquad can commit to ~bugsquad/bughelper/bughelper.main
Jan 18 16:25:29 heno    sounds sound
Jan 18 16:25:51 dholbach        seb128: so we're really lax about commit access, which I think is good (until it should really prove otherwise)
Jan 18 16:25:51 seb128  dholbach: well, I would trust people to not abuse
Jan 18 16:25:56 dholbach        me too
Jan 18 16:26:03 alex_muntada    I like the idea too, though my python is also weak
Jan 18 16:26:08 seb128  and that's not a stable app that we need to be careful not to break
Jan 18 16:26:19 seb128  the review is not really required
Jan 18 16:26:28 dholbach        I'll try to only upload to Ubuntu what has really proven to be stable
Jan 18 16:26:40 *       Lure_ (n=lure@external-7.hermes.si) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:26:44 dholbach        so how should we proceed about changes/additions to clue files?
Jan 18 16:26:50 dholbach        my feeling is that bug reports for that are too heavy
Jan 18 16:27:19 seb128  maybe have a "proposed-clue" directory to bzr somewhere
Jan 18 16:27:24 seb128  have people to commit there
Jan 18 16:27:26 alex_muntada    since I just began to work with bzr and launchpad for devel, I'll ask any of you before committing anything to main branch
Jan 18 16:27:32 *       raphink hat die Verbindung getrennt (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
Jan 18 16:27:40 seb128  and have somebody in charge of merging interest clues then
Jan 18 16:27:50 heno    could we just send files to the ML?
Jan 18 16:27:59 *       Lure hat die Verbindung getrennt (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Jan 18 16:28:01 dholbach        at some stage we should move to another list ;-)
Jan 18 16:28:09 dholbach        but that is imho not now
Jan 18 16:28:17 dsas    maybe people would find it easier to paste an xml file into a bug report rather than having to learn about bzr and LP.
Jan 18 16:28:23 seb128  heno: I don't think flooding the list is a good diea
Jan 18 16:28:25 seb128  idea
Jan 18 16:28:42 alex_muntada    dsas: agreed
Jan 18 16:28:46 dholbach        should we just make a good document on how to commit them directly, forcing them to use   bzr diff | diffstat   before committing?
Jan 18 16:28:58 seb128  dsas: people who don't know about bzr probably don't know enough to determine what clues are interesting
Jan 18 16:29:14 heno    I agree with dsas. committing to bzr can be scary
Jan 18 16:29:21 seb128  I don't want a zillion of clue with are not useful there
Jan 18 16:29:29 Nafallo I like seb128s idea :-)
Jan 18 16:29:41 seb128  that's like tags
Jan 18 16:29:47 heno    which raises an interesting question:
Jan 18 16:29:50 dsas    seb128: If they're in the bug tracker then a set of bughelper hackers can choose which ones to commit.
Jan 18 16:29:57 seb128  there is people are who tag "package" bugs with the tag "package"
Jan 18 16:29:58 alex_muntada    seb128: but there are more people triaging bugs that could know enough to write clues even if they know nothing about bzr
Jan 18 16:30:00 heno    how do we know which clues are useful?
Jan 18 16:30:07 seb128  the same people are able to add a "package" clue to "package" :p
Jan 18 16:30:17 dholbach        heno: I don't think we can ever know that
Jan 18 16:30:26 dholbach        heno: unless we maintain that package
Jan 18 16:30:31 seb128  I do know what GNOME clues would be useful or not
Jan 18 16:30:35 dholbach        (or take reasonable good care for it)
Jan 18 16:30:41 dholbach        s/for/of
Jan 18 16:30:41 seb128  that's the frequent crashers or problems sent
Jan 18 16:30:50 heno    ok
Jan 18 16:31:05 dholbach        we could also split the branches
Jan 18 16:31:10 dholbach        bughelper and bughelper-data
Jan 18 16:31:14 dholbach        and also package them separately
Jan 18 16:31:34 alex_muntada    dholbach: good idea!
Jan 18 16:31:39 dholbach        we probably wouldn't have to subscribe the bugsquad to bughelper-data, so they wouldn't show up on the list
Jan 18 16:31:50 dholbach        but just people who'd take care of merging them in
Jan 18 16:32:17 alex_muntada    that way we can package them in large groups: bughelper-data-gnome, bughelper-data-kde, bughelper-data-xorg...
Jan 18 16:32:34 dholbach        we can see if that will ever prove necessary
Jan 18 16:32:40 dholbach        seb128, dsas, heno: does that idea make sense?
Jan 18 16:33:06 seb128  yep, makes sense imho
Jan 18 16:33:21 heno    yes, I think one package bughelper-data is enough though
Jan 18 16:33:38 dholbach        although it can be quite hairy to have two separate branches to update
Jan 18 16:33:48 dholbach        dunno if a branch in a branch works
Jan 18 16:33:53 dsas    Makes sense to me.
Jan 18 16:34:20 seb128  dholbach: don't bother, the package is small enough to get frequent updates
Jan 18 16:34:28 heno    are we likely to change the xml file structure much from now on?
