Taking Conflict To The Community Council

The Community Council is the primary community (i.e., non-technical) governance body for the Ubuntu project.

  1. If you encounter conflict on a social and personal level and you weren't able to figure it our on your own, first try to sum up the problem in a very neutral and rational way. Try to identify the problems that led to the situation, flaws in processes, etc.

  2. If applicable, get in touch with members of your Team Council and describe the situation.

  3. If the Team Council was not able to help you or your part of the community does not have a Team Council, talk directly to the Community Council.

  4. Send a mail to community-council@lists.ubuntu.com with a very neutral description of what is going wrong.

  5. Members of the Community Council will try to start a discussion between all the stakeholders in the conflict and try to help to lead to a compromise or solution of the problem.
  6. If input of more members of the community is necessary, it might be discussed in a Community Council meeting.


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