joelbryan: and I like to share this. I'm fascinated about this observation, can you tell me if this has a sense at all, but when I /usr/lib/cat * > /dev/null everything works faster! tried it too in openoffice and firefox.

(16:25:16) infinity: joelbryan: You're reading files into memory (then throwing them away), so the disk cache is being seeded and you don't have to re-read from the disk the next time you access it.

(16:25:22) infinity: joelbryan: Nothing weird about it.

because of this fascination, I've done a script to warm up the disk cache.

   1 #!/bin/sh
   2 export openoffice=/usr/lib/openoffice/program
   4 for i in $(find $openoffice -type f | grep so );
   5 do cat $i > /dev/null; done


  1. "grep so" --> file should be used to find only binary.

  2. make it load during init process?

Ooops! this is what readahead exactly does. hihi! :-D - My mistake!

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