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Ubuntu Canadian Team IRC Meeting of 16 January 2011

Times are Eastern Standard Time (UTC -05:00)

(2011-01-16 18:58:21) BobJonkman: Are we on?  T-minus 3 minutes...

(2011-01-16 19:00:25) BobJonkman: OK, 19:00 EST - Where's dscassel_ when you need him?

(2011-01-16 19:02:14) BobJonkman: <tap><tap><tap> This thing on?

(2011-01-16 19:02:29) ZykoticK9: Hey everyone - or is it just Hey BobJonkman ;)

(2011-01-16 19:02:42) BobJonkman: Hey ZykoticK9 !

(2011-01-16 19:02:47) ZykoticK9: Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone had a happy holiday season.

(2011-01-16 19:03:42) BobJonkman: I'm still having New Years and other Holiday events; catching up with people from far distant cities...

(2011-01-16 19:03:43) ZykoticK9: So what do you want to chat about BobJonkman?  lol - not such a great turnout so far i guess.

(2011-01-16 19:04:09) BobJonkman: Well, there's the Official Agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-01-16

(2011-01-16 19:04:28) BobJonkman: I was hoping to ask txwikinger about the Web site, http://ubuntu-ca.org

(2011-01-16 19:04:41) ZykoticK9: so we've both said Hi - so that's check on the first item ;)

(2011-01-16 19:05:38) ZykoticK9: BobJonkman, re: web site - is the text bar on the left bleeding into the main section on your computer?

(2011-01-16 19:05:54) BobJonkman: Oh yes!

(2011-01-16 19:06:11) ZykoticK9: k - well at least i'm not alone then ;)

(2011-01-16 19:07:35) ZykoticK9: Do you know anything about "what's going on in 2011", Stickers or the Web Site.  Cause I have NOTHING on all topics.

(2011-01-16 19:07:38) BobJonkman: I'm a big fan of elastic layout...

(2011-01-16 19:09:10) hakimsheriff: is there a meeting now?

(2011-01-16 19:09:12) BobJonkman: On the mailing list hakimsheriff  said he got some stickers https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ca/2011-January/007982.html

(2011-01-16 19:09:21) hakimsheriff: sorry i'm late

(2011-01-16 19:09:23) ZykoticK9: hey hakimsheriff there is suppose to be yes

(2011-01-16 19:09:27) BobJonkman: Hi hakimsheriff !

(2011-01-16 19:09:39) ZykoticK9: only 3 people have shown so far.

(2011-01-16 19:09:39) hakimsheriff: did the meeting start?

(2011-01-16 19:09:50) ZykoticK9: hakimsheriff, not really - but technically yes

(2011-01-16 19:10:03) BobJonkman: Well, so far three of us have typed.  If that's considered starting, then yes

(2011-01-16 19:10:14) hakimsheriff: okay then

(2011-01-16 19:10:19) hypatia: oh meeting!

(2011-01-16 19:10:21) ***hypatia waves

(2011-01-16 19:10:23) ZykoticK9: 4!

(2011-01-16 19:10:29) ZykoticK9: hey hypatia

(2011-01-16 19:10:31) hypatia: do we have a mootbot?

(2011-01-16 19:10:45) BobJonkman: Dunno.

(2011-01-16 19:10:45) ZykoticK9: ? i don't even know what that is.

(2011-01-16 19:10:59) hakimsheriff: so yes I do have stickers from system76 and inserts representing the team

(2011-01-16 19:11:09) hypatia: well done, hakimsheriff

(2011-01-16 19:11:16) hakimsheriff: thanks a lot

(2011-01-16 19:11:43) BobJonkman: dscassel_ seems to be AFK - he's been the guiding hand for most of these meetings.  Don't think we've ever used a mootbot

(2011-01-16 19:12:00) ZykoticK9: hypatia, do you know anything about any of the meeting agenda items?

(2011-01-16 19:12:12) ***hypatia has a look

(2011-01-16 19:12:26) ZykoticK9: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-01-16

(2011-01-16 19:12:26) hakimsheriff: if anyone wants any you should send a SASE to: Ubuntu Sticker Offer

(2011-01-16 19:12:27) hakimsheriff: 5401 Pl. Plamondon

(2011-01-16 19:12:27) hakimsheriff: St-Lambert QC J4S 1W4

(2011-01-16 19:12:27) hakimsheriff: Canada

(2011-01-16 19:13:20) BobJonkman: And I've just dumped my log into the meeting minutes for the last few meetings.

(2011-01-16 19:13:22) hypatia: we should do introductions if there are any new folks

(2011-01-16 19:13:26) hypatia: thanks, BobJonkman

(2011-01-16 19:14:07) BobJonkman: So, I'm Bob Jonkman.  I'm in Elmira, just north of Waterloo, and a sometime network admin and Linux enthusiast

(2011-01-16 19:14:08) hakimsheriff: I am sort-of new, this is my first ubuntu-ca meeting

(2011-01-16 19:14:41) ZykoticK9: I'm George Standish - from Ottawa... ? dunno what else to add.

