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 * Email: <<MailTo(ubuntu-us-ca AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com)>>
 * Mailing list: [[]]
 * [[InternetRelayChat|IRC]]: [[]] #ubuntu-california on
 * Launchpad: [[]]
 * feeds twitter: feeds
 * facebook: [[|ubuntu-us-ca]]
 * Forum:

See our [[CaliforniaTeam/Members|Members]] page to meet individual team members, and add yourself to the list!
 * Mailing list: <<MailTo(ubuntu-us-ca AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com)>> ([[|info page]], [[|archives]])
 * IRC: [[irc://|#ubuntu-california]] on ([[|Java browser client]], [[InternetRelayChat|instructions for using IRC]])
 * [[|Ubuntu California Launchpad team]] with member list and map
 * [[|]] and [[|Twitter]] microblogging feeds
 * [[|Facebook group]]
 * [[|Forum]]

Contact the California Team

We have several places where discussion and communication occur, so feel free to stop by and chat.

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