Sunday, May 15th, 2016, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. 16.04 Release Parties (pleia2)

Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

Hope to see you there!

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   4  02:00:29 <nhaines> #chair nhaines pleia2 ianorlin
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   6  02:00:45 <nhaines> Welcome to the Ubuntu California LoCo meeting for May 15th.
   7  02:00:57 <nhaines> Today's agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16May15
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   9  02:01:19 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
  10  02:01:43 <nhaines> Are there any events that are being planned at the moment?  (We'll get to release parties soon.)
  11  02:02:35 * ianorlin is not currently planning any
  12  02:03:16 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  13  02:03:38 <pleia2> nothing from me here eitehr
  14  02:03:52 <nhaines> The Ubuntu Online Summit wrapped up 10 days ago.
  15  02:04:21 <nhaines> It was a fun UOS and there was a lot discussed.  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS put a lot of technolgies into place that are going to build the last stages of convergence.
  16  02:04:48 <nhaines> Tons of plans and roadmaps were revealed, and you can see a track summary session held by all the track leads here: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1605/meeting/22691/track-summaries/
  17  02:04:48 <darthrobot`> Title: [Track Summaries - | The Summit Scheduler]
  18  02:05:07 <nhaines> And you can also view replays of all of the sessions as well.
  19  02:05:28 <nhaines> Are there any other announcements at this time?
  20  02:08:32 <nhaines> Okay then, on to our first agenda item.
  21  02:08:41 <nhaines> #topic 16.04 Release Parties
  22  02:08:45 <pleia2> so, we haven't had any yet
  23  02:08:52 <nhaines> \o/
  24  02:09:05 <pleia2> I couldn't find a venue on release day here in San Francisco, and then had to postpone until I have more time to organize
  25  02:09:20 <pleia2> I don't have time yet, but I hope to get something set up for July or so
  26  02:09:32 <ianorlin> pleia2 good idea
  27  02:10:10 <pleia2> July is when 16.04.1 comes out, which prompts all the upgrades from 14.04, kind of like a 2nd release day ;)
  28  02:10:31 <nhaines> And now things like the Ubuntu Software Store actually work.  :)
  29  02:10:58 <pleia2> hah, right
  30  02:11:10 <pleia2> hopefully we'll know more about the usb sticks for 16.04 release too
  31  02:11:18 <pleia2> there was never an announcement that they were available for locos to request
  32  02:12:29 <pleia2> (no word on dvd availability either, but there were murmurs about them dropping them entirely)
  33  02:12:30 <nhaines> Also they're still not available in the Canonical Store.
  34  02:12:39 <pleia2> yeah, I saw someone complain about that the other day
  35  02:12:59 <nhaines> The last I heard from Canonical, there would be no DVDs, and when I complained in an UOS session on video they didn't seem too sympathetic.  :)
  36  02:13:08 <pleia2> heh
  37  02:13:26 <pleia2> if anyone has any downtown SF venue ideas, feel free to let me know (or reply on list to the thread where we're talking about it)
  38  02:13:32 <nhaines> Although there was talk about producing DVD artwork anyway.
  39  02:13:42 <pleia2> I'll work to reach out to folks and stuff once I have a bit more time
  40  02:13:47 <pleia2> that's all from me
  41  02:14:39 <nhaines> Sounds good.
  42  02:14:41 <DonkeyHotei> why the requirement it be downtown?
  43  02:16:18 <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: it's where I live and I'm running the party
  44  02:16:50 <pleia2> also good public transit from all over the bay
  45  02:17:24 <pleia2> but mostly that I'm the one hauling everything over to the venue, so I don't want to go across town
