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  a. Ubuntu Maverick release date change to 10.10.10 ([[MaverickReleaseSchedule|release schedule]]   a. Ubuntu Maverick release date change to 10.10.10 ([[MaverickReleaseSchedule|release schedule]])

Sunday, May 16th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu Maverick release date change to 10.10.10 (release schedule)

    2. Gidget Kitchen geeknic June 19th at Vasona Lake Park

  2. 10.04 release events

    1. Southern California event recap: met uyp at Pat & Oscar's for dinner, then Portillo's. Total of 5 people, would have helped to have marketing. Mostly eating, though some discussion of LTS and window controls.

    2. Noisebridge installfest: info is on wiki. Discussion of venue.
  3. Future event brainstorming
    1. Getting (general) public places to offer Ubuntu CDs; discussion of materials (like stand)
    2. Advertising in free local ad books
    3. Free, noncredit classes at community colleges
    4. Tutorial sessions (e.g. at Saxby's)
    5. Ubuntu gaming nights (discussion of Steam)
    6. Picnic/Potluck + Installfest
    7. Tour idea needs more fleshing out (discussion of potential included events: info sessions, presentations to non-tech groups, etc.
    8. Discussion of Ubuntu Hours

    9. Ubuntu food! Cookies, candy, etc.

Original Agenda

  1. Recap Lucid Events

  2. Brainstorm for future events/projects


19:03:10 < Flannel> Welcome everyone to tonight's meeting.  Our agenda for the evening is somewhat sparse, consisting of a recap of some more lucid events, and then we'll roll into a brainstorming session.
19:03:23 < Flannel> Our agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10May16
19:04:02 < Flannel> Before we get into our first agenda item, we'll have announcements.
19:04:26 < Flannel> Does anyone have any announcements?
19:05:02 < Flannel> I know UDS was this past week, and UOW was the week before.
19:06:30 < Flannel> Oh, one thing that came up at UDS was that Maverick (what will become Ubuntu 10.10) is possibly moving forward, to release on the 10th, instead of closer to the end of the month.
19:06:51 < Flannel> Depending on who you ask, its either finalized, or not quite finalized.
19:07:00 < Flannel> The earlier release date will be 10.10.10
19:07:35 < rhernand> good evening...
19:07:46 < Flannel> Howdy rhernand
19:08:01 < rhernand> has the meeting already started?
19:08:11 < Flannel> rhernand: Yep, but you haven't missed much.
19:08:32 < rhernand> good..
19:09:02 < Flannel> rhernand: We were just getting into announcements, specifically that Maverick is likely going to be moved forward to 10.10.10 as a release date
19:10:59 < nhaines> Right now it's pretty much looking like 10.10.10 is going to be the date.
19:11:31 < grantbow> binary for 42
19:11:50 < rww> The updated release schedule is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule , and there's also a link to an iCal file there, for people who want to put it in a desktop calendar program.
19:12:08 < Flannel> This might be more permanent too, having all the X.10 releases being moved earlier.  To even out the number of weeks in the development cycle
19:12:30 < nhaines> It'll be a good idea to plan any development work against the shorter cycle--that way if there's any change, you just get some more time.  :)
19:12:35 < Flannel> Due to the weeks lost during Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years in November/December/January
19:13:23 < MarkDude> nhaines, makes sense
19:13:31 < nhaines> So if maverick goes very well, we'll have a new schedule.
19:14:02 < Flannel> Anyone have any other announcements?
19:14:22 < MarkDude> June 19th Geeknic2
19:14:29 < MarkDude> Vasona lake park
19:16:22 < rww> ( http://gidgetkitchen.org/wiki/Geeknic2 )
19:17:04 < Flannel> Alright, with that, we'll move on to our first agenda item.  Lucid Release event stuff.
