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attachment:Ubuntu_Cali.png {{attachment:Ubuntu_Cali.png}}
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(And SVG of the [http://www.nhaines.com/ubuntu/california/logo/ubuntu-california_logo.svg logo], thanks to Nathan Haines) (And SVG of the [[http://www.nhaines.com/ubuntu/california/logo/ubuntu-california_logo.svg|logo]], thanks to Nathan Haines)
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attachment:ubuntu-california-emblem1a.png {{attachment:ubuntu-california-emblem1a.png}}
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attachment:ubuntu-california-emblem1b.png {{attachment:ubuntu-california-emblem1b.png}}
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attachment:california-emblem2.png {{attachment:california-emblem2.png}}
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 * Forum post and SVG located [http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=558190 here]
 * Forum post and SVG located [[http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=558190|here]]
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attachment:Calif_logo_v2.png {{attachment:Calif_logo_v2.png}}
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attachment:ubuntu-california1-192.png attachment:ubuntu-california2-192.png {{attachment:ubuntu-california1-192.png}} {{attachment:ubuntu-california2-192.png}}
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attachment:calif_logo2.png attachment:calif_logo1.png {{attachment:calif_logo2.png}} {{attachment:calif_logo1.png}}

Here's our final logo:


Thanks to everyone who contributed!

(And SVG of the logo, thanks to Nathan Haines)


  • Big thanks to Axxium from the LouisianaTeam for our first design!!




  • Not sure if I like the "California Ubuntu" or if "Ubuntu California" would be better. Also, question about what font to use for Ubuntu.
  • I think that "Ubuntu California" is a bit more traditional sounding, as the Ubuntu should be first. What are the rules about using the Ubuntu font again?



  • Here's something I cobbled together after talking on IRC.
  • Forum post and SVG located here



  • Here's an idea that someone mentioned during last IRC meeting.



  • Here's what I was thinking with the Ubuntu-California design. I'm not sure which looks better. I think they lose something in the thumbnails (too subtle) but for our team icon (on Launchpad) we could simply use the California outline by itself.
  • Different sizes plus SVGs available here: http://www.nhaines.com/ubuntu-california-logos/

ubuntu-california1-192.png ubuntu-california2-192.png


*Here's another version w/ drop shadow and bear.

calif_logo2.png calif_logo1.png

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