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 1. [:CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale6x:SCaLE6x]  1. [[CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale6x|SCaLE6x]]

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. SCaLE6x

  2. Launchpad Membership Timeouts
  3. Installfest postmortem


19:16 < Flannel> So, our agenda for the evening: SCaLE, LP expiry, our gutsy-fest postmortem, and then The-Kernel and his shenanigans.
19:16 < nhaines> Sounds good.
19:16 < Flannel> Believe the SCaLE stuff is just a heads-up/progress report.  I'll let Yasumoto begin, since I don't want to steal his fire.
19:17 < cactaur> Isn't he still eating?
19:17 < Yasumoto> haha, thanks Flannel
19:17 < cactaur> oh, never mind.
19:17 < Yasumoto> nope, I got back a bit ago :)
19:17 < Flannel> cactaur: He's getting his keyboard messy
19:17 < nhaines> Congrats.  :)
19:17 < Yasumoto> well, we've submitted
19:17 < Flannel> (our application to have a boot)
19:17 < Flannel> booth)
19:17 < Yasumoto> so now we can just chill out a bit until we hear back
19:18 < Yasumoto> we should get in, so that's no biggie
19:18 < Yasumoto> supposedly canonical will have a presence, which would be sweet
19:18 < Yasumoto> otherwise, things are on track
19:18 < Flannel> And Ive got the email of the people at canonical we need to get a hold of for swag.
19:18 < Yasumoto> swag++
19:18 < Flannel> So, stuffs looking good in that department too.
19:18 < cactaur> swag? Pirates?
19:18 < Flannel> cactaur: Arrr.
19:19 < nhaines> How many do we need to man the booth?
19:19 < Yasumoto> other than that, it'd be good for people to think about their schedules
19:19 < Flannel> Oh, hey.  SCaLE is Southern California Linux Expo.  It's in February.
19:19 < Yasumoto> and if anyone wants to get a hotel room (together or separately)
19:20 < Yasumoto>  /end update
19:20 < Yasumoto> questions/comments/opinions welcome
19:20 < Flannel> Its Fri/Sat/Sun I believe.  And, no idea on people numbers yet.  I imagine we'll know that once we're accepted.
19:20  * nhaines gives a sidelong glance at Gareth.
19:20 < nhaines> Okay.
19:21 < Flannel> Alright, so, next is the Launchpad thing.  https://launchpad.net/~california.team/+members
19:22 < Flannel> You'll notice (or maybe only I see it, I dont know) that since I've taken the reigns, I haven't had any expiration date on membership
19:22 < Flannel> this was originally going to just be temporary, and it still is... just a long temporary thing.
19:22  * cactaur sees expiration dates.
19:22 < Flannel> The benefits of having an expiration date... oh, before benefits.
19:22 < Flannel> cactaur: Not on about half the people
19:22 < Flannel> right?
19:22 < cactaur> ah, ok
19:22 < Flannel> right.
19:23 < Flannel> When you expire, or a month before, or something (theres a grace period) you get sent an email and are offered to renew or not
19:23 < cactaur> sounds good.
19:23 < Flannel> this isn't designed to be a kick-out sort of thing, but what this will do, is allow us to have a more true feeling for how many people we have involved.
19:23 < nhaines> Quite prudent.
19:24 < Flannel> People who show up once, sign up, and then don't show up again, will be phased out after X amount of tim.
19:24 < Flannel> time.
19:25 < The-Kernel> I'm part of the team but I don't see myself in there.
19:25 < Flannel> The only question is how long should we have that time be?  We ought to come up with a few schemes and then vote to decide.
19:25 < Flannel> The-Kernel: have you ever applied for LP membership?
19:25 < cactaur> The-Kernel: I see Thomas Crowe
19:25 < The-Kernel> OH, never mind
19:26 < nhaines> I vote for 3 days.
19:26 < nhaines> It's not every day, but it also invites active thought.