19:18:01 < Flannel> If I remember, we covered all of the events at the last meeting that had happened prior to the last meeting (on the May 2nd), so I think the only one we still need is the southern california one
19:19:00 < Yasumoto> So the first release party was pretty awesome, we met up at Pat & Oscar's for dinner
19:19:27 < Yasumoto> er, the SoCal party
19:19:38 < jbermudes> I'm alive!
19:19:50 < Yasumoto> heh, jbermudes was there :)
19:20:30 < Yasumoto> We spent some time talking about different things, I recall few heated discussions about buttons, which was nice
19:20:46 < Yasumoto> afterward, we headed over to Portillo's for milkshakes.. as well as the great Cake Shake
19:21:06 < Yasumoto> which is a piece of chocolate cake + vanilla milkshake.. and is as intense as it sounds
19:21:18 < nhaines> Yasumoto: I had to sleep that off.  :)
19:21:28 < Yasumoto> nhaines: haha :)
19:23:05 < Flannel> Yasumoto: How many people attended?
19:23:44 < Yasumoto> hm.. I think it was a total of 5 of us
19:23:55 < rww> cool :)
19:24:07 < Yasumoto> I think that it was good to have a low-key place for everyone to attend, though again I think marketing was an issue
19:24:19 < Flannel> We got a chance to meet magevid in person too.
19:24:20 < Yasumoto> I'm sure Flannel and other SoCal guys can think of a few other things
19:24:39 < jbermudes> well, moving to a new venue always seems to throw people off the first time
19:24:50 < Flannel> Yasumoto: well, one thing that we can improve on is location planning.  Since once we rolled up to Pat and Oscars, you decided you wanted to go next door ;)
19:25:02 < MarkDude> magevid was telling people how he had fun there. He said it was cool
19:25:07 < nhaines> Yeah, Portillo's is awesome.  :)
19:25:12 < rww> Heh, we need to work better on advertising. Seems like we say after every event that we could have done with more of it :)
19:25:12 < Yasumoto> Flannel: that is very true
19:25:49 < Flannel> rww: It's also one of those things that never goes away either.  You can always improve.  But yes, sometimes its more apparent than others.
19:26:35 < Flannel> Anyone else  have comments or questions about that event?
19:27:24 < rww> Did any particularly interesting topics come up? Any particularly popular Lucid questions?
19:27:39 < rww> (apart from window controls)
19:28:32 < rww> ("no, we were busy eating delicious food" is a reasonable answer ;P)
19:28:36 < Flannel> rww: We dicussed LTS, which I imagine will be a talking point for Lucid because it happens to be one.
19:29:03 < Flannel> but I certainly wouldn't call our discussion of LTS a major topic at the table.
19:30:09 < rww> yeah, LTS is going to be an interesting topic for advocacy, especially if 10.10 shapes up to be the usual LTS+1 craziness.
19:30:13 < nhaines> It was more of a friendly get-together.
19:30:46 < nhaines> Which is what I like about our release parties.  :)
19:31:42 < rww> awesome :)
19:32:37 < rww> Alright. Any other comments/questions/whatever about release party stuff?
19:33:52 < Flannel> Do we know more about the possible event on the 29th?
19:34:06 < rww> is that the noisebridge one?
19:34:07 < Flannel> If not, do we know when we'll know more?
19:34:10 < Flannel> rww: Aye
19:34:57 < rww> the stuff that's on the wiki, plus the stuff on the noisebridge wiki, plus that there's no set time as far as Grant and I know (it's more of an all-day thing)
19:35:16  * grantbow nods
19:35:42 < Flannel> Is that venue welcoming enough for new people?  I know the noisebridge wiki has some warnings and things.
19:36:01 < MarkDude> It is
19:36:18 < MarkDude> It is a great place, I was wrong on it, I guess
19:36:46 < rww> I haven't been there yet. Am hoping to wander down there in the next couple of weeks.
19:37:49 < Flannel> MarkDude: Well, the NB wiki itself has warnings.  I'm not comfortable sending $STRANGERS to random back alleys to meet in places that aren't friendly.
19:37:57 < Flannel> Not that NB is that.
19:38:08 < Flannel> I'm just saying I don't know what NB is like
