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Update: You can download this business card from [attachment:ubuntu_card.tar.gz] it is licensed under GPL.

Ubuntu members are entitled to Ubuntu business cards. Once you have successfully completed the [ membership process], you will be added to the [ list of members] and are entitled to carry and use Ubuntu cards.

You need to print your own cards, using this [attachment:ubuntu_business_cards.tgz artwork] or [attachment:free_ubuntu_business_cards.tgz this free artwork]. Note: Arial is not a free font; it is part of the msttcorefonts package available from the Multiverse repository.

Note that this artwork is in Adobe Illustrator format, as we have found that most convenient for some printers, although postscript (ps) or pdf are the best formats to export to when dealing with any sort of printing as they describe how the image is to be printed rather than displayed. You can import Illustrator files to some extent in more recent versions of Inkscape and export then to the more Open SVG format.

You may find Kubuntu business cards, using the Feisty plain logo [attachment:KubuntuBusCard.svg here].

Update: Uploaded an [attachment:UbuntuBusCardFA-2.svg SVG export] of the Illustrator file. This is fully editable in Inkscape. Please let [ me] know if you find any problems with the file (not for support) as it was exported it from Illustrator. SVG is a W3C standard supported by Adobe and based on XML, more information can be found on their website [ w3c]

Update: You can download this business card from [attachment:ubuntu_card.tar.gz] it is licensed under GPL.

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