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 * 8'x10' booth  * 8' wide x 10' deep booth

The Ubuntu California LoCo has been accepted as an exhibitor at the [ Southern California Linux Expo]!

SCaLE6x is February 8-10 (Fri-Sun). The Expo is open Saturday and Sunday, with Friday being reserved for the mini-conferences. Doors open at 8am Saturday for setup, and 11am to the general public (10am is the keynote) [ See Full Schedule].


Feel free to make any comments/suggestions/additions!

Stuff Provided

  • 8' wide x 10' deep booth
  • 6' Table (1)
  • Electrical Outlet (1)
  • Network Drop (1)
  • Two Chairs (maybe more)

Stuff We Need

  • Network switch (wireless router preferred)
  • More chairs

Stuff We Want

  • Computers (Demo Boxes)
    • Show off Ubuntu (eye candy, etc)
    • Multiple Flavors(?)
    • Nice(r) Monitors/Mice/Keyboards
    • Laptop vs. Desktops
  • Flyers / Literature
  • Other Goodies? (Stuff from

attachment:125x125_exhibiting.gif attachment:125x125_attending.gif

Please help promote the show by placing a badge on any blogs/websites you have, linking to the SCaLE site.

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