19:38:27 < eps> Cold and drafty. ;-)
19:38:38 < MarkDude> The warning pertain to stopping by at off hours & not during events
19:38:40 < grantbow> Flannel: which warnings?
19:39:34 < Flannel> From its wiki I get the image of someing having to go up an old feight elevator, etc, etc.  Which is probably far from the truth, I just want to be sure
19:39:49 < Flannel> freight, even.
19:39:52 < grantbow> Flannel: I get a completely different image from the wiki.  Which warnings?
19:39:55 < Flannel> grantbow: uh, let me find them.
19:40:44 < eps> There are stairs and an elevator. The elevator has never worked any time I've been there.
19:41:06 < grantbow> eps: it works fine for handicap access
19:41:14 < grantbow> ADA, etc
19:41:44 < Flannel> The wiki says you have to get buzzed in, and then the visitor advice page says that it's not child-safe, and you might be exposed to $ANYTHING.
19:41:51 < eps> Speaking as someone who wears a knee brace, I respectfully disagree.
19:42:04 < grantbow> Flannel: url please?
19:42:09 < Flannel> grantbow: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Visitor_advice
19:42:26 < MarkDude> Unlike CC, which has no elevator at all & like 1 million stairs
19:42:44  * MarkDude exagerates about Creative Commons
19:43:21 < grantbow> what is far more relevant on that page is: Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit Noisebridge. We ask that visitors follow our rule of "be excellent to each other" in the best spirit they can
19:44:00 < dragonoid> Anyone here under 18?
19:44:02 < grantbow> Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit Noisebridge. We ask that visitors follow our rule of "be excellent to each other" in the best spirit they can
19:44:14 < grantbow> Visitors can drop by anytime unannounced. You do not need an invitation, or to be attending a scheduled event/class.
19:44:25 < Flannel> dragonoid: We do have people in the LoCo (and some who stop by) that are underage, yes.
19:44:48 < grantbow> dragonoid: age is not a requirement
19:45:03 < dragonoid> Flannel: I'd advise they obtain parental consent before visiting that place.
19:45:09 < rww> Flannel, grantbow: Might be better to double-check with the Noisebridge people over email if you have any concerns, rather than us pondering the wiki in the middle of a meeting.
19:45:35 < rww> since I imagine they'd be able to address them better :)
19:46:01 < grantbow> I'm a regular there - there is no "danger".
19:46:21 < grantbow> as is being heavily implied
19:46:43 < eps> What's on the wiki is accurate. Think of the place as being a "work in progress." It's _always_ a "work in progress."
19:47:06 < Flannel> Anyway, lets move on, and we can discuss it with more people later.
19:49:33 < Flannel> So, the next item on the agenda is a brainstorming session
19:49:49 < MarkDude> Tour, yay!
19:50:00 < Flannel> But before we get onto that, since its somewhat open ended,
19:50:06 < Flannel> are there any other things for tonight?
19:50:14 < MarkDude> Fair enough
19:51:29 < Flannel> So, while the meeting is going to continue (with the brainstorming), I'm going to go ahead and remind everyone now that our next meeting is on May 30th, at 7pm.
19:53:18 < Flannel> So, for brainstorming, we're hazily looking for ideas for projects and events for this cycle, but really, we might find ourselves anywhere.
19:53:56 < dragonoid> How long is this part of the meeting expected to be?
19:54:27 < Flannel> dragonoid: It's sort of an open ended thing, so ... I can't really answer that.
19:54:29 < MarkDude> http://geeknic.org/  <<< more of that would be cool
19:55:25 < Flannel> dragonoid: If you want to look at it from a "meeting" point of view, you could say the meeting is done, and we're just doing some chatting afterwards for ideas that we want to get down on paper to work from in the future.
19:55:47 < dragon> Flannel: so is the meeting officially over?