Jan 18 16:34:31 seb128  and KDE people will not change GNOME clues anyway
Jan 18 16:34:39 seb128  no need to split
Jan 18 16:34:45 dholbach        seb128: so you'd just work with the bughelper-data package and not with checkouts?
Jan 18 16:35:05 dholbach        heno: maybe add <sourcepackage>
Jan 18 16:35:11 dholbach        heno: that's all I can think about right now
Jan 18 16:35:25 seb128  dholbach: well, we package from bzr
Jan 18 16:35:35 seb128  dholbach: no split to -data-gnome, -data-kde, etc though
Jan 18 16:35:36 dholbach        seb128: ./bughelper/ = one branch
Jan 18 16:35:44 dholbach        seb128: ./bughelper/packages = another branch
Jan 18 16:35:46 persia  Why not provide two binaries from a single source, so as to defer the one/two branches decision?
Jan 18 16:35:50 dholbach        seb128: that's my concern
Jan 18 16:35:53 heno    dholbach: perhaps <wikipage> too
Jan 18 16:36:00 seb128  dholbach: I've no string preference
Jan 18 16:36:07 heno    with triaging tips for that pkg
Jan 18 16:36:15 dholbach        heno: it's no problem to add optional tags
Jan 18 16:36:23 heno    ok
Jan 18 16:36:39 dholbach        ok, let's defer the -data discussion
Jan 18 16:36:50 dholbach        i'll think about it some more and try to figure out something clever
Jan 18 16:37:02 dholbach        for now it should be possible to just change them in .main
Jan 18 16:37:21 dholbach        if you add them yourself, they come in via mail or bug report, no problem
Jan 18 16:37:37 heno    I think your last version is sound
Jan 18 16:37:51 dholbach        heno: what do you mean?
Jan 18 16:37:55 heno    having a separate branch will encourage clue file upoads
Jan 18 16:38:19 heno    because you don't worry so much about breaking the whole thing
Jan 18 16:38:26 dholbach        heno: we'll have the problem of having different branches on the disk, if we work from ~/bzr
Jan 18 16:38:36 heno    seb128: ./bughelper/ = one branch
Jan 18 16:38:36 heno     seb128: ./bughelper/packages = another branch
Jan 18 16:38:41 dholbach        yeah
Jan 18 16:38:48 dholbach        I'm not sure that works
Jan 18 16:39:10 heno    hm, ok
Jan 18 16:39:23 heno    let's work it out next week
Jan 18 16:39:23 dholbach        we can still figure that out - on the list probably
Jan 18 16:39:26 dholbach        yeah
Jan 18 16:39:27 dsas    can't we just bzr ignore bughelper/packages ?
Jan 18 16:39:46 dholbach        dsas: we need to try that
Jan 18 16:39:52 seb128  brb, trying new GTK
Jan 18 16:39:54 *       seb128 hat die Verbindung getrennt ("Ex-Chat")
Jan 18 16:40:05 dholbach        we could also set a LOCAL_BUGHELPER_DATA_DIR in ~/.bashrc
Jan 18 16:40:23 dholbach        and use that in addition to /usr/share/bughelper/packages (which the package will install to)
Jan 18 16:40:31 alex_muntada    dholbach: you were right about docbook man page... it was on debian
Jan 18 16:40:47 alex_muntada    dholbach: I'll try to get a man page ready
Jan 18 16:40:47 dholbach        that way we could have   ~/bzr/bughelper/      and     ~/bzr/bughelper-data/
Jan 18 16:40:57 gnomefreak      taking suggestions on packages/clues to add?
Jan 18 16:41:04 dholbach        alex_muntada: thanks a lot - you should be able to reuse README
Jan 18 16:41:05 *       matsubara ist jetzt bekannt als matsubara-lunch
Jan 18 16:41:11 dholbach        gnomefreak: what do you mean?
Jan 18 16:41:42 *       gnomefreak would be happy with apt, update-manger and the alike clues
Jan 18 16:41:45 dholbach        heno: I think we should start a wiki page on BugHelper/Dev/SplittingOutData or something
Jan 18 16:42:01 heno    yep
Jan 18 16:42:01 dholbach        gnomefreak: if we have people who care about certain packages that's great
Jan 18 16:42:18 dholbach        gnomefreak: so if you want to commit some clues for that, that's VERY cool
Jan 18 16:42:45 dholbach        ok cool
Jan 18 16:42:45 gnomefreak      dholbach: once i figure it out i will try
Jan 18 16:42:54 *       lmanul hat die Verbindung getrennt ("Ex-Chat")
Jan 18 16:43:00 dholbach        gnomefreak: we'll set up a document for that
Jan 18 16:43:11 gnomefreak      ok ty
Jan 18 16:43:15 dholbach        are there any other questions?
Jan 18 16:43:44 gnomefreak      not from me
Jan 18 16:43:51 dholbach        any concerns from the launchpad folks: matsubara-lunch? :)
Jan 18 16:44:23 heno    has anyone actually found it useful so far?
