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|| Medium || 0 || 3 ||
|| Large || 0 || 2 ||
|| X-Large || 7 || 4 ||
|| 2X-Large || 6 || 0 ||
|| Medium || 0 || 1 ||
|| Large || 0 || 1 ||
|| X-Large || 5 || 2 ||
|| 2X-Large || 5 || 0 ||

We need to come up with some designs for shirts, so we're collaborating in the same way we did for our LoCo logo.

These shirts could be designed for a number of possible purposes: general LoCo shirt, release-specific shirts, activity-specific shirts. Don't hold yourself back.

Here are a few templates if you want to use one: T-Shirt, Polo Shirt

Post your ideas here! You can (in any format) or (if you're not graphically inclined) write a description and someone else can come by and fill in the gaps. Even if you post a picture, don't worry about it being perfect: we can always clean up a final design later.

If you'd like to upload a file directly to the wiki, you can do so on the Attachment page. To link to the attachment on this page, use the syntax {{attachment:filename.png}} . To link to an image hosted elsewhere, use the syntax {{}} .

Black CA Logo Design

  • I took the logo, resized it for the front pocket (2"x2" as I recall) and back of a shirt (7"x7" as I recall) and saved it in tiff file format needed for producing the shirts. Feedback encouraged! Thanks to the provided svg templates here is a similar example to below. -- Grantbow

blackCAlogo.png blackCAlogo.png

These shirts have become a reality thanks to a generous donation from Ragga Wear! The team now has them in several sizes, as documented in the chart below. Don't be shy, if you're involved with the team contact as described in this email to have one sent your way.















Peace, Love, Ubuntu

PeaceLoveUbuntu1.png Peace, Love, Ubuntu #1 SVG

  • "Witty Slogan" on the back is a placeholder.

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