(2011-01-16 19:14:56) hakimsheriff: I am Hakim Sheriff, - from Montreal

(2011-01-16 19:15:47) BobJonkman: Events?

(2011-01-16 19:16:00) ZykoticK9: I'm afraid I was unable to attend Ubuntu Hour (Ottawa) this month due to a scheduling conflict with school.  I haven't heard if anyone else attended or not.

(2011-01-16 19:16:16) BobJonkman: dscassel_ hosted an Ubuntu Hour this week.  Lots of fun! 

(2011-01-16 19:17:08) BobJonkman: While the others were discussing how to revive GNU/LinuxFest or something equivalent, I was watching the ballroom dancers.

(2011-01-16 19:17:23) ZykoticK9: I'm planning on moving the location of Ubuntu Hour (Ottawa) starting next month.  Xpresso was suggested on the mailing list, and is certainly the most likely new location (I haven't actually checked the place out yet mind you).  Coffee AND Beer - best of both worlds ;)

(2011-01-16 19:18:01) hypatia: I'm hoping someone will step up to do a toronto one

(2011-01-16 19:18:02) hypatia: :)

(2011-01-16 19:18:12) hypatia: <-- Leigh, in Toronto (for now)

(2011-01-16 19:18:42) BobJonkman: All it needs is for someone to say "I'll be in Linuxcaffe at xx:xxpm, come join me"

(2011-01-16 19:19:30) BobJonkman: Or somewhere else, if Linuxcaffe isn't convenient

(2011-01-16 19:20:23) ZykoticK9: BobJonkman, Linuxcaffe being an obvious choice mind you ;)  Next time I'm in TO I want to check that place out.  We certainly don't have a linux cafe here in Ottawa :(

(2011-01-16 19:20:55) hypatia: linuxcaffe has tasty foods

(2011-01-16 19:21:00) hypatia: and coffee

(2011-01-16 19:21:01) hypatia: :)

(2011-01-16 19:21:45) BobJonkman: We're lucky  -- Kitchener has a dozen WiFi enabled coffeeshops within walking distance of each other.

(2011-01-16 19:24:39) BobJonkman: Any other events?  Hacklab.to running anything?

(2011-01-16 19:25:31) BobJonkman: I'm hoping dscassel_ will be able to arrange another Ubuntu Release Party at KWartzlab...

(2011-01-16 19:27:50) hakimsheriff: if no one has anything else to say we can move on

(2011-01-16 19:28:14) hakimsheriff: Next on the agenda is Stickers

(2011-01-16 19:28:48) BobJonkman: Thanx for stickers, hakimsheriff !  Can you post an image somewhere?

(2011-01-16 19:28:57) hakimsheriff: what do you mean?

(2011-01-16 19:28:57) hypatia: yay stickers :D :D

(2011-01-16 19:29:07) hypatia: post a picture of the stickers

(2011-01-16 19:29:30) hakimsheriff: http://www.system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=9

(2011-01-16 19:29:37) hakimsheriff: at the top there are some pics

(2011-01-16 19:29:48) BobJonkman: Take a picture, or scan a sticker, then upload it to some picture site so we can see what they're like.

(2011-01-16 19:29:58) BobJonkman: Yes, like that!

(2011-01-16 19:29:59) hakimsheriff: except the ones I have now have a metalic backround instead of white

(2011-01-16 19:30:31) BobJonkman: Are there any System76 branded stickers?

(2011-01-16 19:31:26) hakimsheriff: I don't understand what you mean

(2011-01-16 19:32:11) hakimsheriff: do you mean stickers with the system76 logo on them

(2011-01-16 19:32:18) BobJonkman: Any stickers with a System76 logo or the words "System76" on them?  I'd be willing to put one of those on my non-System76 laptop...

(2011-01-16 19:32:34) hakimsheriff: BobJonkman,

(2011-01-16 19:33:37) hakimsheriff: I dont have any

(2011-01-16 19:34:06) hakimsheriff: they only sent me the powered by ubuntu ones and inserts representing the team

(2011-01-16 19:35:30) hakimsheriff: i think they sell them http://www.system76.com/index.php?cPath=42

(2011-01-16 19:36:16) BobJonkman: Ah well.  I've already got the "Powered by Ubuntu" sticker, and I love my Ubuntu-logo keycap sticker.  I've had people ask me if my laptop is custom-built when they see the Ubuntu logo where the Winlogo used to be.

