Sunday, December 14th, 2014, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. SCaLE 13x planning
  2. Member interest survey
    1. Attendance at recent events has been pretty low, we should figure out what our team members want to come out to and participate in
    2. Google Document with ideas coming together here

  3. Leadership election discussion
    1. Nomination page: CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/2014

    2. List post with more details: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2014-December/002540.html

  4. Meetup.com group for our team
    1. Con: It's closed source
    2. Con: It costs money (we can apply for funding from Canonical or there are a few companies I can contact for sponsorship)
    3. Pro: It's massively popular and social in the bay area, when experimented for the Mountain View Ubuntu Hour a few years ago, it succeeded in bringing more people out for meetups
    4. Pro: People get notifications about events that match their interests (ie Linux, Ubuntu) and could help spread the word about our team to tech folks who use meetup
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   1 [03:00] <pleia2> #startmeeting
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   4 [03:00] <pleia2> #chair rww
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   6 [03:00] <rww> hihi
   7 [03:00] <pleia2> Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14December14
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   9 [03:00] <pleia2> things on it \o/
  10 [03:01] <pleia2> #topic SCaLE 13x planning
  11 [03:02] <pleia2> philipballew created a wiki page and sent an email to the list earlier asking for volunteers, wiki here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale13x
  12 [03:02] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale13x - Ubuntu Wiki]
  13 [03:02] <pleia2> I won't be attending this year, so someone who is might want to jump in here :)
  14 [03:02] <nhaines> So things were going pretty well.  I had a very long phone call with Richard Gaskin and we talked about Ubucon and shared some booth ideas, and we have some ideas for helping each other out on these individual projects.
  15 [03:03] <pleia2> do you know which day Ubucon is?
  16 [03:03] <nhaines> I am planning on engaging with Canonical about booth sponsorship, for example I intend to get polo shirts for everyone manning the booth.
  17 [03:03] <nhaines> Ubucon is on Friday.
  18 [03:03] <pleia2> nice
  19 [03:04] <nhaines> So I'm more than a little upset that Philip is asking booth volunteers to call him personally on his cell phone because I really need volunteers to commit to a booth schedule and it isn't ready yet.
  20 [03:05] <pleia2> oops :\
  21 [03:05] <pleia2> communication breakdown there?
  22 [03:05] <nhaines> In addition, he's volunteered to handle the conference back but I'm pretty sure only the team contact can do it.
  23 [03:05] <nhaines> He hasn't said anything to me at all about SCALE.
  24 [03:05] <pleia2> yeah, I have to request the conference pack
  25 [03:06] <nhaines> Now I *know* the conference pack is sorted because, frankly, pleia2, I just don't have to worry about anything you're in charge of.
  26 [03:07] <nhaines> But this is the kind of general confusion that can lead to breakdowns very quickly.  Especially with the incidental supplies.
  27 [03:07] <pleia2> well, no one has asked me to apply for one yet, so I do need to do that if we want it :)
  28 [03:07] <rww> pleia2: Please apply for a conference pack for this year and have it sent to nhaines :P
  29 [03:07] <pleia2> agreed, so action item #1 is getting philip synced up with nhaines on booth specifics
  30 [03:07] <nhaines> Yeah, I want to bend the ear of a couple Canonical community team members about swag and uniforms before I figure out what we need and start putting in reimbursement fund requests.
  31 [03:08] <nhaines> They're very, very warm to Ubucon and so I just need to have a chat, because I'll probably want to coordinate shipping.
  32 [03:08]  * pleia2 nods
  33 [03:08] <nhaines> Anyhow, I love and will need help, but I volunteered to maange the booth this year and I don't need premature interference.
  34 [03:08] <pleia2> you're familiar enough with them that they probably don't need my contact magic wand for this anyway
  35 [03:09] <pleia2> just let me know if you do end up needing me to submit a form for the pack
  36 [03:09] <nhaines> That's what I suspect, but you'll hear from me if I'm wrong.  ;)
  37 [03:09] <nhaines> Oh, I suspect I will, but I'll try and get info for you to copy/paste.
  38 [03:09] <pleia2> \o/
  39 [03:09] <nhaines> I'd have done it this week actually but I ended up on a governing board and so I've been doing lots of reading.  :P
  40 [03:09] <pleia2> hah, congrats? :)
  41 [03:10] <nhaines> I'm not sure yet, but I'll let you know. ;)
  42 [03:10] <pleia2> hehe
  43 [03:10] <pleia2> alright, any other scale things?