19:56:03 < rww> One of the things I'd like to do this cycle is see if we can get some public places -- libraries, schools, workplaces, etc. -- to offer Ubuntu CDs. We do a good job of handing them out at LUGs and such already, but targetting the general public more would be good.
19:56:09 < dragon> This sounds like an after-meeting topic any way.
19:56:22 < dragon> rww: +1
19:56:25 < Flannel> dragon: it's officially over from an agenda point of view, but this will be added to the logs on the wiki
19:56:33 < rww> dragon: It basically is, except this way we're logging it and summarizing it.
19:56:47 < MarkDude> rww, Saxbys will
19:57:03 < Izinucs> a "Reader" (or other free local ad book)  advertisement.. Bring your old, tired, slow, virus ridden PC and get them rejouvenated FREE
19:57:17 < MarkDude> And we'll have a sign that tells about the FOSS classes
19:57:28 < nhaines> Izinucs: oh, that sounds like a good idea.
19:57:38 < rww> As far as materials for doing this, we need 1) CD sleeves, 2) CD stand. We have at least one of these already, but (as always) there's plenty of inkscape work for willing volunteers.
19:57:39 < Flannel> Izinucs: we've already been in byte-buyer/computoredge a few times
19:58:08 < rww> MarkDude: yeah, local coffee places would work well too
19:58:10 < Flannel> Izinucs: do you have experience with the reader?  Is it something we'd coerce them into getting a story on ubuntu and stuff? or what were you thinking?
19:58:21 < eps> Hmm. I wonder if any community colleges might be interested in offering [free!] noncredit classes?
19:58:27 < Izinucs> Flannel: those are computer oriented publications.. I'm thinking "Penny Saver" type to catch people that have door stops that they don't know what to do with.
19:58:42 < Flannel> eps: Actually, some CCs will let you teach a class on $RANDOM-TOPIC, that people can take
19:58:53 < grantbow> eps: I'm doing a weekend series at SFSU that's similar to that
19:59:18 < eps> Up here, they don't seem to have any problem teaching how to use MSFT apps ... :-(
20:00:03 < MarkDude> Saxbys has a big screen at it, Im hoping Jono will teach an opportunistic development class there, It can be reserved any time
20:00:41 < rww> Yeah, tutorial sessions would be another good (recurring?) event we could do
20:00:47 < Flannel> Izinucs: Right.  So if we did pennysaver, it'd be running an ad in it.  Reader could be an ad, but I think an article would be better.
20:00:58 < Flannel> Izinucs: Itd certainly give more info about it.
20:01:05 < Flannel> Although I'm not sure how to go about approaching that
20:01:06 < Izinucs> yea.. either way.. just trying to catch "normal" users
20:01:29 < rww> (and as mentioned, this is brainstorming, so if anyone has any ideas, throw them out there, even if you think they're bad :)
20:01:36 < Flannel> Izinucs: We're all about everyday users, yeah.
20:01:44 < Flannel> rww: There are no bad ideas!
20:02:16 < Flannel> (a large electricity company actually came across their solution to a problem via someones 'bad/crazy idea')
20:03:15 < rww> Mark and I were pondering all this the other day, what else did I think up then...
20:03:28 < Izinucs> Ad = " Is your computer slow? Old? Feel like getting a new one but can't afford it? Renew it with free assistance! Bring your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and we'll show you the magic!"
20:03:36 < rww> Oh, Ubuntu gaming nights! Since we have a tonne of games (some multiplayer!) for Ubuntu
20:03:38 < rww> !games
20:03:39 < Eureka> Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php
20:03:54 < MarkDude> Combining a picnic/potluck with an installfest
20:04:11 < Flannel> rww: We'll have "more" later this year via steam
20:04:39 < MarkDude> Steam, good point flannel - good announcement
20:04:49 < Flannel> MarkDude: I don't think its official yet
20:04:51 < eps> Installfests are tricky ... especially if people expect to keep their existing data.
20:04:52 < rww> indeed. and I have that Humble Indie bundle, and Steam stuff from the Bad Old Days of Windows (assuming they allow Windows buyers to download the Linux version)
