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Contact: GrantBowman Contacts: GrantBowman MarkTerranova (Community Manager)
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  1. ([[lyz]] handling)   1. DONE: [[]]
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 * Get listed on event calendars.   *
 * Get listed on event calendars
  * Added to SF Bay Area Open Source/Linux Events calendar (as seen on
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=== Similar events ==== === Similar events/organziations ====
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200 School Deployment in South Africa

Partimus Collaboration is a Bay Area non-profit organization which provides repurposed computers running free software to students and schools who need them.

The organization now works with 6 schools in the bay area by providing hardware and Ubuntu LTS deployments and support. The current infrastructure for the labs can be found in the School Lab In A Box Guide, prepared by Partimus volunteers.

Getting Involved

Contacts: GrantBowman MarkTerranova (Community Manager)

Christian Einfeldt will regularly email the mailing list with requests for local volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities arise during weekdays and weekends, and frequently pizza is supplied to the volunteers.

Current Activity

December 15, 2010 Fund Raiser

a dinner fund raiser and computer harvesting drive is afoot...

To do:

Public Relations

  • Plan a budget. Publish it in a conspicuous place.
  • Get sponsors for seed money, door prizes, and refreshments.
    1. Sources: local IT leaders/companies, shops where geek gear is sold, shops were art gear is sold, local catering / grocery, tickets to museums and performance arts
    2. Benefits of sponsorship: program guide space, table space, banner hanging, swag giveaways, web link, coupon passout, or other promotional consideration for their generosity.
    3. Charge money at door - check-in staff needed.
    4. Sell Raffle tickets - check-in staff needed.
    5. Follow up with donor thank-yous, receipts, surveys, and future event plug. (see PR)

Event Logistics
  • Decide on entertainment/programing options.
    1. Download some free mood music from
    2. Student works exhibit.
    3. Tours.
    4. Guest of Honor - artist, performer, educator, or technology advocate. This could be your most grateful teacher. Enthusiasm is key here.
    5. Welcome for Partimus event chair. Thank everyone for donating. Explain the good works. Tell the story.
  • Book Caterer.
  • Do a venue walk-thru.
    1. What will happen and where?
    2. Identify ways the space needs to change to make it event suitable. Chair placement, house keeping, decorations, signs.
  • Recruit volunteers to help triage incoming hardware, conduct tour, and serve food.
  • Take photos.

Day-Of Work
  • Volunteer briefing one hour before.
  • Check in staff (see revenue) Capture actual attendee list for thank-you notes and volunteer interest.
  • Setup the space to be welcoming. Make sure food will be ready for the guests. Use notes from walk-thru.
  • Hold an awesome event.
  • Clean up the space for school the next day.

Closing Out the Event
  • See Revenue for donor issues.
  • Contact potential volunteers.
  • Announce the next event (PR).
  • Conduct a post event briefing with key volunteers. What worked. What didn't. What do do next time. 2 weeks after the event.

=== Similar events/organziations ====

Linux Against Poverty

200 School Deployment in South Africa

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