Sunday, October 21st, 2007, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Gutsy Installfest
    1. Info page: CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GutsyRelease

    2. Yasumoto had problems getting a room for it, so we need to reconsider venue and time.
      1. Ideas: move venue to CSU Dominguez Hills' Sun Lab; push date back a week; co-ordinate with the new LUG at Cabrillo College?
    3. Maybe film the talks? Maybe come up with a schedule of talks?
    4. Probably not allowed food in installfest venue; go to a restaurant afterwards instead?
    5. Presentations: nhaines on GPG, lcafiero on FOSS
  2. California LUG discussion
    1. lcafiero mentioned that Cabrillo College is forming a LUG
    2. Yasumoto and charlesnw mentioned OCLUG, but neither have had much of a chance to meet them
    3. UC Irvine has no LUG activity Sad :-(

    4. SVLUG had a Gutsy installfest yesterday that went really well.
  3. New Logo discussion

    1. Several people liked 6, but think that the drop shadow makes it too busy.
    2. Consensus that dropping the shadow from 6 would make it the best.
  4. General discussion about filming and multimedia on Linux

Original Agenda

  1. Install Fest Update

  2. Logo Changes/Discussion


(07:18:34 PM) Yasumoto: Alright, I say we get started then
(07:18:41 PM) cactaur: ok!
(07:18:56 PM) Yasumoto: anyone have anything to say before we get rolling>?
(07:19:34 PM) nhaines: I have no regrets!
(07:19:42 PM) Yasumoto: haha, yea-uh
(07:20:05 PM) Yasumoto: So the agenda is at
(07:20:06 PM) Yasumoto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/07October21
(07:20:17 PM) Yasumoto: as usual, and only has the install fest and our logo on it
(07:20:46 PM) Yasumoto: I'm sure that we've all read about my misadventures with getting us a room ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GutsyRelease )
(07:21:35 PM) Yasumoto: We'll need to change the time, venue, or both
(07:21:45 PM) Yasumoto: and I think whatever works for the most people would be best
(07:22:08 PM) lcafiero: This is at Chapman, Yasumoto?
(07:22:09 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: you use a room for your lug, right?
(07:22:16 PM) charlesnw: yes
(07:22:19 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: yeah, in Orange
(07:22:21 PM) charlesnw: the sun lab at CSUDH
(07:22:42 PM) Yasumoto: it sounds like it'd be pretty sweet
(07:22:53 PM) harkonen: i'd go to CSUDH just to see the sun lab
(07:23:12 PM) Yasumoto: especially if you bring your wireless router :)
(07:23:25 PM) Yasumoto: is there a projector, by any chance?
(07:26:30 PM) ***cactaur realized neither of the locations are that far from his home.
(07:27:51 PM) DWonderly: when are we doing this?
(07:28:51 PM) nhaines: That's the $10,000 question.
(07:29:03 PM) DWonderly: <G>
(07:29:37 PM) Yasumoto: it depends when charlesnw can get the room
(07:29:43 PM) lcafiero: Sorry, I'm on the central coast. Dominguez Hills is Carson?
(07:29:50 PM) charlesnw: yes there is a projector
(07:29:59 PM) Yasumoto: I'm going to talk to the Calendaring office to see if next saturday is going to be free, just in case
(07:30:31 PM) Yasumoto: would anyone here be adversely affected by pushing the date back a week?
(07:30:46 PM) nhaines: lcafiero: right, Caron.
(07:30:47 PM) DWonderly: I'm in SD and I'm looking at my underway schedule...
(07:30:48 PM) nhaines: I mean Carson.
(07:30:49 PM) charlesnw: the room is available on Saturday Nov 3
(07:31:06 PM) nhaines: I am still available a week later.
(07:31:13 PM) charlesnw: I am available that day.
(07:31:18 PM) charlesnw: lcafiero: yes its in Carson
(07:31:20 PM) lcafiero: <--- thinking road trip . . . :-)
(07:31:27 PM) charlesnw: definetely. :)
(07:31:34 PM) charlesnw: I have updated the lilax.net site with a placeholder
(07:31:50 PM) charlesnw: will add more info after the final determination is made. and of course promote it to all the lugs and around town etc
(07:32:03 PM) DWonderly: I *might* be in port.
(07:34:38 PM) Yasumoto: DWonderly: mm, alright
(07:35:06 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: so you can't make it this saturday, but if we hold it next week, then you can, right?