Jan 18 16:44:32 heno    just curious
Jan 18 16:44:34 dholbach        excellent question :)
Jan 18 16:44:49 dholbach        seb128 and cjwatson have used it to grep through bug attachments afaik
Jan 18 16:44:52 heno    I have, and I think Colin has
Jan 18 16:44:59 dholbach        seb128 told me he found 2 dups that LP didn't find
Jan 18 16:45:00 *       raphink (n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:45:01 Nafallo I found out about it in the beginning of this meeting ;-)
Jan 18 16:45:23 heno    yeah, cjwatson too all my low hanging ubiquity fruit one day :-/
Jan 18 16:45:35 heno    *took
Jan 18 16:45:54 *       dholbach makes bug 79151 a 0.1 feature
Jan 18 16:45:55 Ubugtu  Malone bug 79151 in bughelper "support global clues" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79151
Jan 18 16:45:55 heno    that's teach me to make open source tools
Jan 18 16:46:06 heno    *that'll
Jan 18 16:46:09 dholbach        :)
Jan 18 16:46:14 *       heno can't type today
Jan 18 16:46:17 *       dholbach hugs heno
Jan 18 16:46:29 *       heno hugs dholbach
Jan 18 16:46:40 dholbach        ok... if you don't have anything you want to bring up now, let's close the meeting and go back to hacking or bug triaging :-)
Jan 18 16:46:55 dholbach        oh, I have something
Jan 18 16:47:01 Nafallo hmm, translating ;-)
Jan 18 16:47:23 dholbach        if you think that one of the open bugs https://launchpad.net/bughelper/+bugs classifies to be a must 0.1 feature, say so in the bug
Jan 18 16:47:25 Nafallo dholbach: if don't have anything new for me to make up-to-date? :-)
Jan 18 16:47:39 dholbach        Nafallo: make up-to-date?
Jan 18 16:47:52 Nafallo dholbach: "new upstream release"
Jan 18 16:48:10 dholbach        translating would be nice... although I think it'd be quite irksome to translate all the clues
Jan 18 16:48:13 alex_muntada    dholbach: I was thinking about taking bug 79222 (docs) but I'd like to know what doc tools should I use, docbook?
Jan 18 16:48:13 Ubugtu  Malone bug 79222 in bughelper "RFE: add documentation to bughelper" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79222
Jan 18 16:48:19 heno    translated error logs might actually be a problem for bughelper
Jan 18 16:48:20 dholbach        and given that LP Bugs is completely in english, ...
Jan 18 16:48:43 rulus   maybe we can translate the docs though?
Jan 18 16:48:44 dholbach        alex_muntada: those can be plain text files
Jan 18 16:48:44 heno    if the clue has english text but the log has german or swedish
Jan 18 16:48:51 *       seb128 (n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128) hat #ubuntu-meeting betreten
Jan 18 16:48:58 dholbach        rulus: sure, why not
Jan 18 16:49:01 Nafallo dholbach: oh. I was more suggesting I should go back to translating gajim before the 0.11.1 release :-)
Jan 18 16:49:02 alex_muntada    dholbach: great, far easier to do
Jan 18 16:49:09 dholbach        if you want to translate documents, sure go ahead - we'll add them
Jan 18 16:49:16 dholbach        Nafallo: ah ok
Jan 18 16:49:30 heno    right, but the syslogs can be in any language
Jan 18 16:49:36 dholbach        I don't think there's much use of bughelper being in german/spanish or something
Jan 18 16:49:43 dholbach        heno: we can just filter for that
Jan 18 16:49:48 Nafallo agreed :-)
Jan 18 16:49:57 heno    ok
Jan 18 16:49:58 dholbach        heno: we just ignore it's another language - it's merely a string :)
Jan 18 16:50:19 dholbach        Ok cool
Jan 18 16:50:24 dholbach        Going Once...
Jan 18 16:50:33 dholbach        Going Twice...
Jan 18 16:50:41 dholbach        Meeting Adjourned
Jan 18 16:50:45 dholbach        i'll add the log to the wiki
Jan 18 16:50:48 dholbach        thanks everybody
Jan 18 16:50:55 heno    Great meting, thanks all!
Jan 18 16:50:56 fernando        thanks dholbach
Jan 18 16:50:56 Nafallo thanks YOU :-)
Jan 18 16:51:04 Nafallo s/s//
Jan 18 16:51:05 rulus   thanks for keeping us up to date :)
Jan 18 16:51:26 gnomefreak      ty
Jan 18 16:51:26 dholbach        anytime - bughelper is a great project to work on
Jan 18 16:51:39 seb128  dholbach: thank you ;)
Jan 18 16:51:47 *       dholbach hugs everybody
Jan 18 16:52:00 alex_muntada    thanks!
Jan 18 16:52:09 *       alex_muntada hugs dholbach
Jan 18 16:52:25 *       gnomefreak *hugs* dholbach 

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