  46  02:18:46 <nhaines> Seems reasonable enough.  :)
  47  02:19:13 <nhaines> No one's volunteered to run a party in SoCal and I'm overbooked, so at the moment there aren't any plans.
  48  02:19:33 <nhaines> But if somebody *did* want to, they could let me know and I would try to show up with an Ubuntu tablet that does stuff.
  49  02:21:24 <nhaines> Okay, so that's the end of our agenda.
  50  02:21:28 <nhaines> #topic Other Business
  51  02:21:44 <nhaines> Is there anything else anyone wanted to discuss?
  52  02:24:24 <pleia2> nothing here
  53  02:25:08 <nhaines> I'm going to start discussions with a local library about giving a couple of talks on Ubuntu and/or my Ubuntu book.
  54  02:25:13 <DonkeyHotei> the new member moratorium?
  55  02:25:15 <pleia2> great
  56  02:25:16 <nhaines> So I'll keep everyone informed if that goes off.  :)
  57  02:25:23 <nhaines> kicks off!
  58  02:25:30 <nhaines> (I almost said "goes well.")
  59  02:25:32 <pleia2> DonkeyHotei: on launchpad?
  60  02:25:35 <DonkeyHotei> yes
  61  02:25:42 <DonkeyHotei> any updates?
  62  02:25:52 <pleia2> we don't really use launchpad, so I wouldn't go as far as calling it a "new member moratorium"
  63  02:26:13 <pleia2> it's just temporarily paused until some of the wiki stuff can be sorted
  64  02:26:28 <pleia2> (our team is an open team, so spammers were joining to try to get access to the ubuntu wiki)
  65  02:26:47 <nhaines> I will note that this seems to have stopped as far as the joining bit goes.
  66  02:26:54 <pleia2> to be clear, people don't need to be part of the launchpad team, or need to know what launchpad is, to consider themselves a member of this team :)
  67  02:27:18 <nhaines> Yes, anyone in California who wants to promote Ubuntu is welcome.  :)
  68  02:28:59 <nhaines> pleia2: if you wanted to set the team back to open, I think it's probably safe to do so now.
  69  02:29:41 <pleia2> nhaines: I'd rather not, it only stopped because we locked down the wiki even further, as soon as that lets up we'll have to re-mod and I don't have the time to hover over it right now
  70  02:29:58 <nhaines> pleia2: I'm okay with this, too.
  71  02:30:05 <DonkeyHotei> thirded
  72  02:30:22 <lynorian> uh I hate the wiki spammers and can tell from pleia2 reaction at scale was harder
  73  02:30:24 <pleia2> I'll make sure it's on my list when a long-term wiki solution presents itself
  74  02:30:29 <lynorian> pleia2, yeah
  75  02:31:00 <nhaines> We should also maybe discuss changing how Launchpad fits into LoCo membership.
  76  02:31:22 <nhaines> A little later down the road, anyway.
  77  02:31:25 * pleia2 nods
  78  02:31:29 <lynorian> do we need launchpad for say election of new leaders ?
  79  02:31:40 <pleia2> lynorian: good point
  80  02:32:02 <pleia2> and for the flyers and cd sleeves, which allows members direct committing to the repository rather than doing a merge request
  81  02:32:09 <lynorian> can't we manual add people still?
  82  02:32:24 <pleia2> yep
  83  02:32:57 <nhaines> We do *not*, but we use it for such now.
  84  02:32:57 <DonkeyHotei> we could just as easily use the mailing list roster for civs mails for elections
  85  02:33:17 <pleia2> yeah, we could
  86  02:34:49 <nhaines> We'll have to consider that carefully before making any policy changes.
  87  02:36:36 <nhaines> Well, we'll have to see how the wiki drama pans out, too.
  88  02:36:43 * pleia2 nods
  89  02:36:46 <nhaines> Any other comments before we wrap things up?
  90  02:39:05 * lynorian does not have anything
  91  02:39:57 <pleia2> thanks for chairing :)
  92  02:40:11 <nhaines> You're welcome.   :)
  93  02:40:13 <nhaines> Okay then, that wraps up this week's meeting.  We'll see you all on May 29th for our next meeting!
  94  02:40:16 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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