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||Network Switch||Wireless Router Preferred|| || || ||Network Switch||Wireless Router Preferred|| NathanHaines || I'm going to try to bring my brother's Linksys WRT54GC but we can't find the power adapter for it. ||
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||More Tables|| || || || ||More Tables|| || Flannel || I've got plenty of tables ||

The Ubuntu California LoCo has been accepted as an exhibitor at the [ Southern California Linux Expo]!

SCaLE6x is February 8-10 (Fri-Sun). The Expo is open Saturday and Sunday, with Friday being reserved for the mini-conferences. Doors open at 8am Saturday for setup, and 11am to the general public (10am is the keynote) [ See Full Schedule]. Parking is $8/self with validation ($12 without).


If you think of anything else (large or small) we need, please add it to the list. If the reason it is needed/wanted isn't obvious, explain the reasoning in the description area. This should be an all encompassing list, from duct tape to computers to scratch paper. When in doubt, add it and mention you're unsure in the description.

If you can provide something, please sign your name in the volunteer column (more than one person per item is fine). If you have anything else to say about it (like, "I'm 60% sure I have one of these") use the comments field. If you're providing a part of something (a computer but no monitor) make sure you mention that as well.

If you can't figure out the wiki formatting, just add items/comments underneath, and someone else will come wikify it.

Feel free to make any comments/suggestions/additions!

Stuff Provided

  • 8' wide x 10' deep booth, pipe and curtain style
    • 8' tall back wall
    • 3' tall side walls
  • 6' Table (1)
  • Electrical Outlet (1)
  • Network Drop (1)
  • Two Chairs (maybe more)

Stuff We Need





Network Switch

Wireless Router Preferred


I'm going to try to bring my brother's Linksys WRT54GC but we can't find the power adapter for it.

Power Strips


I can bring two surge protectors


More Tables


I've got plenty of tables

Table Cloths

Plastic Trash Bags

Demo Box 1


Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop (I'll be bringing it anyway, but if we have a better demo box, that's totally cool)

Demo Box 2

Demo Box 3

Demo Box 4

Pre-Burned/Verified CDs

Multiple Arch/Flavors

CD Cases

Paper is fine, whatever is cheap

Blank CDs

To replenish our burned ones as needed

Stuff We Want






Probably general Ubuntu information

Business Cards

Ubuntu-California specific (contact info, channels, etc)



Name Tags


Demos for large audiences

Projection Screen


Stuff from

attachment:125x125_exhibiting.gif attachment:125x125_attending.gif

Please help promote the show by placing a badge on any blogs/websites you have, linking to the SCaLE site.

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