(07:35:13 PM) charlesnw: correct
(07:35:20 PM) DWonderly: If I am I'll try and show up.
(07:35:23 PM) DWonderly: If I can
(07:35:27 PM) charlesnw: cool DWonderly
(07:35:32 PM) Yasumoto: DWonderly: you better :P
(07:35:35 PM) DWonderly: :P
(07:35:35 PM) charlesnw: hehe
(07:35:40 PM) DWonderly: Hey now.
(07:35:51 PM) lcafiero: I'm still on vacation, so I may just take a drive down . . .
(07:35:59 PM) DWonderly: I can see if one of the ready rooms on the ship is open... LOL
(07:35:59 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: well that's a pretty big push for me to say drop it back a week, since I don't see anyone else with an issue
(07:36:04 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: that'd be sweet
(07:36:22 PM) Yasumoto: (total side tangent: http://www.yale.edu/ypu/blog.html )
(07:38:20 PM) Yasumoto: Anyone have anything else to add about the install fest for now?
(07:38:51 PM) nhaines: Yes. We should set up an agenda with times for things.
(07:38:51 PM) lcafiero: Well, I have something tangenital: Cabrillo College, where I'm a student, is forming a LUG
(07:38:56 PM) charlesnw: I would like to film the install fest and presentation if that is alright
(07:39:08 PM) Yasumoto: nhaines: great idea. I totally second that
(07:39:17 PM) lcafiero: film is good.
(07:39:36 PM) nhaines: I want a record of any presentation I give, so film is good. :)
(07:39:36 PM) charlesnw: ah but if it can't be pushed back I won't make it. I didn't see the new part of the convo. it scrolled off my screen
(07:39:38 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: if nhaines is cool with that, then that'd be awesome :)
(07:39:45 PM) DWonderly: Video it and setup a stream so people can join in remote.
(07:39:48 PM) DWonderly: :P
(07:40:04 PM) Yasumoto: DWonderly: :)
(07:40:05 PM) charlesnw: yes that is what I am actually playing with. hence the ubuntu studio install I mentioned earlier
(07:40:07 PM) nhaines: I was going to talk to a friend about filming my presentation and I want to make it available online.
(07:40:20 PM) Yasumoto: cool then, that'd be sick
(07:40:27 PM) nhaines: charlesnw: I think that's an excellent idea!
(07:40:28 PM) DWonderly: that would be.
(07:40:31 PM) Yasumoto: nhaines: how long do you think your presentation will be?
(07:40:45 PM) ***DWonderly needs a better monitor
(07:40:57 PM) Yasumoto: DWonderly: it's from 1998 or something, right?
(07:41:00 PM) nhaines: I'll keep it short. 2 hours should be enough to cover the basic history of cryptographic technique.
(07:41:00 PM) ***charlesnw installs peercast
(07:41:09 PM) nhaines: Just kidding. :) I'm thinking maybe 20 minutes.
(07:41:12 PM) charlesnw: hahah
(07:41:14 PM) DWonderly: yeah.
(07:41:20 PM) DWonderly: first gen LCD
(07:41:29 PM) lcafiero: Rats, I was looking forward to cryptographics
(07:42:12 PM) lcafiero: :-)
(07:42:59 PM) charlesnw: so I guess the date is still in contention?
(07:43:02 PM) nhaines: I'd still like to do an Open Source software presentation, which is what I originally volunteered for. :P But I don't know if I'll have time to prepare both.
(07:43:50 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: I don't want to make any final decisions with Flannel being MIA
(07:43:56 PM) charlesnw: of course
(07:43:59 PM) Yasumoto: but it's definitely leaning towards next weekend :)
(07:44:08 PM) Yasumoto: thanks so much, by the way
(07:44:28 PM) charlesnw: fair enough. unfortunately the conflicting event is something I paid for and such. otherwise I would go.
(07:44:39 PM) Yasumoto: otherwise I'd be tripping out trying to deal with my school's beauracracy
(07:44:41 PM) charlesnw: perhaps we can have another meetup or 2 and I can film and such.
(07:44:43 PM) Yasumoto: yeah, for sure
(07:44:48 PM) charlesnw: :)
(07:45:03 PM) charlesnw: not a problem.
