An Adoption Team is a group of people who committed themselves to triaging the bugs of one (large) source package. This page is designed to help groups that want to adopt a large package and give them guidelines which they can use to start their own team. However, this model is not mandatory and each team is free to tackle the organisation in its own way.

Have a look at BugSquad/AdoptPackage for a complete explanation of the Adopt-a-Package project.

Team structure

The team as a whole is responsible for managing the bugs of the chosen package. Within the team the roles are divided in several tasks.


  • New bugs: Triage new bugs, with the exception of forwarding upstream

  • Confirmed bugs: Get bugs marked as 'Confirmed' to the 'Triaged' status

  • Forwarding upstream: Report or link sufficiently triaged bugs upstream, and cooperate

  • Old bugs: Go through old bug reports and verify them

Everyone whose task is not 'Forwarding upstream' can open an empty upstream task for the bug, and should when they deem it ready for it. That would allow other members to search for bugs ready for forwarding upstream.

This division is not mandatory. Everyone, team members and non-team members alike, can still help with any stage of the triaging process if they wish. Its goal is to make people work faster and more efficiently because they don't have to regularly switch to environment.

Communicating the status

Once every month the team fetches the current status of their source packages and puts it on the wiki. The data obtained this way could then be used for drawing graphs to visualise the progress.

The little Python script 'adoptionstats' can be used to fetch the data from Launchpad. A blog post at qense's blog explains how to use this.

Wiki page

In order to make it easy for newcomers to find out about the team and join it is strongly encouraged to document everything on the wiki. The namespace for Adoption Teams is BugSquad/AdoptPackage/(TeamName).

A useful wiki page is BugSquad/AdoptPackage/TaskDetails, which can be included into your team page with the code <<Include(BugSquad/AdoptPackage/TaskDetails)>> for adding some clarification to your team's wiki page without having to rewrite everything.

Example teams

Have a look at other teams' wiki pages to see how they do it.


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