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=== Agenda === === Summary ===
 1. Jaunty stuff
  a. Party close to release, educational/promotional/installfest thing later
  a. Release is on Thursday, so the party would be on the Friday or Saturday
  a. Going to try to do something in both the north and south of the state (LA and Bay Area)
 1. [[http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009|OSCON]]
  a. July 22-23 (Wednesday / Thursday) in San Jose
  a. It's a little early for many people to commit, but there's interest in having a booth there
  a. [[http://assets.en.oreilly.com/1/event/27/oscon2009_prospectus.pdf|Prospectus with information]]
  a. Yasumoto will get in touch with them and do some more research before we commit to it.
 1. !LoCo approval
  a. Need to get the wiki in order: get the meetings and events properly summarized.
  a. List of stuff that needs doing is at [[CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList]].

=== Original Agenda ===
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Our meetings are held for one hour every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PDT / 02:00 UTC in our IRC channel, [[CaliforniaTeam/ContactUs|#ubuntu-california on Freenode]]. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Java client linked from the [[CaliforniaTeam/ContactUs|Contact page]].

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Jaunty stuff
    1. Party close to release, educational/promotional/installfest thing later
    2. Release is on Thursday, so the party would be on the Friday or Saturday
    3. Going to try to do something in both the north and south of the state (LA and Bay Area)
  2. OSCON

    1. July 22-23 (Wednesday / Thursday) in San Jose
    2. It's a little early for many people to commit, but there's interest in having a booth there
    3. Prospectus with information

    4. Yasumoto will get in touch with them and do some more research before we commit to it.
  3. LoCo approval

    1. Need to get the wiki in order: get the meetings and events properly summarized.
    2. List of stuff that needs doing is at CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList.

Original Agenda

  1. Jaunty Release Stuff - Further Discussion
  2. OSCON? - Do we want to attend?
  3. Approval Process - Update, Discussion