  44 [03:11] <nhaines> Anyway, Phil's done an amazing job on the backend stuff in the past, but I've organized the booth for six years and Ubucon for 3 and I'd appreciate it if he'd relax and let me handle it.  It's in good hands and I know whom to go to for help when I need it.
  45 [03:11]  * pleia2 nods
  46 [03:12] <nhaines> I'm going to email SCALE and probably get all that churning tomorrow.
  47 [03:12] <pleia2> great
  48 [03:12] <nhaines> The booth was great last year but I'm going to see if we can get it even better organized.
  49 [03:12] <pleia2> having a volunteer schedule is a good idea, I know we struggle with that often
  50 [03:12] <nhaines> It's always been a great opportunity for new members to get experience working with the public and doing outreach, so I'm looking forward to making it even more valuable that way.
  51 [03:13] <pleia2> no fun when someone responsible ends up chained to the booth ;)
  52 [03:13] <rww> nhaines: if you haven't already, I think we reviewed ways to improve at a meeting after SCaLE last year
  53 [03:13] <rww> might want to check that for further ideas
  54 [03:13] <nhaines> Schedules will help--they've worked before--and I'll have some material prepared as far as speaking points.
  55 [03:13] <pleia2> yay speaking points
  56 [03:13] <nhaines> rww: thanks, I'll review that.  It's on my whiteboard now.
  57 [03:13] <nhaines> pleia2: the phone was bad enough but now we have snappy Ubuntu Core?  It's going to be a good year for speaking points.  :)
  58 [03:14] <pleia2> haha
  59 [03:14] <eps> 14.04.2 LTS should be released prior to SCALE.
  60 [03:14] <nhaines> So I'm working on all of that and the holidays are inconvenient but it'll get done on the wiki and mailing list in the next couple of weeks.
  61 [03:14] <pleia2> I've read like 3 articles on core adn still haven't quite figured out what it is ;) might have to actually install it somewhere
  62 [03:14] <pleia2> great
  63 [03:15] <rww> pleia2: basically, it's Ubuntu Server with click packages :P
  64 [03:15] <nhaines> Yeah, at OCLUG yesterday we had some confused people and some really excited people, based on their understanding of the project, haha.
  65 [03:15] <pleia2> rww: heh
  66 [03:15] <nhaines> So anyway, that's all I've got for SCALE.  I intend for the Ubuntu presence to be a step more impressive this year.
  67 [03:15] <rww> seriously though. snappy is apparently descended from click :)
  68 [03:15] <pleia2> rww: unfortunately I don't have a good enough understanding of click packages either, so I think that's where my confusion comes in :)
  69 [03:16] <pleia2> nhaines: thanks!
  70 [03:16] <ianorlin> what do we need to do if I want to bring a computer with a flavor to the booth?
  71 [03:16] <rww> pleia2: click packages are basically apt hacked up until it works for cellphone applications (self-contained, etc.)
  72 [03:16] <nhaines> ianorlin: mostly just register on the wiki.  :)  If it doesn't have a parts list, I'll add it.
  73 [03:16] <rww> it has a parts list, from last year. might need adjusting
  74 [03:17] <nhaines> rww: I meant a "bring a system" parts list.  I'll look at my installfest documentation.
  75 [03:17] <pleia2> oh, and if anyone needs anything from my conference box, lmk and I'll send stuff down with a norcal person
  76 [03:17] <nhaines> pleia2: send donuts plz thx
  77 [03:17] <pleia2> hehe
  78 [03:18] <pleia2> I do have the 5 port non-wireless switch, orange duct tape
  79 [03:18] <pleia2> can look at last year's wiki for what rww brough c/o pleia2
  80 [03:18] <nhaines> Oh yeah.  send rww plz thx
  81 [03:18] <pleia2> hehe
  82 [03:18] <pleia2> and elky!
  83 [03:19] <ianorlin> ah I know the parts
  84 [03:19] <rww> rww is busy :P
  85 [03:19] <pleia2> rww: aww :(
  86 [03:19]  * nhaines sabotages rww's plans.
  87 [03:19] <ianorlin> I might end up bringing a really powerful one mostly so I can take the lighter monitor and have it look good
  88 [03:20] <nhaines> The good news is that the booth volunteers have always been awesome.  And I think Canonical is planning to provide jose so we're going to have an incredible booth no matter what.
