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  2. Ubuntu Global Jams -- david.wonderly 2011-08-28 23:38:42

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent. Agenda items added within 24 hours of the start of the meeting may be postponed until the next meeting. Adding your item well in advance helps everyone collaborate and avoids last minute surprises.

Our meetings are held for about 60 minutes every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PDT / 02:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

   1 [02:01] <pleia2> #startmeeting
   2 [02:02]  * DarkwingDuck kicks his server out the door
   3 [02:02] <pleia2> Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11August28
   4 [02:02] <pleia2> DarkwingDuck: you should probably chair since these are your items :)
   5 [02:03] <DarkwingDuck> Well, before I added them today, there was no items :)
   6 [02:03] <DarkwingDuck> Okay, Moving meeting information over to loco.ubuntu
   7 [02:03] <DarkwingDuck> IIRC the Community Council along with Ubuntu at large likes using the loco.ubuntu for information.
   8 [02:04] <DarkwingDuck> As far as I can tell, it seems like a nice little tool and if people actually go to the page and click "Attend" we can have a count of who is here and who isn't
   9 [02:04] <MarkDude> Like a like or +1 button?
  10 [02:05] <DarkwingDuck> I thought there was...
  11 [02:05] <DarkwingDuck> Looking at the meeting I have setup for the 11th.
  12 [02:05] <pleia2> we did a trial of this (and still used the wiki too) a few meetings ago: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-california/120/detail/
  13 [02:05] <pleia2> unfortunately for our past two meetings the loco directory has been completely down due to server problems, so I'm not entirely confident we want to rely upon it exclusively yet :\
  14 [02:06]  * DarkwingDuck nods
  15 [02:06] <pleia2> they claim it's fixed, but I'd rather see prolonged evidence of this
  16 [02:06] <DarkwingDuck> I'll set it up for the next few meetings and see how it goes.
  17 [02:06] <DarkwingDuck> Anyone have any issues/problems with this?
  18 [02:06] <DarkwingDuck> Who is here anyway?
  19 [02:06] <pleia2> DarkwingDuck: there is a way to add an agenda item, but not mark yourself as attending
  20 [02:07] <aaditya> o/
  21 [02:07] <MarkDude> \o
  22 [02:07] <DarkwingDuck> pleia2, Yes, I say that... Must add a +1 attended button.
  23 [02:07] <eps> "Bother," said Pooh.
  24 [02:07] <DarkwingDuck> say/saw
  25 [02:07] <aaditya> Ubuntu's table was the shiniest at the Picnic!
  26 [02:07] <pleia2> DarkwingDuck: submit a bug? :)
  27 [02:07] <pleia2> thanks aaditya :)
  28 [02:07] <aaditya> Wait, are we past announcements?
  29 [02:07] <DarkwingDuck> pleia2, Or, write the module and submit it :D
  30 [02:08] <DarkwingDuck> Have not gotten there.
  31 [02:08] <MarkDude> Ubuntu *did* have the nicest looking table
  32 [02:08] <pleia2> DarkwingDuck: yeah, you do that
  33 [02:08] <MarkDude> It most certainly rocked
  34 [02:08] <DarkwingDuck> Why is server installing -generic-pae and not -server???????
  35 [02:08] <pleia2> I like the idea of trying to use the loco directory for meetings, alongside the wiki for a couple months
  36 [02:08] <DarkwingDuck> Sorry
  37 [02:08] <pleia2> see how it goes
  38 [02:09] <DarkwingDuck> Okay, I have setup for the 11th then.
  39 [02:09] <pleia2> DarkwingDuck: should probably set yourself as chair though, that's solano stroll day and that's until 6PM
  40 [02:09] <eps> I think it's too much trouble / making extra work for little to no benefit / confusing for attendees
  41 [02:09] <pleia2> not sure jdeslip and I will be home in time
  42 [02:09] <pleia2> eps: the wiki is easier?
  43 [02:09] <DarkwingDuck> http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-california/196/detail/
  44 [02:09] <DarkwingDuck> When/if the wiki is working
  45 [02:09] <pleia2> eps: a lot of people can't even log into the wiki :(
  46 [02:09] <DarkwingDuck> I like loco. because of the tracking value. :D
  47 [02:10]  * DarkwingDuck is a sucker for stats and tracking
  48 [02:10] <eps> The wiki is a "must run" service. The loco directory is not.
  49 [02:10] <pleia2> "must run"?
  50 [02:10] <DarkwingDuck> ...
  51 [02:10]  * DarkwingDuck is confused.
  52 [02:10] <eps> Ubuntu's reputation depends on the wiki working. Nobody cares about the poor little locos.
  53 [02:11] <pleia2> eps: they are run by the same server admins and are both very valuable resources, the wiki is down more often than the loco directory
  54 [02:11] <pleia2> I mean, now that the wiki has been upgraded it has improved, but it was really horrible stability wise for almost a year
  55 [02:11] <pleia2> so I don't really understand how you can say "Ubuntu's reputation depends on it" - it didn't this year :)
