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Contribute to the Community Knowledge Base


For community to flourish we need to work together to create a healthy vibrant community, and that is exactly what we are working to do in the Ubuntu community. The BuildingCommunity wiki pages are here to share some best practise for doing this, but we need your contributions and experience.

We welcome your input and feedback on these pages, and importantly, we welcome additional content. There are three primary ways in which you can help refine and add to this content, and really have a positive impact on the community.

Way 1: Refine existing content

If you see something incorrect on the existing documents that you feel could be improved, feel free to fix it. This is particularly useful for grammar/spelling errors, additional content and more.

IMPORTANT: Although we welcome refinement, please do not change or remove core concepts in the documents - they have been written from experience and if you disagree with them, please don't just change them.

Way 2: Add to the FAQ

The FAQ is intended to be a real source of quality content that is not only detailed, but expansive too. If something is missing, go ahead and add it!

Way 3: Add additional content to the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains a number of documents to help with running your communities, but there is lots missing. Do go ahead and add guides and HOWTOs for topics that don't exist yet. This will help create a better Knowledge Base that covers more ground. Smile :)