20:05:11 < rww> (but yeah, Steam isn't official, and has been about to happen for 2 years, but hopefully!)
20:05:39 < Flannel> eps: You can mitigate that a little bit through explanations before they get there.
20:06:07 < Flannel> but yeah, if someone comes to an installfest "cold" there are some worries about data and misconceptions
20:06:17 < nhaines> rww: they're allowing Mac users to download Windows purchases.  :)
20:06:31 < rww> We were talking about installfests at DVLUG the other day. As Mark said, it's a good idea to tie them to something else (tutorials, food, etc.), since installfest attendence is going down these days.
20:07:11 < nhaines> rww: that came up at Ubucon, too.  :)
20:07:59 < eps> rww: http://www.macworld.com/article/150273/2010/05/steam_mac_launches.html
20:08:04 < rww> the other thing we need to think about more is that Tour idea, since it seems to have fallen off the map a little
20:08:17 < rww> (because everyone's been busy recently. silly real life)
20:08:38 < Flannel> rww: Last two weeks were busy, with UDS and UOW
20:08:55 < Flannel> Well, and end-of-semester stuff for people in school
20:09:25 < Flannel> rww: but yeah, its something that needs a bit more fleshing out
20:11:01  * eps notes that the San Francisco Public Library (www.sfpl.org) offers classes on everything from "mouse and keyboard skills" to podcasting. All of it on Windoze, natch.
20:11:35 < akk> All the local adult ed and community colleges have stuff like that too.
20:12:17 < Flannel> rww: I was playing around while waiting for something the other day, and came up with a timeline that was at least 8 weeks out from the culminating events.  Mostly planning for the first month, and then a second month of craziness.  For that particular way of looking at it anyway
20:12:20 < rww> My public library (which I work at) has classes like that. I forget whether we use the Linux or Windows machines for it. I wonder if there's an avenue for advocacy of Ubuntu or OpenOffice in there somewhere...
20:13:18 < eps> There's a pronounced "digital divide" ... the "high-end" schools all use Macs, while the po' folks are only presented with Microsoft "solutions."
20:13:31 < rww> Flannel: alright. What sort of events are you thinking about doing in it?
20:14:00 < rww> iirc, it was installfests and tutorials? (/me is probably not remembering correctly, has brain like a sieve)
20:14:04 < grantbow> eps: not at the SF district meeting I helped host last week.
20:14:27 < eps> Some of the library computers are starting to offer OpenOffice, but they're "marketed" as the "low end" systems, and Microsoft Office is positioned as the "premium" offering.
20:15:23 < eps> If things are really changing, that's good. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing it anywhere front-facing.
20:16:02 < Flannel> rww: I didn't really flesh out events, but the few categories I had were:
20:17:00 < Flannel> rww: Information session (like "lets get together at a $PLACE and tell people about Ubuntu" type things), general advertisement things (this also could be for the other events), and presentations
20:17:27 < Flannel> presentations are not only to LUG groups, but more importantly to non-LUG groups.  Knitting circles, whatever other things there are out there.
20:17:35 < grantbow> sounds like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour
20:17:50 < Flannel> But that's also the most difficult to plan, since lots of groups plan far in advance
20:18:08 < Flannel> grantbow: Ubuntu Hours are regular things though, I think.
20:18:36 < grantbow> "The idea behind Ubuntu Hour is *public*! We are trying to promote Ubuntu to the general public and getting them wondering what else is out there."
20:18:58 < Flannel> rww: Like I said, I didn't flesh that out too much, I was motly curious about how far in advance the ball would need to get rolling
