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 * Comments   * Consider when printing that people aren't flat :) Our old shirts ended up with the logo a bit too far off to the left and it was a bit awkward, see: -- [[LaunchpadHome:lyz]] <<DateTime(2012-12-17T11:45:20-0800)>>

It's that time again. Our first shirts were wonderful but we are running out of them. Our first priority is to print new shirts. The email announcement went out Nov 23rd

Here is a template if you want to use one: download TShirt_Template.svg

We might want to reuse a proposed design as a new logo in the near future. It would be nice to use updated colors since our old team logo was designed before the Ubuntu rebranding. We had contests in the past for our shirts and this process will be similar.

We print both men's and women's size shirts though I don't have a template for the women's handily available to post yet. Please keep this in mind for your designs.

Append your ideas below! I think we need to get submissions in before Christmas, Dec 25th. You can attach a picture (in any format) or, if you do not feel graphically inclined, write a description and someone else can come by and fill in the gaps. Even if you post a picture, don't worry about it being perfect: we can always clean up a final design later. If you would like, please join us on IRC or discuss your ideas on the email list before posting, however you are encouraged to just append them below.

If you'd like to upload a file directly to the wiki, you can do so on the Attachment page. To link to the attachment on this page, use the syntax {{attachment:filename.png}} . To link to an image hosted elsewhere, use the syntax {{}} .

Add Ideas below

Black w/ Orange Logo

  • All black shirt with this logo on the front top left and larger on the back
  • complies well with guidelines but might need slight adjustments

  • svg (for editing), png (for viewing) and tiff (for printing) versions of logo attached


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