We celebrated the release of Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) released October 13, 2011. (see below) Oneiric is *not* a Long Term Support (LTS) release but continues to set the stage for the next (12.04) LTS. Physical and virtual (IRC & other) Oneiric events will be scheduled. Each release cycle a number of efforts happen focused around the release. Globally, UbuntuDeveloperWeek and UbuntuGlobalJam events happen a month or two before the release focusing on new contributors. Parties (listed below) and UbuntuOpenWeek happen near or after the release. If you are thinking about organizing one, BuildingCommunity/RunningReleaseParty has some hints more hints are described in a video how to do a release party. "... can be organized in literally 10 minutes."

Oneiric Release Parties

We will plan release parties in future IRC meetings and on the mailing list.

These events are listed chronologically. Details have yet to be confirmed. World wide events are listed on the LoCo directory.


San Francisco

This event will be following the nearby Ubuntu Hour (details here). PLEASE RSVP! Some of our release parties at Thirsty Bear have been large, but we'd expecting a smaller crowd this time and are planning on getting a table, so having an attendance estimate early would be very helpful and make sure everyone has a spot.



General Info

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is here!

CD Distribution

The California LoCo has received the following:




Ubuntu 32-bit



Kubuntu 32-bit



Server 32-bit



If you would like CDs, please contact Elizabeth Krumbach at with your name, address and purpose for request (Need some for your school or library? Handing out at small event?)

This is the only shipment the team gets per cycle, so please don't waste these CDs and request only a limited number to suit your needs! Follow these tips to help stretch our supply:

  • At tech events, inform users that they can download and burn an ISO: BurningIsoHowto

  • Burn ISOs as they wait! Bring along a system that can burn a CDR at the event and give them a fresh copy
  • Use the pressed CDs as display copies and use our CDSleeves for burned copies

  • For installs and demos at an event, try using a USB stick

NOTE: For large conferences please contact Elizabeth Krumbach at to request an UbuntuAtConferences conference pack plus CDs at LEAST 6 weeks prior to the event

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