  56 [02:12] <eps> The wiki is the public face of Ubuntu. loco is the other end of the beast.
  57 [02:12] <DarkwingDuck> I still get massive errors trying to save to the wiki
  58 [02:12] <DarkwingDuck> but, I digress...
  59 [02:12] <pleia2> a lot of people have trouble with wiki syntax too, loco directory you just click "add agenda item" and don't need to worry about formatting or edit conflicts
  60 [02:13] <DarkwingDuck> Anything else on the l.u.c?
  61 [02:13] <eps> Did it ever occur to you that some people consider tracking a negative?
  62 [02:13] <DarkwingDuck> How?
  63 [02:13] <DarkwingDuck> Tracking our events, meetings and everything is key to understanding out exposure
  64 [02:13] <pleia2> eps: we have to have our meetings be public
  65 [02:13] <pleia2> they are tracked already, that is not changing
  66 [02:14] <DarkwingDuck> It's just the work put into the tracking :)
  67 [02:14] <pleia2> yeah, work done by me
  68 [02:14] <DarkwingDuck> Yeah, I should start doing more along that line Lys sorry :.
  69 [02:14] <DarkwingDuck> :/
  70 [02:14] <DarkwingDuck> *Lyz
  71 [02:14] <DarkwingDuck> dang, I can't type tonight.
  72 [02:14] <DarkwingDuck> Okay, next item...
  73 [02:15] <DarkwingDuck> I am please to be hosting a Global Jam here in San Diego
  74 [02:15] <pleia2> woohoo san diego
  75 [02:15] <DarkwingDuck> It will be in the evening of the 3rd.
  76 [02:16] <DarkwingDuck> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1198/detail/
  77 [02:16] <DarkwingDuck> IT will be at Cafe Libertalia
  78 [02:16] <DarkwingDuck> We will be doing Upgrading and Testing at the Jam.
  79 [02:17] <DarkwingDuck> Assuming that I can get my server back online...
  80 [02:17] <DarkwingDuck> We will have a local mirror so we don't gunk up the bandwidth.
  81 [02:17] <DarkwingDuck> We will also have something online.
  82 [02:17] <pleia2> cool
  83 [02:18] <DarkwingDuck> So, we get a Jam. :)
  84 [02:18] <DarkwingDuck> Any questions/comments?
  85 [02:19] <DarkwingDuck> Okay, Announcements?
  86 [02:19] <DarkwingDuck> aaditya, Did you have something?
  87 [02:19] <pleia2> the linux picnic was awesome!
  88 [02:19] <DarkwingDuck> Woot!
  89 [02:19] <pleia2> I uploaded photos of our table to our flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubuntu-us-ca/sets/72157627534061734/
  90 [02:20] <pleia2> and blogged about it here: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=4949
  91 [02:20] <MarkDude> Generations henceforth shall speak of the glorious picnic
  92 [02:20] <pleia2> fedora had a table this year too :) they had streamers and balloons and OLPCs
  93 [02:20] <pleia2> fedora: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/6087641260/
  94 [02:21] <MarkDude> Well fedora was more trying to buy folks love
  95 [02:21] <pleia2> people do love those little green laptops
  96 [02:21] <MarkDude> Ubuntu had genuine awesomeness at the table
  97 [02:21] <aaditya> DarkwingDuck: just the picnic, that's all!
  98 [02:21] <MarkDude> I liked the animals
  99 [02:21] <pleia2> :)
 100 [02:21] <pleia2> Solano Stroll is coming up on September 11th: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/SolanoStroll2011
 101 [02:21] <DarkwingDuck> Oh, another note...
 102 [02:22] <DarkwingDuck> Awesome!
 103 [02:22] <pleia2> jdeslip and I have started getting our "need stuff" lists together
 104 [02:22] <pleia2> oops, one error on that page, fixing
 105 [02:22] <pleia2> proper loco directory link is http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1208/detail/
 106 [02:22] <DarkwingDuck> San Diego, starting the 20th will be holding b-monthly Ubuntu Hours.
 107 [02:23] <DarkwingDuck> *bi-monthly
 108 [02:23] <MarkDude> Oh, let it be noted I got those streamers from the Win7 party from along time ago. Nothing like taking sumthin' from the machine- to change the machine
 109 [02:23] <DarkwingDuck> Twice a month rather
 110 [02:23] <pleia2> cool
 111 [02:24] <eps> How many cookies does that recipe yield?
 112 [02:24] <pleia2> eps: "These recipes made about two dozen Android cookies, I doubled the recipe to get the four dozen I brought to the picnic."
 113 [02:25] <pleia2> any other announcements?
 114 [02:25] <DarkwingDuck> Any comments/concerns?
 115 [02:25] <pleia2> oh, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek is coming up Sept 5-9
 116 [02:26] <pleia2> that's over in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat
 117 [02:26] <DarkwingDuck> Oh, and for those Kubuntu/KDE users out there...
 118 [02:26] <DarkwingDuck> I'll be hosting a Bug Jam and a Doc Jam online
 119 [02:26] <DarkwingDuck> I'll announce those on the ML
 120 [02:27] <DarkwingDuck> When I hash out the timing.
 121 [02:27] <DarkwingDuck> Anyway, if there is nothing else...
 122 [02:27] <DarkwingDuck> Thank you all for attending.
 123 [02:27] <DarkwingDuck> #endmeeting

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