  89 [03:21] <pleia2> cool
  90 [03:21] <nhaines> Oh, if anyone else has ideas for the booth I want to hear about it!  In channel or on the ML please!
  91 [03:21] <nhaines> Or PM or email if you're not sure, but we can work on it and then move it to the public channels.  :)
  92 [03:21] <nhaines> Collaboration breeds participation!
  93 [03:21] <nhaines> That's all I've got.
  94 [03:21] <pleia2> thanks nhaines
  95 [03:22] <pleia2> #topic Member interest survey
  96 [03:22] <pleia2> so I was at a conference recently, and during one talk they had this amazing ideas: ask your users what they want
  97 [03:22] <pleia2> s/ideas/idea
  98 [03:23] <nhaines> LUDICROUS!
  99 [03:23] <pleia2> so I got to thinking that since attendance has been somewhat low at San Francisco events lately, I should, you know, do that
 100 [03:23] <pleia2> the Ubuntu Hours tend to draw the usual suspects (who I love! but would like to see more folks, and new folks)
 101 [03:23] <pleia2> our release party in October didn't really pan out
 102 [03:23] <ianorlin> yeah I can't go that far for an event really
 103 [03:24] <pleia2> ianorlin: hah, no, not expecting people to :)
 104 [03:24] <nhaines> ianorlin: pfft, it's only 7 hours!  6 if I'm driving.
 105 [03:24] <pleia2> few atendees at the release party, speaker didn't work out, they ended early
 106 [03:24] <pleia2> so I thought we might at least TRY sending out a survey to our mailing list to ask folks what they would come out, if Ubuntu Hours and Release Parties aren't really doing it
 107 [03:25] <pleia2> ideas for survey & questions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19cY6Z6n8g-f4KlsOhpIfwmOnyX0yaDjWdFRToq0RuyY/edit
 108 [03:25] <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu California Member Survey - Google Docs]
 109 [03:25]  * eps suspects there was a publicity problem
 110 [03:26] <pleia2> all successful release parties had one thing in common: Jono publicized them
 111 [03:26] <eps> It was a relatively good location, the facility had pretty much everything you might want, and there was a massive amount of free food
 112 [03:26] <pleia2> I emailed him to ask him to do it for this one at his @ubuntu.com address, but I got an auto-reply saying he's not at Canonical anymore
 113 [03:26] <pleia2> it was pretty sad
 114 [03:26] <pleia2> I mean, I know he's not at canonical anymore, but a reply like that from an @ubuntu.com address was meh
 115 [03:27] <ianorlin> and he said he was still a member
 116 [03:27] <rww> probably the primary address on his LP account is @canonical.com
 117 [03:27] <rww> someone should poke him about that :3
 118 [03:27] <pleia2> yeah, hoping he fixed that, but in the meantime he didn't help us with spreading the word this time
 119 [03:28] <nhaines> #action hack jono's blog to help with publicity for the next event.
 120 [03:28] <darthrobot> ACTION: hack jono's blog to help with publicity for the next event.
 121 [03:28] <pleia2> not that Jono is our only option for publicity, I just don't know of the others :D his microphone is much bigger than mine
 122 [03:28] <rww> #undo
 123 [03:28] <darthrobot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x8c7ec8c>
 124 [03:28] <nhaines> Oh, I didn't know everyone could do that.
 125 [03:28] <rww> :P
 126 [03:28] <pleia2> hahaha
 127 [03:28] <nhaines> TIL.
 128 [03:28] <rww> doing publicity properly has been an issue for us forever :(
 129 [03:28] <pleia2> rww: yeah
 130 [03:28]  * ianorlin isn't the best at it
 131 [03:28] <pleia2> and I think it's even harder in an area that's already so maggoty with tech events
 132 [03:28] <rww> like, i remember it getting discussed a month or three after I first encountered Ubuntu California
 133 [03:29] <pleia2> anyway, publicity aside, if topic/event type/etc is a problem for us, I'd like to know that too, hence the survey
 134 [03:29] <pleia2> I've mostly been guessing about what people want based on past events, and I keep doing Ubuntu Hours because they oh-so-nicely sync up with Debian dinners, so it's a good night
 135 [03:30] <pleia2> and not much extra effort
 136 [03:30] <nhaines> Yeah, I'd like to see an increase in effective event promotion for the team next year.
