Sunday, February 7th, 2016, 7:00pm (1900) PT

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  3. UbuCon Summit / SCALE 14x post-mortem meeting.

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   1 [03:01] <pleia2> #startmeeting
   2 [03:01] <nhaines> \o/
   3 [03:01] <pleia2> #chair nhaines ianorlin pleia2
   4 [03:01] <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16February07
   5 [03:01] <pleia2> ^^ agenda :)
   6 [03:01] <pleia2> #topic Upcoming events
   7 [03:02] <pleia2> so we've got an Ubuntu Hour coming up in Berkeley on Feb 14th http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/3290-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/
   8 [03:02] <pleia2> I'll also likely host one in San Francisco on Wednesday, but time got away from me so I haven't added it to the LTP or Meetup, or announced it, I should do that tonight
   9 [03:03] <pleia2> any other events that aren't listed?
  10 [03:03] <nhaines> SGVLUG has a meeting on February 11th.  The topic is "Building a Community." http://www.meetup.com/SGVTech/events/227991894/
  11 [03:03] <nhaines> Liz Krane will be talking about her experience growing the Learn to Code LA Meetup group to 2200 members in less than a year.
  12 [03:03] <ianorlin> ok sounds nice but is still a bit of a drive for me
  13 [03:04] <nhaines> They'll also be raffling off some leftover stuff from SCALE, so if you really miss Pasadena, it's a good excuse to go back.  :)
  14 [03:04] <pleia2> nhaines: any thoughts as to how we could convince Richard to start posting announcements to his Pasadena Ubuntu Hours to the team? or at least adding them to LTP or meetup?
  15 [03:05] <pleia2> they're kind of invisible to the team at the moment, which is ashame for folks looking for LA-focused events (I don't remember the details for them, so I struggle to help people find info about them)
  16 [03:05] <nhaines> pleia2: That's a good question.  I owe him a phone call, so I'll mention it to him this week.
  17 [03:05] <pleia2> cool
  18 [03:06] <pleia2> sounds like that LUG meeting should be fun
  19 [03:06] <pleia2> #topic Announcements
  20 [03:06] <pleia2> anyone have any announcements?
  21 [03:07]  * ianorlin does not
  22 [03:07] <pleia2> tablet news last week was pretty big :) http://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/04/canonical-reinvents-the-personal-mobile-computing-experience/
  23 [03:07] <pleia2> and our own nhaines is organizing the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase this cycle http://nhaines.livejournal.com/69721.html
  24 [03:08] <nhaines> Yes!
  25 [03:08] <pleia2> materials for that get included in an LTS, which I learned at SCALE is what 97% of ubuntu users use
  26 [03:09] <nhaines> TIL some people aren't perpetually running devel.
  27 [03:09] <pleia2> hehe
  28 [03:09] <pleia2> "some"
  29 [03:10] <pleia2> it does offer perspective on the decision to switch to only 9 months support for the 6 months releases
  30 [03:10] <nhaines> Indeed.
  31 [03:11] <nhaines> I still think they should've waited two more interrim releases to do so, though.
  32 [03:11] <pleia2> it was a bit abrupt
  33 [03:12] <pleia2> alright, so moving along
  34 [03:12] <pleia2> #topic UbuCon Summit / SCALE 14x post-mortem meeting.
  35 [03:12] <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale14x
  36 [03:12] <pleia2> I updated the wiki earlier with links to photos (are there other galleries of photos? Please add links!), blog posts and videos from the ubucon summit
  37 [03:13] <nhaines> I believe I received photos from David Ellsworth, but I think we ran into a weird sharing name collision in OwnCloud, so I will troubleshoot.
  38 [03:14] <pleia2> fun times
  39 [03:15] <nhaines> I'd say UbuCon was a giant success.
  40 [03:15] <pleia2> I agree :)
  41 [03:16] <pleia2> I hope Canonical also found value in it and will continue supporting us in the future, and maybe some other UbuCons too
  42 [03:16] <pleia2> nhaines: were you at the organizing team wrap-up meeting last week?
  43 [03:17] <nhaines> pleia2: no, I couldn't make it, so that's another reason I owe Richard a phone call.
  44 [03:17] <nhaines> But everything I've heard from Canonical so far is that they were very happy.
  45 [03:17] <pleia2> I wasn't either (wrong side of the planet)
  46 [03:17] <pleia2> that's good to hear :)
  47 [03:18] <nhaines> And I believe they'll be working with UbuCon Europe as well.  I'll be sitting in on that meeting Tuesday, if I can be up at 6:30am, which is always dubious.
  48 [03:18] <pleia2> nice
  49 [03:18] <pleia2> haha, yeah
  50 [03:18] <ianorlin> yeah it went really well
  51 [03:18] <nhaines> Probably the only thing I would do differently for UbuCon is to feature the Q&A more centrally.
  52 [03:19] <ianorlin> nhaines: that would probably be nice
  53 [03:19] <nhaines> But outside of that, I thought the unconference portion turned out really well.
  54 [03:19] <pleia2> I would have liked to hear some more results from the unconference
  55 [03:20] <pleia2> like how the track leads at UOS do a summary hangout to share
  56 [03:20] <pleia2> so maybe a conclusion session where each group shares something
  57 [03:20] <nhaines> That's a really good idea.
  58 [03:20] <ianorlin> unconferences yeah that could be good sharing what happened at the others is one thing that could be better
  59 [03:22] <nhaines> I thought the booth worked very well also, although I think we could've used that extra table after all.
  60 [03:22] <pleia2> yeah, every time I came by the booth it was quite busy
  61 [03:23] <ianorlin> yeah it seems booth has been quite busy last three years
  62 [03:23] <nhaines> The booth's been really busy all 8 years.
  63 [03:24] <pleia2> hehe
  64 [03:25] <nhaines> The convergence demo was a huge hit.  It'll be really exciting next year when it's running legacy desktop apps, too.
  65 [03:25]  * pleia2 nods
  66 [03:26] <nhaines> Was there anything the booth could've done better or differently?
  67 [03:27] <pleia2> no ideas from me
  68 [03:28] <nhaines> The booth is pretty much a known quantity these days.
  69 [03:28] <ianorlin> yep
  70 [03:29] <nhaines> I would like to specifically thank Luis Caballero for being an absolute rockstar at the booth Friday and Saturday.
  71 [03:29] <pleia2> yay, thanks Luis!
  72 [03:29] <nhaines> Even the Canonical community team mentioned it to me.
  73 [03:32] <nhaines> So to me, UbuCon Summit and SCALE were a giant success because a lot of people came together and worked hard.
  74 [03:33] <pleia2> ++
  75 [03:33] <pleia2> excellent work everyone :) I had a blast
  76 [03:33] <nhaines> Richard and I are always trying to keep from getting complacent about UbuCon, but I think the general formula works.  :)
  77 [03:35] <pleia2> #topic Any other business
  78 [03:36] <pleia2> anything else for this meeting?
  79 [03:36]  * ianorlin does not have anything
  80 [03:36] <nhaines> Nothing from me.
  81 [03:37] <pleia2> alrighty, thanks guys
  82 [03:37] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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