20:18:59 < nhaines> Ubuntu Hour is just to show up on a regular schedule to chat about Ubuntu stuff.  There's no set agenda for the meetings.
20:19:19 < rww> Flannel: alright, awesome :)
20:19:26 < akk> If a group is interested in a talk but needs to plan too far in advance, don't let them out on that basis!
20:19:29 < MarkDude> nhaines, Ubuntu Hour, is whatever people want it to be
20:19:34 < grantbow> they have been regular but there is no scheduling requirement
20:19:34 < Flannel> akk: No, of course not :)
20:19:45 < Flannel> grantbow: it's not terribly important what you call them
20:20:00 < akk> I'd love to figure out how to show ubuntu to more non-geek crowds, just never sure how to get started.
20:20:04 < dragon> Flannel: are we discussing potentially one-time events only?
20:20:17 < nhaines> MarkDude: Ubuntu Hour is pretty much just for Ubuntu users to get together--the outreach would be secondary.
20:20:20 < Flannel> dragon: If you'd like to
20:20:33 < dragon> that's a no
20:20:33 < nhaines> More opportunistic than planned, anyway.
20:20:40 < Flannel> dragon: Then no, we don't have to be.
20:20:44 < rww> akk: same here
20:20:50 < dragon> I vote for "Ubuntu Hour"
20:20:59 < MarkDude> Find the people, for SFD Courtney pushed me around in my wheelchair, we gave out CDs & got a few people interested
20:21:16 < Flannel> dragon: We're brainstorming, we're not even attempting to decide anything, just talk.
20:21:18 < grantbow> dragon: "just do it"
20:22:02 < dragon> Flannel: sure thing. I'm seriously considering starting one though.
20:22:10 < Flannel> dragon: Sounds good.
20:22:12 < dragon> grantbow: lol
20:22:29 < Flannel> dragon: I think nhaines is considering one too.
20:22:40 < grantbow> excellent
20:23:01 < dragon> awesome. So we have a good balance between norcal and socal on this one.
20:23:05 < eps> Start simple. Bake cookies. Decorate them with the Circle of Friends. (Maybe using colored sugar?)
20:23:26 < grantbow> eps: volunteering?
20:23:27 < Flannel> dragon: Uh, I'm not sure there's any sort of balance involved in that, but sure.
20:23:44 < Flannel> eps: they have all the colors in frosting tubes (I know, I looked)
20:23:45 < nhaines> I'll have a venu for Ubuntu hour this week.
20:24:03 < dragon> Flannel: Balance is a good thing. Let's just assume there is some in this case.
20:24:06 < eps> grantbow: I'm more into chocolate chips than sugar cookies.
20:24:07 < Flannel> eps: And they're pretty cheap too, so yeah.  I was thinking about sugar cookies + frosting + decorations
20:24:43 < nhaines> dragon: Ubuntu Hours are pretty informal, low energy events. But they're also very local.  I don't think two in a state constitutes any kind of balance.
20:24:59 < nhaines> dragon: and I'd rather have a double handful of them all over.  :)  There's always room for more Ubuntu Hours.
20:25:26 < Flannel> nhaines: So, they're like jello?
20:25:26 < grantbow> nhaines: I agree
20:25:31 < rww> summary: Ubuntu Hours are good, you should do them if you can :)
20:25:33 < Flannel> Oh...
20:25:46 < Flannel> eps: We could do a jello mold too.
20:25:51 < nhaines> Flannel: yup!
20:25:57 < nhaines> Ooh, jello mold.
20:25:59  * eps was thinking the same thing.
20:26:33 < dragon> nhaines: +1
20:27:09 < MarkDude> I can make the mold for candy & stuff
20:27:23 < MarkDude> I have the Latex moldmaker stuff NOW
20:28:17 < MarkDude> nhaines, - it sounded like magevid would help put together some events
20:33:12 < Flannel> Alright.  I think we'll "officially" end on that note.  Feel free to continue to blurt out ideas when you come up with them :)
20:33:23 < nhaines> MarkDude: Hmm, well, I'll leave that up to him. :)
20:33:42 < Flannel> Thank you all for coming, and participating in the brainstorm.  w
20:33:55 < MarkDude> Fair enough - I just figured you would *ask* him thats all
20:34:16 < Flannel> I think we had some good discussion.  Our next meeting is on the 30th, at 7pm.

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