 137 [03:31] <pleia2> anyone else interested in poking at the survey? or think it's a poor idea?
 138 [03:32] <ianorlin> I think it is a good idea
 139 [03:32] <pleia2> thanks ianorlin
 140 [03:32] <nhaines> I think the survey's a really good idea.
 141 [03:32] <pleia2> the google doc is up and should be editable by anyone, so if anyone wants to add/adjust questions, feel free
 142 [03:32] <nhaines> It's a very good start.
 143 [03:33] <pleia2> we can revisit this at the next meeting to firm it up (I don't want to send it out during the holidays anyway)
 144 [03:33] <pleia2> I don't want it to be too long, else people won't fill it out :\
 145 [03:33] <ianorlin> link?
 146 [03:33] <eps> We should conduct a survey to determine whether a survey is actually a good idea. ;-)
 147 [03:33] <pleia2> ianorlin: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19cY6Z6n8g-f4KlsOhpIfwmOnyX0yaDjWdFRToq0RuyY/edit
 148 [03:33] <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu California Member Survey - Google Docs]
 149 [03:34] <pleia2> eps: done and done!
 150 [03:34]  * eps thinks SurveyMonkey is a better platform than Google Docs for this purpose
 151 [03:34] <pleia2> eps: this is collaboration, we haven't created the survey yet
 152 [03:35] <pleia2> I'm not asking people to fill this in :)
 153 [03:35] <nhaines> I was totally disappointed that there wasn't a survey to vote on the survey questions.  :)
 154 [03:35] <pleia2> we'll use a survey tool to actually build the survey (probably google forms, because they give you pretty output into a spreadsheet)
 155 [03:35] <pleia2> and graphs!
 156 [03:35] <ianorlin> why all the survey inception love ?
 157 [03:35] <pleia2> all for free
 158 [03:35] <pleia2> ianorlin: geeks
 159 [03:35] <pleia2> :D
 160 [03:36] <pleia2> alright, well I'll poke people individually for their feedback on this too
 161 [03:36] <pleia2> the last formal meeting agenda item gets into publicity ;)
 162 [03:37] <pleia2> #topic Meetup.com group for our team
 163 [03:37] <rww> perhaps this would be good to have done by SCaLE so we can poll people there
 164 [03:37] <pleia2> rww: yeah, that sounds good
 165 [03:37] <nhaines> Ooh, that might be interesting.
 166 [03:37] <pleia2> so I wrote some pros and cons, sec
 167 [03:37] <pleia2> Con: It's closed source
 168 [03:37] <pleia2> Con: It costs money (we can apply for funding from Canonical or there are a few companies I can contact for sponsorship)
 169 [03:37] <pleia2> Pro: It's massively popular and social in the bay area, when experimented for the Mountain View Ubuntu Hour a few years ago, it succeeded in bringing more people out for meetups
 170 [03:37] <pleia2> Pro: People get notifications about events that match their interests (ie Linux, Ubuntu) and could help spread the word about our team to tech folks who use meetup
 171 [03:37] <eps> Can we bribe people? Offer gift cards to Canonical's Ubuntu shop to two lucky participants?
 172 [03:37] <pleia2> ^^ plz discuss
 173 [03:38] <pleia2> eps: oh, I could give a copy or two of The Official Ubuntu Book to lucky survey participants
 174 [03:38] <pleia2> good idea
 175 [03:38] <nhaines> Meetup is literally Hitler and therefore we shouldn't use it.
 176 [03:38] <pleia2> x_x
 177 [03:38] <rww> I'm +0 if someone who's been around for a while is going to keep it up to date so it doesn't stagnate, and -1 otherwise.
 178 [03:38] <rww> I personally do not plan on being that person :P
 179 [03:39]  * eps has privacy concerns about Meetup.com. People who wouldn't touch Facebook with a ten-foot pole probably aren't going to be interested in Meetup.com, either.
 180 [03:39] <nhaines> !action rww will update meetup forever.
 181 [03:39] <darthrobot> nhaines: Error: "action" is not a valid command.