(07:45:06 PM) Yasumoto: I'm just hoping/assuming that once I start to get known a bit more over there
(07:45:32 PM) Yasumoto: things'll be way easier if/when we want to try chapman again
(07:45:37 PM) charlesnw: oh totally
(07:45:41 PM) charlesnw: and the OC needs more linux stuff
(07:45:47 PM) Yasumoto: *shrug* live and learn X_X
(07:45:49 PM) charlesnw: its a bit dry in terms of in person meets etc
(07:45:57 PM) charlesnw: there is oclug.
(07:46:02 PM) charlesnw: but that's not really very active
(07:46:12 PM) Yasumoto: yeah, I know. I'm on the OCLUG list, but I always have a race or something when they have their meeting
(07:46:12 PM) nhaines: I think if we give a great impression at the first installfest, we'll be welcomed back again.
(07:46:13 PM) charlesnw: so much is going on in the LA county area.
(07:46:27 PM) Yasumoto: that's so awesome
(07:46:48 PM) Yasumoto: I've been talking to my friend at UCI, and he doesn't really see anyone using linux
(07:47:01 PM) Yasumoto: granted he doesn't really go out of his way, but still ..
(07:47:06 PM) charlesnw: yeah.
(07:47:08 PM) charlesnw: that's to bad
(07:47:31 PM) lcafiero: That'll have to change . . .
(07:47:46 PM) Yasumoto: yep :)
(07:47:54 PM) charlesnw: I want to do my part and provide support and guidance for getting the OC linux community up and running. I have been very active in the LA open source/linux community
(07:47:54 PM) lcafiero: . . . and I know just the people to do it
(07:48:05 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: orly?
(07:48:20 PM) nhaines: Oh?
(07:48:27 PM) Yasumoto: it's a bit hard for me currently, since I'm still only a sophomore
(07:48:27 PM) lcafiero: Looking around the room . . .
(07:48:30 PM) charlesnw: hahah
(07:48:36 PM) charlesnw: I figured that is what you meant
(07:48:47 PM) Yasumoto: but I've been pushing it pretty well lately, so things should just get easier
(07:48:51 PM) ***nhaines blinks innocently.
(07:49:03 PM) Yasumoto: nhaines: haha :)
(07:49:13 PM) lcafiero: Heh
(07:50:49 PM) charlesnw: so ..... anything else to discuss?
(07:51:08 PM) nhaines: Oh, one last thing: is there any possibility of food at either of the proposed installfest locations?
(07:51:12 PM) lcafiero: on the installfest?
(07:51:21 PM) charlesnw: yes
(07:51:32 PM) Yasumoto: nhaines: we're technically not supposed to have food in our computer labs, but we do what we want
(07:51:38 PM) charlesnw: nhaines: there is a cafeteria at csudh
(07:51:48 PM) charlesnw: but I don't think food/drinks are allowed technically
(07:52:00 PM) charlesnw: it would probably be best to do the install fest and then hit a restaurant after
(07:52:06 PM) Yasumoto: I just wanted to say that some of the proposed logos look pretty cool
(07:52:18 PM) lcafiero: Very cool
(07:52:59 PM) lcafiero: I like them all, but especially 2 with Ubuntu California under the bear
(07:53:05 PM) lcafiero: (the flag motif)
(07:53:16 PM) nhaines: I like 6 with the bear (but not the drop shadow), but I wonder if it isn't too busy.
(07:53:40 PM) nhaines: I'm not a big fan of number 2.
(07:53:47 PM) lcafiero: 4 is also good, with the circle of californias
(07:54:15 PM) lcafiero: I'd make the ubuntu circle smaller in the corner -- I'm partial to the California Republic flag, but I can stand aside
(07:56:26 PM) lcafiero: (that would make a cool flag, even if it weren't the logo)
(07:56:37 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: yeah, I agree
(07:58:43 PM) Yasumoto: I like the look of 6 a lot
(07:59:50 PM) Yasumoto: anyway, I think we should get rolling on that by the time of our next event
(08:00:05 PM) Yasumoto: anyone have anything else to add?
(08:00:33 PM) lcafiero: I'm on board with 6
(08:00:34 PM) Yasumoto: (seriously though, some people make some really cool logos)
(08:00:43 PM) lcafiero: Actually, they're all good
(08:00:58 PM) nhaines: It's been exciting to see other designs. :)
(08:01:03 PM) lcafiero: With or without the drop shadow?
