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 * [ kernel-bugs]
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<dholbach> ubuntu bug 15700
<Ubugtu> Ubuntu Bugzilla bug #15700: esound causes desktop session to hang Product: Ubuntu, Component: esound, Severity: normal, Assigned to:, Status: ASSIGNED
<dholbach> malone bug 1356
<Ubugtu> Malone bug #1356: On person merge, remove one wiki name Fix req. for: launchpad (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Stuart Bishop, Status: Fixed
16:12 < sfllaw> ubuntu bug 15700
16:12 < Ubugtu> Ubuntu bug 15700 in esound "esound causes desktop session to hang" [Normal,Needinfo]
16:12 < sfllaw> malone bug 1356
16:12 < Ubugtu> Malone bug 1356 in launchpad "On person merge, remove one wiki name" [Normal,Fix released]

Bug trackers

Debian's Bug tracker

Package information in Debian

Direct use of those<package> or<package>

Direct use of those (source packages)<package> or<package>

GNOME's Bug tracker

Mailing lists

Almost all activity in Malone is relayed to a mailing list, [ ubuntu-bugs]. You should subscribe to this list if you want to be notified about new bugs and what people are doing to existing ones.

However, it gets a lot of mail. If you just want to read about new bugs that were filed, you want the following [:Procmail] script. You should have the INBOX variable declared to point to the appropriate mailbox

# Only keep ubuntu-bugs mail that announces newly reported bugs.
* ^TO_ubuntu-bugs@lists\.ubuntu\.com
* ^X-Launchpad-Bug:
  :0 B
  * ^Public bug reported:

Other mailing lists you might be interested in are:

Bug bot

In #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-desktop we have a bug bot, which behaves like this:

16:12 < sfllaw> ubuntu bug 15700
16:12 < Ubugtu> Ubuntu bug 15700 in esound "esound causes desktop session to hang" [Normal,Needinfo]
16:12 < sfllaw> malone bug 1356
16:12 < Ubugtu> Malone bug 1356 in launchpad "On person merge, remove one wiki name" [Normal,Fix released]

This makes discussing bugs easier.

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