 182 [03:39] <Eureka> nhaines: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)
 183 [03:39] <pleia2> so, I wouldn't propose that this REPLACE any of our infrastructure
 184 [03:39] <ianorlin> yeah poll at scale would be good
 185 [03:39] <pleia2> we still use loco.ubuntu.com and private emails for RSVP, we still announce on typical channels
 186 [03:39] <pleia2> but meetup.com would be an additional tool, some people will RSVP there (sigh) and it does get our name out on tech lists
 187 [03:40] <pleia2> when people say they have an interest in linux, meetup will suggest us
 188 [03:40] <nhaines> The problem with meetup, as I understand it, is that if people see an event with no RSVPs, they won't go.
 189 [03:40] <nhaines> So it's counterproductive to not have RSVPs there.
 190 [03:40] <eps> It shouldn't ever become a "primary" channel.
 191 [03:40] <pleia2> nhaines: yeah, that's a good point
 192 [03:40] <ianorlin> I don't get meetup.com
 193 [03:41] <eps> If you want RSVPs, I'd rather use something like EventBrite for that.
 194 [03:41] <pleia2> having fragmented RSVPs won't just be a pain for the organizer
 195 [03:41] <ianorlin> yes it would be not good for anyone
 196 [03:41] <pleia2> eps: now we're using closed source software without any of the meetup.com benefits,not sure what that buys us :)
 197 [03:41] <pleia2> eventbrite isn't very useful for publicity
 198 [03:42] <eps> *What* meetup.com benefits?
 199 [03:42] <pleia2> it's very popular in SF, techies use it almost exclusively to find tech events
 200 [03:42]  * ianorlin wonders if anyone tried making an open source version of meetup.com that failed
 201 [03:42] <nhaines> Meetup.com is extraordinarily populare among people who want to find interesting events.
 202 [03:42] <pleia2> it automatically sends notifications based on your interest, so we're more discoverable
 203 [03:42] <eps> I see only downside. I don't care whether or not they're open source. That's a nonissue.
 204 [03:43] <nhaines> eps: name a downside.
 205 [03:43] <eps> You want to use a service that spams people?
 206 [03:44] <pleia2> how does it spam?
 207 [03:44] <pleia2> (I have a meetup account, so I don't get unsolicited emails from them)
 208 [03:44]  * ianorlin doesn't use it so I don't know
 209 [03:44] <eps> What do you call automatically sending notifications about things you "might" be interested in?
 210 [03:44] <pleia2> they send me notifications when things are interesting nearby, which is nice
 211 [03:44] <pleia2> I call that the service I signed up for
 212 [03:45] <eps> I call that a misfeature.
 213 [03:45] <rww> eps: depends on whether people opt-in to said notifications or not
 214 [03:45] <nhaines> pleia2: agreed.
 215 [03:45] <ianorlin> ok I don't have a problem if it is opt-in
 216 [03:45] <nhaines> eps: the *point* of meetup is that it notifies you of local events.
 217 [03:45] <ianorlin> if you don't like that point then aren't there only downsides?
 218 [03:46] <ianorlin> for a person that thinks it is pointless
 219 [03:46] <eps> If I have to sign up for an account, it's a lose in my book.
 220 [03:46] <rww> then don't use it
 221 [03:46] <nhaines> ianorlin: pretty much.  If you don't want to be notified about events, you shouldn't sign up for services that notify you for events.
 222 [03:46] <pleia2> we're targeting the current meetup.com audience for this
 223 [03:46] <ianorlin> then will how will one  rsvp for events ?
 224 [03:46] <eps> rww: Hence my earlier comment about not allowing it to become primary.
 225 [03:47] <pleia2> regular people can still sign up on loco.u.c (which requires sign up too) or email the organizer
 226 [03:47] <nhaines> ianorlin: LoCo directory.  Which requires you to sign up for an account.
 227 [03:47] <pleia2> eps: I specifically said it's not primary
 228 [03:47]  * ianorlin isn't sure how many new people know about loco directory
 229 [03:47] <pleia2> this is just to broaden our reach with a tool that is popular for tech events, for users of that tool, of which there are many and Mountain View did have success with it for their Ubuntu Hours for a time
 230 [03:48] <ianorlin> I think there are some lugs in the LA area using it as well
 231 [03:48] <ianorlin> which could be a potential audience
 232 [03:48] <nhaines> It's a little out of scope, but I wonder if it's not a good idea to have someone who manages this kind of social media work.
 233 [03:48] <rww> I think that is a good idea.
 234 [03:49] <eps> Yes, it will kick your numbers up. It's still evil.