19:27 < cactaur> nhaines: Do you mean the grace period or the membership?
19:27 < nhaines> Membership.
19:27 < Flannel> We can get pretty creative too, if we want.  Or simple.  Either 1 year, 2 years, whatever.  Or something more compicated like 2 months at first, then annual, bi-annual, whatever.
19:27 < cactaur> Eehhh, I wouldn't want to get an e-mail every three days. It'll get annoying after a while.
19:27 < nhaines> Oh, really?  I think two months and then 8 (rest of the year) and yearly would be good.
19:27 < nhaines> Also pretend I said 10 instead of 8!
19:27 < Flannel> Heh.
19:28 < nhaines> Hi, harkonen.
19:28 < Flannel> Well, as we can see, this ought to be discussed and considered, so I motion it gets moved to the ML, with eventual voting on LP.
19:28 < nhaines> I second.
19:28 < harkonen> hey i know im'm missing the meeting
19:28 < The-Kernel> I third
19:29 < harkonen> I fourth
19:29 < Flannel> Hah.
19:29 < cactaur> I nth
19:29 < Flannel> Anyone else have anything to add at the moment?
19:29 < The-Kernel>  Ithink we should just label them in active
19:29 < The-Kernel> inactive*
19:29 < The-Kernel> instead of kicking them
19:30 < nhaines> Are we really using Launchpad for more than a sort of approximate roll call?
19:31 < Flannel> The-Kernel: I dont know if we have that capability in LP.  I do know it keeps people who have timed out in a second list (see the bottom here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers/+members )
19:31 < Flannel> nhaines: Its a rollsheet, and also where we're doing our voting.
19:31 < Flannel> For whatever we feel the need to vote about
19:31 < nhaines> Aha, didn't know we were going to use it for voting.
19:32 < nhaines> Looks like the old term was 2 years like Ubuntu memberships.
19:32 < Flannel> yeah, ubuntu membership is two years.
19:33 < Flannel> Anyway.  Lets see.  Next item?
19:33 < Flannel> Ah, right.  Gutsy-fest stuff.
19:33 < nhaines> I was in the other room during the installfest.  How'd it go?
19:34 < harkonen> I demo'd Ubuntu Studio to a professor.
19:34 < Yasumoto> harkonen: nice :)
19:34 < Flannel> I spoke with some guy who works at the school district about edubuntu/ubuntu/et al.
19:34 < cactaur> nhaines: Well, we got discussion, but not much installation.
19:34 < nhaines> Flannel: was that the guy with the press pass?
19:34 < Flannel> We didn't do an ounce of installation.  But did hand out a CD.
19:34 < Flannel> nhaines: yeah
19:35 < harkonen> the case badges were a hit.  a few people asked me for some.
19:35 < nhaines> I burned a CD for an old man who listened to my talk and wanted to wipe Windows from his laptop.
19:35 < cactaur> and made some money with the case badges.
19:35 < cactaur> yeah, harkonen beat me to it.
19:35 < Flannel> Case badges sold like hot potatoes, yeah.
19:35 < harkonen> nhaines: wow the success story of the fest
19:36 < Flannel> And nhaines had a wonderful ad-hoc presentation
19:36 < Flannel> on FOSS, because GPG failed him.
19:36 < nhaines> It was nice.  He came up to me as I was coming down the stage and asked how he could get one of those discs I was talking about.
19:36 < nhaines> haha, because the wifi failed me, too!
19:36 < The-Kernel> Flannel ping me when you're ready
19:36 < The-Kernel> I have to get back to doing homework
19:36 < nhaines> But I hope to polish some stuff up and get something or other on YouTube.
19:36 < cactaur> oh yeah, nhaines, how did those pictures turn out?
19:37 < harkonen> nhaines: yeah put it up on youtube and let me know
19:37 < nhaines> cactaur: not well, but one or two were not too horrible!
19:37 < cactaur> *sigh* yeah. The lighting was really weird.
