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Server : irc.freenode.net
channel : #ubuntu-cm

You may use many IRC clients such as Pidgin, Xchat or even through your Firefox web browser with the plugin ChatZilla.

Authentification with Freenode

If you plan to use the Freenode network, you'll need a 'Nick'. In order to be the legitimate holder of a nick, you should register this Nick. Once you enter in Freenode, you should issue this IRC command:/msg NickServ register [myPassword] [email-address] Your Nick will then be associated to your password. However, if you are already registered, you just need to issue this command:/msg NickServ identify [myPassword]

Connect with a Webclient

A webclient enable you to connect to #ubuntu-cm without any installation in your machine; a web browser is the only requisite.

anonymous Connection
Connection (with nick and password)

Connect with Pidgin

Follow these instructions if you want to use IRC network with Pidgin :

  1. Open the menu Applications->Internet->Pidgin Internet Messegenger and click

  2. Once Pidgin window opened, click on Account then Modify.

  3. The account window appeared, click on Add and choose the IRC protocol. Choose a user name, fill in the server field text with irc.freenode.net. Then choose a local alias and click on Save.

  4. Wait some seconds until a Freenode window appeared. Type /join #ubuntu-cm within this window and there you are ! Welcome in #ubuntu-cm channel Smile :)

Connect with Xchat

The Xchat How to may be a helpful ressource.

Don't forget to give a try to #ubuntu-cm channel !


  • Why should I register my nick ? : answer

  • How do I know when meeting is about to begin?

The IRC meetings are scheduled to start each first wednesday of current month at 3 PM GMT. Next meeting and relative agenda can be found there.

To know the exact hour in your area, visit wordltimezone or ask to camerlog by typing !time in the IRC channel.

  • What does the dot (.) issued by members in #ubuntu-cm mean ?

If user X type a dot during the conversation, it means that he read all the dialogs since his last intervention in the channel.

  • How to speak directly to someone ?

    • If you want your message being seen by others, type the name of your recipient and insert your comment
    • If your want your message being only seen by your recipient type /msg idOfYourRecipient your message

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