(08:01:49 PM) harkonen: 6 is cool
(08:02:08 PM) lcafiero: (but I think we should have a flag that looks like 2 :) )
(08:02:39 PM) nhaines: I think the flag would look good no matter what logo we choose... just so long as we drop the Ubuntu font! :)
(08:02:55 PM) lcafiero: Agreed. It'd have to be the same font as the California Republic
(08:02:56 PM) Yasumoto: aww, but nhaines, it's so pretty ...
(08:03:11 PM) lcafiero: Yasumoto: Regardless, nhaines is right
(08:03:33 PM) nhaines: It just doesn't match. Far too wide compared to the compressed California Republic font.
(08:04:26 PM) Yasumoto: yeah, it's sorta like "CA U*B*U*N*T*U"
(08:04:33 PM) nhaines: haha
(08:04:35 PM) lcafiero: Heh
(08:04:49 PM) lcafiero: So is everyone OK with 6?
(08:05:26 PM) nhaines: I don't think it will iconify well.
(08:05:43 PM) nhaines: Also I'm against the drop shadow (it's really an outline anyway).
(08:06:27 PM) lcafiero: I'd like to drop the shadow. How about 4 or 5?
(08:06:52 PM) lcafiero: They're fairly simple, straightforward (and I mean that in a good way)
(08:06:54 PM) nhaines: I like five left, but I created it sooo...
(08:06:55 PM) Yasumoto: I think that the drop shadow gives it just a bit too much
(08:07:06 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: yeah, they should be relatively clean
(08:07:35 PM) lcafiero: I could go either way on 4 or 5, but lean toward 4 with the three Californias.
(08:07:47 PM) nhaines: I just don't like 4. Looks untidy.
(08:08:00 PM) lcafiero: Okay.
(08:08:11 PM) lcafiero: Not married to it here :-)
(08:08:13 PM) harkonen: yeah 4 is a bit much too many califnorias
(08:09:20 PM) Yasumoto: I think if 6 lost the drop shadows, it'd be unique and really stand out
(08:09:27 PM) harkonen: me too
(08:09:45 PM) lcafiero: Agreed
(08:10:18 PM) nhaines: I think it has something special.
(08:10:38 PM) lcafiero: Yeah, an icon that could eat everyone else's :-)
(08:10:42 PM) Yasumoto: cool, who's the person behind it?
(08:10:53 PM) nhaines: Scunizi.
(08:11:54 PM) lcafiero: So are we going with 6 sans shadows?
(08:12:42 PM) Yasumoto: I'd be down for sure
(08:12:56 PM) harkonen: I'd wear it on a t shirt with pride
(08:13:05 PM) nhaines: I think I can live with that. I know I'd wear it on a t-shirt.
(08:13:07 PM) lcafiero: I'd tattoo it on me . . . um, wait.
(08:13:21 PM) lcafiero: I vote for it
(08:13:27 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: hahaha :)
(08:14:11 PM) nhaines: I thought the northern California border didn't look right by itself but the bear makes it much less noticeable.
(08:14:18 PM) lcafiero: It would have to be a sweatshirt for me
(08:14:20 PM) charlesnw: brb
(08:14:28 PM) charlesnw left the room (quit: "Leaving.").
(08:14:29 PM) Yasumoto: dude.
(08:14:46 PM) Yasumoto: desperado-style bandana
(08:14:50 PM) nhaines: Hahaha!
(08:14:52 PM) lcafiero: Heh.
(08:15:03 PM) lcafiero: I'm being called for dinner: Could I mention a couple of things?
(08:15:08 PM) Yasumoto: of course
(08:15:37 PM) lcafiero: First, Cabrillo College is starting a LUG, and I think we can hold an installfest but it would be sometime mid-November
(08:15:42 PM) lcafiero: Always late to the party.
(08:15:59 PM) lcafiero: I'll know by Tuesday or Wednesday
(08:16:01 PM) charlesnw [n=charles@] entered the room.
ChanServ charlesnw
(08:16:08 PM) nhaines: Welcome back, charlesnw
(08:16:32 PM) charlesnw: thanks. :)
(08:16:41 PM) charlesnw: just installed gnome-voice-control. had to logout/in
(08:16:52 PM) lcafiero: Last, but not least, if you don't mind a guest giving your FOSS presentation, and if nhaines doesn't mind, could I give the FOSS presentation?
(08:17:25 PM) nhaines: Hey, that means I can focus on the GPG presentation.