19:37 < nhaines> cactaur: It's almost impossible to get good shots in the dark without a tripod on a tiny camera like that.  :)
19:38 < Flannel> Oh, for those of you who don't know.  We had our gutsy party at BarCamp LA.  After much tribulation about the location.
19:38 < cactaur> heh
19:38 < harkonen> Barcamp was so friggin cool.  well worth the anxiety of the location.
19:39 < cactaur> yep!
19:39 < Flannel> Anything else?
19:40 < nhaines> I think next time we're at Barcamp, we should just do a single presentation in the breakout room or whatever similar, and just do a "come around and check out Ubuntu" type of deal.
19:40 < cactaur> yeah
19:40 < harkonen> yes that;s a good idea
19:40 < cactaur> And the next time we're at Barcamp, we'll make arrangements to stay LONGER.
19:40 < nhaines> It'll be more suited for the venue and we can prepare a tour of Ubuntu sort of deal.
19:40 < Flannel> I agree.  We weren't adequately situated for the venue.
19:41 < nhaines> I think we proved our think-on-our-feets skills.  :)
19:41 < cactaur> We're Californians! Of course we can think on our feet!
19:41  * harkonen pretends he's not from NYC
19:42 < nhaines> But let's do 8.04 installfest not at a barcamp.  :)
19:42 < Flannel> Definately not with Hardy.
19:42 < cactaur> Maybe we can alternate.
19:42 < Flannel> But, we'll also be fresh off SCaLE for Hardy release.  So, we might not wait so long to begin planning.
19:42 < nhaines> I think we should do Barcamps in the future, but let's do installfests elsewhere.
19:43 < harkonen> Doesn't have to be just one installfest.  i think it's great to reprazent at Barcamp.
19:43 < Flannel> I agree.  They really serve two purposes.  one is installation, the other is more education.
19:43 < Flannel> Or at least, hype.
19:43 < harkonen> to a lot of those people we WERE ubuntu.  it was kinda weird.
19:44 < Flannel> harkonen: Howso?
19:44 < nhaines> Yeah, I don't think my Ubuntu shirt helped.  :)
19:44 < cactaur> But the badges did.
19:44 < nhaines> I was asked many times if I was *from* Canonical.
19:44 < harkonen> yeah the ubuntu sweater really gave the iimpression i think that we were, like, paid ubuntu people or something
19:44 < cactaur> and the cool name tags.
19:44 < nhaines> Oh yeah, everybody loved the badges.
19:44 < Flannel> Ah right.  Definate props to nhaines for the tags.
19:44 < harkonen> nhaines: yeah they asked me that a lot too.
19:45 < nhaines> Thanks.  :)  I was worried that they might not be appropriate for barcamp but I just wore both of mine and only got compliments.
19:45 < Yasumoto> nhaines: yeah, they were way sick :)
19:45 < Flannel> They'll be more visible at SCaLE too, since there'll be real lighting.
19:45 < cactaur> hahaha
19:46 < nhaines> Thanks to Scunizi for the excellent bear addition to the logo.
19:46 < nhaines> It *really* seals the logo, I think.
19:46 < harkonen> yeah i like our logo.  it's cool.
19:46 < Flannel> So, moving on to our last thing of the evening.  The-Kernel has a project proposition I believe.
19:47 < cactaur> Let's ALL ping The-Kernel!
19:47 < Yasumoto> The-Kernel: ping
19:47 < cactaur> The-Kernel: ping
19:48 < Flannel> While we're waiting, anyone else have anything for the evening?
19:48 < The-Kernel> ok
19:48 < cactaur> IRC Christmas party?
19:48 < The-Kernel> I'm here
19:48 < nhaines> Welcome back.  :)
19:48 < The-Kernel> sorry, it was an awesome word problem
19:48 < The-Kernel> anyways
19:48 < cactaur> hahha, no problem, The-Kernel.
19:48 < The-Kernel> I propose a project that we should do.