19:01:58-!- troyready has joined #ubuntu-california
19:02:20< Flannel> Alright, troyready's here, so we can start!
19:02:28< Yasumoto> sounds good to me
19:02:35< jsj0nes> Yeah...though I'm sure that early is a relative term among the folks around here :)
19:02:46< troyready> that's what I'm talking about!
19:02:58< Yasumoto> jsj0nes: yeah, about 10am, right? :)
19:03:17< jsj0nes> exactly
19:03:52< Flannel> Welcome everyone, to this edition of California team meetings.
19:04:03< Flannel> Our current agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/09March22
19:04:20< Flannel> Currently consisting of Jaunty Stuff, OSCON, and then LoCo Approval stuff.
19:04:31< Flannel> Like always, if you have something to add to the agenda, feel free to do so.
19:05:44< Flannel> so, the first topi is Jaunty stuff.
19:06:04< Flannel> This would be whatever we're doing for the Jaunty release.  Which is April 23.
19:06:22< Flannel> (the release, not necessarily the activities)
19:07:02< Flannel> If I rememebr correctly from last time, we were entertaining the idea of doing two things.  A more festive type thing close to the release, and then a more... educational/promotional type thing later.
19:07:47< Yasumoto> sounds good to me
19:07:55< Flannel> What's everyone think about that?
19:08:13< nhaines> I think that's a good pattern.
19:08:35< rww> sounds like a plan
19:08:46< Torikun> Good.
19:08:56< troyready> sounds good
19:09:11< Flannel> Alright, so... That's a month away.  Start thinking of ideas for the party type thing (which I imagine will just be dinner somewhere).
19:10:10< Flannel> Locations, etc.  Release is a Thursday, we should probably shoot for Friday or Saturday.
19:10:29< Torikun> Part in LA?
19:10:37< Torikun> *party
19:11:18< Flannel> Torikun: More like dinner for 10 somewhere.
19:11:18< Yasumoto> I vote for avoiding LA traffic
19:11:32< Torikun> I vote for the bay area =)
19:12:01< Flannel> Torikun: There could be some Bay area stuff as well, actually.  We've got an increasing number of people up there.
19:12:04< rww> If we can find enough people, having one in the bay area and one in LA might be nice.
19:12:12< nhaines> That would definitely be awesome.
19:13:16< troyready> (I might be out of town, so I won't push for OC just inn case)
19:14:31< Yasumoto> we should get in touch with jono about getting something up north
19:14:33< Flannel> Alright.  So, start coming up with locations, etc.  Lets discuss it on the ML, since some people can't make meetings/etc.  (And we'll see if there's enough interest for something in the bay area as well)
19:14:43< Flannel> Yasumoto: He'll be in Europe at that time
19:15:17< Yasumoto> Flannel: brutal, kk
19:15:49< Yasumoto> let's get in touch with Torikun and jsj0nes about getting something together up north *cough cough* :)
19:16:06< Torikun> Sounds good =)
19:16:12< nhaines> I'm always up for PF Changs again.  :)  (actually they have a smaller place with similar food as well--quieter and better for this kinda thing.)
19:16:15< Flannel> Yasumoto: We've got more than that.  But yeah, ML re: up north as well.  Since that'd be awesome.
19:16:16< Torikun> If there is not a lot of people, party at my place lol
19:17:24< Flannel> So, moving on to our next thing.  OSCON.
19:17:53< Yasumoto> http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009
19:18:31< Yasumoto> So OSCON is more "corporate-minded" than SCaLE
19:18:46< Yasumoto> but the organizers are very in-touch with the community, and always put on a great show
19:18:55< Flannel> It's July 20-24 (That's right around the next point release, for those of you who go on that timeline)
19:19:16< Yasumoto> It's always been held in Portland, Oregon before
19:19:36< Yasumoto> but they've moved it down to San Jose this year, meaning that we can be an exhibitor if we'd like
19:19:39< Yasumoto> http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009/public/content/exhibitors
19:19:49< Flannel> This is the one that was cancelled last year, right?
19:20:07< Yasumoto> Ubuntu Live was cancelled last year (which was co-located with OSCON)
19:20:56< Yasumoto> I've been speaking with the coordinators of the dotOrg booths, and we can head up one if we have enough people interested
19:21:19< Flannel> Is it all four days? or just a fraction thereof or what?
19:22:11< Yasumoto> the expo hall is open the 22nd-23rd
19:22:21< Yasumoto> so it would only be two days
19:22:50< nhaines> That's a Thursday and Friday.
19:22:55< Flannel> Anyone have an opinion?
19:23:16< troyready> It's a little far for me to commit to now, unfortunately
19:23:23< troyready> Though it sounds cool
19:23:40< Yasumoto> troyready: yeah, I feel ya
19:23:42< Flannel> Really? The expos on Thursday/Friday?
19:24:01< Yasumoto> http://assets.en.oreilly.com/1/event/27/oscon2009_prospectus.pdf
19:24:03< Yasumoto> second page
19:24:22< Yasumoto> It's pretty epic, it's one of the huge conferences for the OSS community
19:24:32< troyready> (I should have clarified: far, distance-wise -- I think I'm cutting my travel budget for the rest of the year
19:24:52< Yasumoto> I think it'd be really exciting for us to be at
19:24:59< rww> If I'm not busy with school on those days, I'll be able to go. Dunno what days my classes will be on next semester yet.
19:25:10< Flannel> rww: Won't that be over Summer?
19:25:17< rww> Flannel: I'm taking summer classes.
19:25:28< Flannel> Yasumoto: Is it really those dates?  Thursday/Friday?
19:26:16< Yasumoto> Flannel: hm.. wed/thurs?
19:26:41< Grantbow> Sorry I'm late to the meeting this evening.  As I'm fairly local I can commit to both days and help coordinate.
19:26:43< Flannel> Yasumoto: That's an odd few days of the week.
19:27:06< Yasumoto> Flannel: the first two days are "tutorial" sessions
19:27:09< Yasumoto> and friday is a half-day
19:27:18< Flannel> Yeah, it is Wednesday / Thursday.
19:27:30< Yasumoto> Grantbow: really? epic
19:27:39< Grantbow> oh yeah, about time, huh?  lol
19:28:08< Flannel> Yasumoto: So lets say tentatively maybe.  Do we know when we have to decide by?
19:30:14< Yasumoto> Flannel: hm, not sure actually, I'll get in contact with them about it
19:31:56< Flannel> Alright, before we say 100% yes, lets do some more research and such.
19:32:31< Grantbow> sounds good
19:32:50< Flannel> Alright, so... next, and last topic.  Approval.
19:33:29< Flannel> Has anyone not read last time's logs?  (Or do we need to introduce what approval/etc is?)
19:33:34< nhaines> I did read them.
19:34:17< Grantbow> I'll read the log but I understand the process.
19:35:18< Flannel> Basically what we have to do right now is get our Wiki in order.  With all of our meetings and events properly summarized and such.
19:36:26< rww> I've been making progress on the meeting summaries. The todo list is an accurate reflection of which ones still need doing.
19:36:43< Grantbow> good work
19:36:50< rww> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList, that is
19:36:53< troyready> very nice!
19:36:58< nhaines> I think the most we need to do here now is just get everything documented nicely.
19:37:12< Flannel> Yeah, especially when it comes to past events.
19:37:26< nhaines> We've done more than enough, regularly enough, to qualify for approved status.
19:37:30< nhaines> So we just have to keep up the energy.
19:38:43< Flannel> That's more or less everything I had for this agenda topic.  We'll all keep hammering away at the wiki, and it'll get done before we know it.
19:38:57< Flannel> Anyone else have additional topics?
19:39:11< troyready> Not I
19:39:45< nhaines> Nor I.
19:39:59< rww> Flannel: I haven't seen kirev to discuss getting those old Ubuntu CDs from him, unfortunately. I'll let you know when we hash that out.
19:40:16< Flannel> rww: Right.  Sounds good.  No big hurry either.
19:40:59< Flannel> We've found someone who has a box of Warty CDs, so we can use them in our Shipit display.
19:41:15< Flannel> For those of you who have absolutely no idea what rww and I are talking about ;)
19:42:11< Flannel> Alright, well, that about does it.  Thank you all for coming.  Our next meeting will be on the 5th of April.  See you there.

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