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= Work In Progress =

Fixes for a bug report can appear either as patches or branches. Branches are preferred over patches, as it is possible to comment on the branch in a merge proposal and diffs can appear in-line in the bug report.

Branches related to a bug report appear beneath the bug's description.


Here we can see that arky's branch, fix-487779, is proposed for merging in to the development release of the Ubuntu package refpolicy-ubuntu. The reviewer is Ubuntu branches and the review is currently pending.


It is possible to add a branch to a bug report by clicking on "Link a related branch" in the actions portlet.


Propose for merging

Not everyone is aware of the need for creating a merge proposal so you may find bugs with branches without merge proposals. The merge proposal is actually performed outside of the bug report - when viewing the branch related to the bug report.

When viewing the relevant branch, click on "Propose for merging".


The target branch should be the bzr branch for the development version of the package - notice the "development focus" text in the screenshot. In the "Extra options" it is possible to specify a reviewer - if it defaults to 'ubuntu-branches' you'll want to change it to 'ubuntu-dev'.

Changing the reviewer

In the event that merge proposal has the reviewer set incorrectly if you are the branch owner you can change the reviewer. This is done by clicking on the pencil next to the current reviewer. Most Ubuntu merge proposals should have the reviewer set to 'ubuntu-core-dev' or 'ubuntu-dev'.

Because only the branch owner can do this we need to ask them to perform this work. A possible reply:

Thanks for working on fixing this bug - this is fantastic! Unfortunately, your merge proposal currently lists 'ubuntu-branches' as the reviewer. For it to be dealt with in a prompt fashion could you please change the reviewer to 'ubuntu-dev'. Thanks in advance!

Unlinking a branch from a bug

In the odd event that you find a branch that is totally unrelated to a bug linked with it feel free to remove the relationship. You can do this by clicking on the - red circle next to the related branch.

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