19:49 < The-Kernel> It is taking the Jabber Server program "Openfire" and converting it to a .deb
19:49 < harkonen> Cool
19:50 < nhaines> Oh yeah.  Are you thinking about maintaining it for universe?
19:50 < The-Kernel> Openfire is an extremely popular Jabber Server Deamon, but it has never been ported to .deb because it depends on JAva
19:50 < cactaur> Oooohhhhh
19:50 < nhaines> We can just do a dependency on one of the Java packages.
19:51 < The-Kernel> Yes, we can
19:51 < harkonen> Can java stuff not be included in a .deb?
19:51 < nhaines> harkonen: not a virtual machine, it wouldn't be proper.
19:52 < The-Kernel> It would take someone to actually cross it over to a .deb, and then as many as the teams members as possible to test it.
19:52 < The-Kernel> Sorry if I'm slow, my ping is 12 seconds
19:52 < Flannel> harkonen: java is in multiverse now
19:53 < Flannel> harkonen: or rather, sun java is in multiverse now
19:53 < Flannel> blackdown has been in universe(?) since forever.
19:53 < cactaur> The-Kernel: Would that be a simple checkinstall thing?
19:53 < Yasumoto> The-Kernel: that's a great idea
19:53 < Flannel> erm, main.  I suppose
19:53 < The-Kernel> cactaur yes, just install it, and report whatever bugs and problems
19:54 < cactaur> And who will fix them?
19:54 < The-Kernel> now that java is in the more accessible repo's this is possible.
19:54 < Flannel> cactaur: Checkinstall isn't designed for proper distributed debs.  But packaging isn't too terribly complicated.
19:54 < nhaines> And who will maintain the deb?  How often does Openfire update?
19:54 < cactaur> Flannel: Ah, ok.
19:54 < The-Kernel> I guess I would, as best as I could, openfire is a very active project right now.
19:55 < cactaur> Will we have the title: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!?
19:55 < Flannel> The-Kernel: As for hosting the deb, you probably ought to look into PPA
19:55 < The-Kernel> will do
19:56 < Flannel> It'll allow you to do it properly until you can get it included whereever.
19:56 < Flannel> multiverse probably.
19:56 < Flannel> The-Kernel: Does openfires license permit redistribution?
19:56 < nhaines> Flannel: it's GPL dual licensed.
19:56 < nhaines> The-Kernel: could Jive Software be persuaded to produce their own deb?
19:57 < The-Kernel> Flannel yes it does, it is a dual-license product under both commercial and opensource, we of course will use the opensource version
19:58 < The-Kernel> Right now it's just a proposition, They are having a live chat thing with the developers in thee days, in which I'll get more info.
19:58 < Flannel> The-Kernel: Sounds good then.  I agree with nhaines, you might want to ask Jive abotu getting an official deb from them.
19:59 < Flannel> Sounds good
19:59 < harkonen> The-Kernel: where can we get updates on this as you learn more about it?
19:59 < The-Kernel> Most defiantly, if they can produce a deb, why not make them do it!
19:59 < The-Kernel> You mean get updates from me personally?
20:00 < The-Kernel> well, I would post it in my blog, but it's down at the moment until I can get it fixed.
20:01 < Flannel> The-Kernel: Write up something all encompassing once you get answers to whatever and send it to the mailing list.
20:01 < Flannel> all encompassing for those of us who aren't here tonight and such.
20:01 < The-Kernel> Will do Flannel!
20:02 < Flannel> Alright, so, I think that about wraps that up.  Anything else anyone would like to bring up or discuss?
20:03 < Flannel> With that, I think we'll go ahead and adjourn.  Next meeting is in two weeks as always.  December 16, 1900PST.
20:03 < Flannel> Thank you all for coming.  Refreshments will be served in the back.
20:03 < harkonen> mmm!  wait a minute....
20:03 < nhaines> Thanks, everyone.  :)

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