(08:17:39 PM) charlesnw: hehe
(08:17:42 PM) charlesnw: sounds good to me
(08:17:49 PM) charlesnw: Flannel: I see you made it
(08:17:51 PM) lcafiero: or the cryptographics, nhaines
(08:17:59 PM) lcafiero: :-)
(08:18:03 PM) nhaines: I can do my FOSS presentation as a webcast some other time.
(08:18:09 PM) lcafiero: Either way.
(08:19:00 PM) lcafiero: Oh, and one more thing: I'm sorry sn9 isn't here because he'd know if the Silicon Valley LUG had Gutsy Gibbon at their monthly installfest, which was yesterday
(08:19:43 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: that'd be cool. where is that?
(08:20:06 PM) lcafiero: They hold it on the 3rd Saturday of the month, which was yesterday, at Google.
(08:20:07 PM) sn9_ [n=danielg4@gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us] entered the room.
(08:20:12 PM) lcafiero: Speak of the devil
(08:20:15 PM) Yasumoto: haha
(08:20:16 PM) sn9_: lcafiero: i'm here now
(08:20:18 PM) Yasumoto: heya sn9_ :)
(08:20:25 PM) nhaines: yay!
(08:20:31 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: I think we'd all love to have you give a talk
(08:20:43 PM) lcafiero: Hey sn9, did the SVLUG have Gutsy Gibbon at the installfest yesterday?
(08:20:55 PM) sn9_: i heard the audible highlight from the other machine, and joined the channel on this one
(08:20:59 PM) charlesnw: hehe
(08:21:04 PM) sn9_: lcafiero: yes, indeedy
(08:21:46 PM) sn9_: we had a ton of new ppl show up, too
(08:21:53 PM) Yasumoto: sn9_: that's sweet :)
(08:21:55 PM) lcafiero: Excellent
(08:23:45 PM) lcafiero: Okay, now my family is glaring at me from the dinner table. Talk to you guys later.
(08:23:51 PM) Yasumoto: kk, sounds good
(08:23:51 PM) lcafiero left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:23:53 PM) The-Kernel: so how'd it go?
(08:23:59 PM) Yasumoto: The-Kernel! heya
(08:24:25 PM) The-Kernel: hey Yasumoto
(08:24:27 PM) Yasumoto: not too bad, we may be moving the install fest
(08:24:38 PM) The-Kernel: ah uh, ok
(08:24:47 PM) Yasumoto: have you checked out the mailing list recently?
(08:26:09 PM) The-Kernel: yeah
(08:26:50 PM) harkonen: yasumoto: is it "may" be moving or is it definitly being moved?
(08:27:17 PM) Yasumoto: it's definitely going to not be this saturday
(08:27:25 PM) charlesnw: oh
(08:27:29 PM) charlesnw: interesting
(08:27:32 PM) Yasumoto: and is probably going to be hosted by charlesnw at his place
(08:27:36 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: right?
(08:27:38 PM) charlesnw: yes
(08:27:39 PM) charlesnw: :)
(08:27:53 PM) charlesnw: was just waiting to see what the decision was
(08:27:59 PM) charlesnw: the venue is already secured and such
(08:28:04 PM) Yasumoto: ah, cool
(08:28:08 PM) charlesnw: once its finalized I will send out details to the list
(08:28:12 PM) Yasumoto: sweet
(08:28:16 PM) Yasumoto: :)
(08:28:18 PM) harkonen: good to know
(08:28:20 PM) nhaines: Great!
(08:28:23 PM) charlesnw: and bring my video gear and such. :)
(08:29:05 PM) charlesnw: by then I should have a fair amount of experience with the video stuff. I have filmed before and it came out fairly decent.
(08:29:13 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: cool
(08:29:14 PM) charlesnw: I may rent a wireless mic or 2
(08:29:24 PM) nhaines: Sounds great.
(08:29:42 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: yeah, I think I've heard that having a decent mic can make a huge impact on the quality
(08:29:56 PM) charlesnw: so what is the "process" for making the venue/date official?
(08:29:58 PM) nhaines: I have public speaking experience and can do with or without a mic.
(08:30:06 PM) charlesnw: cool!
(08:30:18 PM) nhaines: (With is always better, naturally)
(08:30:20 PM) charlesnw: plus ill have the camera fairly close to you. it helps I have filmed in that very room before. :)
(08:30:29 PM) charlesnw: multiple times
(08:30:50 PM) nhaines: Good. :)
(08:30:58 PM) Yasumoto: cool charlesnw
(08:31:10 PM) charlesnw: the audio was great (you can see the podcasts at http://casts.socallugs.com)
(08:31:17 PM) charlesnw: the video however wasn't as good as I would have liked
(08:32:12 PM) charlesnw: I will also be filming a presentation I am giving at USC this Thursday. and probably doing some filming over the weekend at the event I am going to.
