This specification discusses implementing an integrated graphical user interface for the Bazaar-NG distributed version control system.


Providing a user-friendly frontend for source management. This will be achieved by following the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.

Use cases

  • Jim doesn't like command-line tools, but he needs source control for his work. In his office he's got a Windows machine, but at home he runs Linux. He wants an interface which feels the same on both systems.


The application will provide the following features:

  • a backend that could be used by other frontends (e.g. Qt)
  • a GTK frontend with support for the following bzr commands: init, branch, add, remove, mv, ignore, diff, merge, commit, uncommit, log, check, push, pull, export, conflicts, info, mkdir, nick, revno, version, whoami
  • standalone and bzr plugin version


The strings appearing in the application should be translatable (via Rosetta). The interface will probably look like RapidSVN.


Python is preferred as programming language, so bzr's native features could be used (bzrlib). The interface will be designed using Glade and supported by the PyGTK bindings. Using these tools the application will be platform-independent.

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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