 235 [03:49] <ianorlin> yeah that would make sense
 236 [03:49] <dtrizzle> Newbie here. I personally dislike meetup because of all the emails, but I have used them to find events. So I can see both sides. There isn't much hurt in giving it a try and seeing what happens. I doubt meetup requires a long-term commitment.
 237 [03:49] <nhaines> dtrizzle: that is also why I hate meetup--that plus I can't find anything on the website.  But I know some event organizers and how helpful it is to them, and others who use it to find events swear by it.
 238 [03:49] <pleia2> nhaines: your RSVP point is a good one, I thought it would just be a pain for the organizer to manage 2 RSVP lists, but having 5 attendees sign up on loco.u.c and 5 on meetup doesn't show the total of 10 attendees (decent turnout!) and may turn some people off
 239 [03:50] <pleia2> dtrizzle: welcome :)
 240 [03:50] <nhaines> pleia2: I'm commonly begged to RSVP via meetup because it helps the event.  So...  :)
 241 [03:50] <ianorlin> except if somone signs up for meetup to rsvp to an event because they will not know of loco directory most likely and then gets lots of email
 242 [03:50] <pleia2> ianorlin: how would they find the event on meetup if they aren't on meetup?
 243 [03:50] <nhaines> Ninjas.
 244 [03:50] <ianorlin> they can search website
 245 [03:51] <ianorlin> without account
 246 [03:51] <pleia2> ianorlin: why would they do that?
 247 [03:51]  * ianorlin does it but I don't know how most other think
 248 [03:52] <pleia2> ianorlin: hm, so how do you RSVP for events you find?
 249 [03:52] <ianorlin> I go to ones that don't require it
 250 [03:52] <pleia2> ah
 251 [03:52] <DonkeyHotei> whoa, meeting still active
 252 [03:53] <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: didn't you hear? we had an agenda this week ;)
 253 [03:54] <pleia2> so, the truth is, I don't like meetup either
 254 [03:55] <dtrizzle> pleia2: thanks for the welcome. I've gone to a handful of dvlug events organized by grantbow.
 255 [03:55] <pleia2> but we do need to work on publicity for our events, and it's blinding me with how obvious using it is, at least in the bay area
 256 [03:55] <dtrizzle> so I have an idea.
 257 [03:55] <pleia2> dtrizzle: please
 258 [03:56] <dtrizzle> Have you considered reaching out to very target groups like community college students studying unix/linux?
 259 [03:56] <pleia2> yeah, we have a great relationship with sfsu
 260 [03:56] <pleia2> I routinely speak at ITT Tech
 261 [03:56] <dtrizzle> I took a linux class a year or so ago and had no idea about this group or dvlug.
 262 [03:56] <pleia2> we don't know many students or professors, so that's pretty much been our reach so far
 263 [03:57] <dtrizzle> i wonder if we couldn't reach out to some/all of the unix classes since those people have a proven interest of some sort.
 264 [03:57] <nhaines> That's definitely something that can be worked on.  But Ubuntu California is specifically an advocacy group.
 265 [03:57] <nhaines> We're here to support or host events, not to be a user's group.  So that's a little tricky to manage.  :)
 266 [03:57] <nhaines> I've been working with OCLUG to improve their outreach over the year, and it's had good results so far.
 267 [03:58] <pleia2> dtrizzle: think you could help us with that? I didn't even go to college, so I really wouldn't even know where to begin :)
 268 [03:58] <dtrizzle> I could - and I would be interested in helping.
 269 [03:58] <pleia2> yay :D
 270 [03:59] <nhaines> dtrizzle: thank you very much.  :)
 271 [03:59] <pleia2> dtrizzle: are you on the mailing list?
 272 [03:59] <dtrizzle> nhaines: I understand. I suppose I figured those people might in interested in getting involved with the events.
 273 [03:59] <pleia2> ubuntu-us-ca@lists.ubuntu.com
 274 [03:59] <dtrizzle> pleia2: nope. I've just be a lurker. :-)
 275 [03:59] <dtrizzle> been*
 276 [03:59] <nhaines> dtrizzle: the list is pretty low volume, so feel free to join.  :)
 277 [04:00] <pleia2> dtrizzle: ok, well if you're ok with it, I'm thinking discussing how to do outreach for colleges might be a good topic of discussion for the list
 278 [04:00] <pleia2> the clicky to join link: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-ca
 279 [04:00] <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu-us-ca Info Page]
 280 [04:00] <dtrizzle> pleia2: thanks - you totally read my mind.