(08:32:26 PM) nhaines: Time to shake the bugs out!
(08:32:43 PM) charlesnw: precisely
(08:33:00 PM) charlesnw: I am actually trying to launch a for profit venture that will sell linux related video training
(08:33:09 PM) charlesnw: and of course have free stuff
(08:33:13 PM) nhaines: ooh
(08:33:23 PM) Yasumoto: that sounds like it'd work well
(08:34:01 PM) charlesnw: so this is all part of that effort. :)
(08:34:01 PM) charlesnw: of course the for sale content would be produced new and under contract etc
(08:34:01 PM) charlesnw: filming lugs and other events would be free as it helps me work out bugs and capture good content that will benefit the community
(08:34:17 PM) lcafiero [n=lcafiero@h-68-164-242-21.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net] entered the room.
(08:34:24 PM) sn9_: lcafiero: hi again
L1 lcafiero
(08:34:26 PM) Yasumoto: heya lcafiero :)
(08:34:28 PM) nhaines: Welcome back, lcafiero!
(08:34:45 PM) lcafiero: Thanks.
(08:35:07 PM) lcafiero: Brought dinner to the desk
(08:35:27 PM) harkonen: charlesnw what are ou editing on?
(08:35:30 PM) charlesnw: I certainly hope so
(08:35:30 PM) charlesnw: I would like to start producing a series of ubuntu desktop and server training videos first quarter next year
(08:35:30 PM) charlesnw: when I first started on linux nothing like that was available
(08:35:30 PM) charlesnw: the san diego ruby guys have had a lot of success with video training
(08:35:53 PM) charlesnw: but that's a few months out. between now and then there is a fair amount of trial/error to work through
(08:35:59 PM) charlesnw: well. kino and lives
(08:36:36 PM) harkonen: ive been editing on Blender lately but i want to try LiVES. do you have to compile from source or is their a package for Lives?
(08:36:39 PM) lcafiero: Great idea
(08:36:49 PM) charlesnw: also looking at http://www.jahshaka.org/
(08:37:15 PM) charlesnw: source last time I looked
(08:37:15 PM) charlesnw: I should package it.
(08:37:28 PM) harkonen: i don't love jahshaka. i like the idea but not really into how it actually works. blender so far is the best that ive found
(08:38:00 PM) Yasumoto: charlesnw: have you done pacakaging before? I'm just starting out
(08:38:28 PM) nhaines: If you do package it, Launchpad can host it.
(08:38:39 PM) harkonen: i heard autopackage was really good. is that what ur using?
(08:39:10 PM) charlesnw: Yasumoto: a bit
(08:39:34 PM) charlesnw: harkonen: how does blender handle dv?
(08:39:42 PM) charlesnw: nhaines: cool
(08:39:53 PM) harkonen: quite well as long as youve got the right codec installed
(08:40:19 PM) charlesnw: haven't heard of autopackage. was using dpkg tools
(08:41:11 PM) ***charlesnw plays with blender
(08:43:13 PM) nhaines: So is the meeting over or did I miss something? :)
(08:43:18 PM) charlesnw: I think so
(08:43:19 PM) charlesnw: :)
(08:43:22 PM) charlesnw: that its over that is
(08:43:32 PM) Yasumoto: well
(08:43:46 PM) Yasumoto: how about this
(08:43:53 PM) Yasumoto: anyone else have anything they want to bring up?
(08:43:53 PM) sn9_: we could still stick around a bit
(08:44:04 PM) Yasumoto: yeah, that's what I was thinking
(08:44:20 PM) Yasumoto: if anyone needs to get going, then they can head out
(08:44:30 PM) charlesnw: lives package: http://www.getdeb.net/app.php?name=lives
(08:44:32 PM) lcafiero: I'm going to tweak the flag a bit and present it to the group
(08:44:41 PM) Yasumoto: otherwise, feel free to stay for the after party
(08:44:50 PM) lcafiero: And we should have a flag to rally around . . . :-)
(08:44:52 PM) Yasumoto: lcafiero: awesome :)
(08:44:55 PM) Yasumoto: hahaha

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