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Lug Radio Live came to the US in April of 2008, and we had a booth there too. '''''Nathan, please write another sentence or two here. Also need documentation links''''' Lug Radio Live came to the US in April of 2008, and we had a booth there too. We passed out CDs and answered questions about the current and upcoming version of Ubuntu, and gave a 5 minute lightning talk. '''''Also need documentation links'''''
  * [[|Lightning talk about Ubuntu]]

Ubuntu California is a group of volunteers who advocate and promote Ubuntu and Free Software in California. We attend and plan events statewide, contact and work with LUGs and other local groups, and act as the public face of the Ubuntu community in California. The group is open to everybody in the state with an interest in spreading and discussing Ubuntu.

Key Details


Upcoming Events

October 2009: Ubuntu Global Jam

We're planning two venues for the Ubuntu Global Jam: one in North California (at either UC Berkeley or Walnut Creek), and one in South California (at Chapman University).

October 2009: Release parties and installfest for Ubuntu 9.10

Continuing our history of awesome release parties, we're planning events in both North and South California for Ubuntu 9.10/Karmic's release in October.


Short(er) term

  • SCaLE8x (Feb 2010) (Yasumoto)

  • OSCON 2010 (Yasumoto)

  • Come up with improved ways of making CDs look more professional (NealBussett)

    • Redesign general purpose sleeves

    • Redesign CD stand & sleeves (together) for specialized use (specific version, flavor, etc) such as putting in libraries

    • Come up with a cheap method of making the CDs look good
  • Ubuntu California Podcast (NathanHaines)

Long Term

  • Presentations at more groups in California (especially non-technical ones)
  • Ubuntu on campus
  • Two LoCo members per county


November 2007: Installfest for Gutsy

Joe, Nathan, Neal, and Seth at BarCampLA

Our first event was an installfest to celebrate the Gutsy release. We had some difficulty getting a location pinned down. This event was finally held as a session at BarCampLA and went moderately well even though no installation was actually done. BarCamps aren't conducive to events like this.

February 2008: Booth at the 2008 Southern California Linux Expo

Gregory, Jono, and Nathan at Scale 6x

Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) is one of the largest west coast open source conventions. We manned a booth and gave out one-hundred CDs over the course of the weekend. (Need Pictures! Link to them from the project page?)

April 2008: Booth at LUG Radio Live US

LUG Radio Live booth

Lug Radio Live came to the US in April of 2008, and we had a booth there too. We passed out CDs and answered questions about the current and upcoming version of Ubuntu, and gave a 5 minute lightning talk. Also need documentation links

April 2008: Installfest at CSU Long Beach

audience at the screening of Revolution OS at CSU Long Beach

Working with one of the art professors at Cal State Long Beach, we held an installfest at a screening of Revolution OS for the students there. Leading up to this event, we were interviewed on a campus radio show about Ubuntu and Open Source.

May 2008: Release party for Hardy

For our Hardy release we decided to simply have a party. We got together at a restaurant and had dinner together. There were 8 attendees, and a great time was had by all. How many people showed up? What else did we do? We don't seem to have a recap in a meeting. This was PFChangs

June 2008: Presentation at the North Orange County Computer Club

photo from NOCCC presentation

The North Orange County Computer Club asked us to give a presentation about Linux and Ubuntu. There were about 50 people in attendance and we handed out a number of CDs and business cards. The audience was mostly unaware of linux and open source in general, and seemed enthusiastic about the concept of Linux.

August 2008: Global Bug Jam

People at the Global Bug Jam

We had about 12 people participate in the first Global Bug Jam. We covered bugwork as well as care and feeding of GPG and it's usage. After an opening presentation, we began to work through various bugs together. Another sentence?

August 2008: Presentation for the San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group

San Gabriel Valley LUG asked us to give a presentation on what Ubuntu offers (over Linux) and also what new features are included in Intrepid. There were about 30 people in attendance, and we handed out a number of CDs.

November 2008: Release Party and Installfest for Intrepid

For our Intrepid release party, we decided to not only socialize with food, but also to hold an installfest and bug jam. We had nine people in attendance and we shared pizza, stories, and Armagetron.

February 2009: Booth and Global Bug Jam at the 2009 Southern California Linux Expo

Once again we had a booth at SCaLE. This weekend coincided with another Global Bug Jam, and we attempted to weave the two together with mixed results. The booth was great, we handed out about one-hundred-fifty CDs over the weekend, but the Bug Jam was a total flop.

April/May 2009: Release Parties for Jaunty

attendees at the Jaunty release party in LA

To celebrate Jaunty's release, we had a number of activities across the state. For southern California, we held another food/party one with about 14 people attending. In the North, we had parties in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, and Felton.

May 2009: Presentation for Ubuntu Open Week

We gave a presentation at Ubuntu Open Week about exhibiting (specifically, a booth) at conferences.

July 2009: Booth at the 2009 O'Reilly Open Source Conference

photo from OSCON 2009 booth

O'Reilly hosts the Open Source Conference (OSCON) and this year it was again in San Jose. We manned a booth and handed out about 200 CDs.

Ubuntu Members

Special recognition is given to Ubuntu contributors who have demonstrated significant and sustained effort in one or more ways. While many team members have made contributions, Ubuntu Members have also documented these efforts in an application and appeared (via IRC) before a governing board for approval.

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