 281 [04:01] <DonkeyHotei> you can't outreach to community colleges without relationships with professors at them
 282 [04:01] <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: if that's the case, then we need to reach out to folks with those contacts :) maybe some are on our mailing list already (I suspect so)
 283 [04:01] <nhaines> On the other hand, every professor I've ever talked to has been interested in promoting these things.
 284 [04:02] <dtrizzle> I have some relationships with CS professors at DVC in Pleasant Hill.
 285 [04:02] <nhaines> So establishing a relationship is often pretty simple.
 286 [04:02] <pleia2> dtrizzle: great!
 287 [04:03] <DonkeyHotei> i would expect low interest among CCSF faculty, since cisco pays for their equipment
 288 [04:03]  * pleia2 reads up to see how we got on this tanget
 289 [04:03] <pleia2> right, so I knew the meetup thing would raise hackles, so I figured I'd just introduce it during this meeting, no decisions yet
 290 [04:04] <pleia2> maybe after the new year we can discuss meetup + other publicity options too
 291 [04:04] <ianorlin> yeah I think putting it on an agenda would be nice
 292 [04:04] <pleia2> if we can get our numbers up without using it, great, but having poorly attended events is really demotivating
 293 [04:05] <nhaines> Yeah.  It's a lot of wasted effort in some cases.
 294 [04:05]  * pleia2 nods
 295 [04:06] <pleia2> #topic Any other business
 296 [04:06] <DonkeyHotei> i seem to remember at least three people saying in-channel that the release party was a schedule conflict for them
 297 [04:06] <pleia2> thanks for sticking around so long everyone, I know it was a long meeting :)
 298 [04:06] <nhaines> Did I miss the leadership discussion?
 299 [04:06] <elky> that's a shame about meetup... you're not going to get outsiders if you stick to insider-preferred things
 300 [04:06] <rww> pleia2: you missed a topic :P
 301 [04:06] <pleia2> oops!
 302 [04:06] <pleia2> sorry
 303 [04:07] <pleia2> #topic Leadership election discussion
 304 [04:07] <pleia2> Nomination page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/2014
 305 [04:07] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/2014 - Ubuntu Wiki]
 306 [04:07] <pleia2> List post with more details: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2014-December/002540.html
 307 [04:07] <darthrobot> Title: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] Call for Ubuntu California LoCo Team leadershipnominations]
 308 [04:07] <rww> So... we have a leadership election, as people who read the ML know. And the current deadline for nominations is in 4 days, and we have no nominations.
 309 [04:07] <pleia2> anarchy!
 310 [04:07] <rww> 1) Does anyone have any questions about leadership election, 2) I would like some nominations (self or otherwise) now, kthx :P
 311 [04:07] <pleia2> but seriously :\
 312 [04:08] <DonkeyHotei> [Sun 2014-11-16 07:09:28 PM PST]  <rww> jyo did it last year, but I'm not running this year and am fine with doing it instead. Whatever works.
 313 [04:08] <DonkeyHotei> [Sun 2014-11-16 07:09:49 PM PST]  <rww> Anyone have any election-related comments?
 314 [04:08] <DonkeyHotei> [Sun 2014-11-16 07:10:06 PM PST]  <DonkeyHotei> great because jyo is hereby nominated
 315 [04:08] <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: he didn't accept the nomination
 316 [04:08] <DonkeyHotei> bah
 317 [04:08] <rww> I haven't seen him, and that wasn't even during the nomination period :P
 318 [04:08] <nhaines> I have a question!  What happens if there aren't three nominations?
 319 [04:08] <pleia2> he just bought a house, etc etc busy busy :)
 320 [04:09] <rww> nhaines: the nomination period gets extended, is the current plan. I want to avoid that.
 321 [04:09] <rww> DonkeyHotei: since that one fell through, you get to make another nomination :P
 322 [04:09] <rww> pleia2: ah, was wondering what he was up to
 323 [04:11] <rww> seriously though, it's not that hard to be all "I think X would be a good leader, I'ma tell rww I nominate him"
 324 [04:11] <rww> erm, or her
 325 [04:11] <rww> so if anybody could do that that would be nice :P
 326 [04:11] <DonkeyHotei> i think you'll find that the best leaders will generally be overcommitted already
 327 [04:12] <elky> we don't need "the best"
 328 [04:12] <DonkeyHotei> relatively speaking
 329 [04:12] <rww> you don't need to be especially skilled at leadership to make decisions when there's a lack of consensus
 330 [04:12] <ianorlin> I think elky would be a good leader but don't know if she has the time
 331 [04:12] <rww> hell, I managed to survive a year of it and I'm not good at it
 332 [04:12] <pleia2> rww: elky would be a good leader, nominate him^Wher :P
 333 [04:13] <rww> as elections secretary (I just invented that role, go me), I'm refraining from nominating people
 334 [04:13] <pleia2> elky: wanna be a leader?
 335 [04:13] <rww> which sucks, because otherwise I'd do what I did to the IRC Council elections and nominate half a dozen people
 336 [04:13] <elky> pleia2: only if someone else is also nominated
 337 [04:13] <pleia2> sweet, progress!
 338 [04:13] <rww> elky: now nominate someone :3
 339 [04:14] <ianorlin> I think nhaines would be a good leader as well
 340 [04:14] <ianorlin> I nominate nhaines
 341 [04:14] <DonkeyHotei> elky: ianorlin nominated you, wanna return the favor?
 342 [04:14] <nhaines> I'll accept the nomination, but only if I'm not the only one nominated.
 343 [04:14] <rww> alrighty, I think that means elky and nhaines just accepted nominations
 344 [04:14] <pleia2> w00t
 345 [04:14] <rww> I want at least two more, preferably :P
 346 [04:14] <elky> DonkeyHotei: i don't know anyone here well enough
 347 [04:14] <rww> (number of positions + 1)
 348 [04:16] <pleia2> alright, well 2 nominations is something
 349 [04:16] <pleia2> I'll work on getting more who accept in the next 4 days, everyone else should too ;)
 350 [04:16] <DonkeyHotei> elky: fair enough, i just thought if ianorlin knew you well enough, you'd know him well enough
 351 [04:16] <pleia2> elky is pretty well known in the Ubuntu community :)
 352 [04:16] <rww> nhaines: what's your county?
 353 [04:16] <pleia2> she's been around maybe longer than me
 354 [04:17] <rww> (why do we have that column there anyway? to get a feel for geographic layout of nominees?)
 355 [04:17] <pleia2> rww: yeah, so people are informed when voting
 356 [04:17]  * ianorlin lives really close to nhaines
 357 [04:17] <DonkeyHotei> we have a big state
 358 [04:17] <nhaines> rww: Orange County.
 359 [04:17] <pleia2> alright, thank you elky and nhaines :)
 360 [04:18] <rww> ta
 361 [04:18] <pleia2> and rww for the cat herding here
 362 [04:18] <rww> I'll let the mailing list know after the meeting, and have updated the wiki
 363 [04:18] <pleia2> great
 364 [04:18] <nhaines> pleia2: you're welcome.  :)
 365 [04:19] <pleia2> alright, are there any other agenda items I'm missing? :D
 366 [04:19] <pleia2> I need a weekend (aww, man)
 367 [04:19] <nhaines> 5. Add your item here
 368 [04:19] <pleia2> #topic Any other business
 369 [04:19] <pleia2> for real this time
 370 [04:19] <rww> Congrats to nhaines for getting on the LoCo Council, for anyone who missed the earlier reference
 371 [04:19] <nhaines> rww: thank you!
 372 [04:19] <rww> I for one welcome our new overlord.
 373 [04:19] <pleia2> yes, congrats nhaines!
 374 [04:20] <nhaines> I promise hegemony will be swift and mostly painless.
 375 [04:20] <pleia2> haha
 376 [04:20] <rww> so let's see, we got you on LC, and you're nominated for IRCC and council here...
 377 [04:20] <rww> where else can we nominate you >:D
 378 [04:21] <nhaines> lol
 379 [04:21] <nhaines> I almost forgot about the IRCC thing!
 380 [04:21] <pleia2> probably poor form to make an NA joke
 381 [04:21] <pleia2> ;)
 382 [04:21] <DonkeyHotei> well,  barbara boxer is retiring, j/k
 383 [04:21] <pleia2> hah!
 384 [04:21] <rww> lol
 385 [04:22] <pleia2> alright, let's wrap this up then
 386 [04:22] <pleia2> thanks again everyone!
 387 [04:22] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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