(2011-01-16 19:36:54) hakimsheriff: where did you get the ubuntu logo key

(2011-01-16 19:37:57) BobJonkman: From dscassel_ - I think they came with a shipment of ubuntu CDs for one of the Ubuntu Release parties

(2011-01-16 19:38:29) BobJonkman: I thought that the System76 package of stickers also included the keycap logo

(2011-01-16 19:38:46) hakimsheriff: no they just sent me the stickers

(2011-01-16 19:39:31) BobJonkman: I put the little black&white Ubuntu logo over top of the key with the Winlogo.  Since my keyboard is silver&black it looks like it's part of the key

(2011-01-16 19:39:41) hakimsheriff: isn't dscassel online?

(2011-01-16 19:40:03) BobJonkman: dscassel_ appears to be logged in, but Away From Keyboard

(2011-01-16 19:40:07) hakimsheriff: he also sent me stickers before I started distributing them

(2011-01-16 19:42:12) hakimsheriff: okay next on the agenda is Website

(2011-01-16 19:42:23) hakimsheriff: -Stars update

(2011-01-16 19:42:50) hakimsheriff: I mean -status update

(2011-01-16 19:43:57) hakimsheriff: anyone? anything?

(2011-01-16 19:44:30) BobJonkman: Not by me.  txwikinger is the Webmaster, or at least the hostmaster for the site

(2011-01-16 19:44:43) BobJonkman: But txwikinger looks to be AFK as well

(2011-01-16 19:45:11) BobJonkman: I wonder if anyone else has editor or contributor access yet

(2011-01-16 19:46:20) hakimsheriff: there is nothing else on the agdenda

(2011-01-16 19:47:00) ZykoticK9: :) fast meeting...

(2011-01-16 19:47:06) hakimsheriff: i wonder why darcy casselman didnt show up

(2011-01-16 19:47:29) BobJonkman: I think he's still running around after the holidays.

(2011-01-16 19:47:34) hakimsheriff: last time the google calendar said there was a meeting but no one was here

(2011-01-16 19:47:39) BobJonkman: There were weddings and such in his family

(2011-01-16 19:48:06) hakimsheriff: funny cause he decided the meeting

(2011-01-16 19:48:17) BobJonkman: Last week everyone (except you) forgot.

(2011-01-16 19:48:23) BobJonkman: today is our catch-up meeting

(2011-01-16 19:48:34) hakimsheriff: okay

(2011-01-16 19:48:50) hakimsheriff: i hate it when that happens

(2011-01-16 19:49:21) BobJonkman: As far as I know, the next meeting is on 13 February 2011, 7:00pm EST

(2011-01-16 19:49:22) linuxpusher: I hope I got the right channel this time, been a long day 4 me

(2011-01-16 19:49:36) BobJonkman: Hi linuxpusher!

(2011-01-16 19:49:39) hakimsheriff: but almost no one was here

(2011-01-16 19:49:43) linuxpusher: yes I found it

(2011-01-16 19:50:00) linuxpusher: hi Bob

(2011-01-16 19:50:25) BobJonkman: It's been a quiet meeting, you're the 5th person here.

(2011-01-16 19:50:39) hakimsheriff: just in time for the end of the meeting

(2011-01-16 19:50:46) linuxpusher: I show 32?? any word on the stickers here

(2011-01-16 19:51:05) BobJonkman: Since none of us had any new info for any of the agenda items we were just about to wrap up.

(2011-01-16 19:51:19) hakimsheriff: yes i am the sticker guy

(2011-01-16 19:51:34) linuxpusher: long meeting for me but at least I made it to obne

(2011-01-16 19:51:46) hakimsheriff: free stickers just send a sase to:

(2011-01-16 19:51:50) hakimsheriff: Ubuntu Sticker Offer

(2011-01-16 19:51:50) hakimsheriff: 5401 Pl. Plamondon

(2011-01-16 19:51:50) hakimsheriff: St-Lambert QC J4S 1W4

(2011-01-16 19:51:50) hakimsheriff: Canada

(2011-01-16 19:52:36) linuxpusher: hakimsheriff will do have you heard from bglug ummm forgot his name

(2011-01-16 19:52:46) linuxpusher: will do

(2011-01-16 19:53:02) linuxpusher: brad rodriguez spelt wrong

(2011-01-16 19:53:05) ZykoticK9: SIDE NOTE: Link to very cool Ubuntu/Plymouth theme at http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/earth-sunrise-is-gorgeous-plymouth.html

(2011-01-16 19:54:06) linuxpusher: 15inch x 10 inch should be big enough :)

(2011-01-16 19:55:13) hakimsheriff: you want 15x10 inch stickers?

(2011-01-16 19:55:25) hakimsheriff: ??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2011-01-16 19:55:47) linuxpusher: sure why not if there is such a thing lol should just cover my laptop lid

(2011-01-16 19:56:16) hakimsheriff: i want one like that, i have a pink laptop

(2011-01-16 19:56:26) BobJonkman: Yes, there are laptop skins available.

(2011-01-16 19:56:26) hakimsheriff: got it from my sister

(2011-01-16 19:56:41) hakimsheriff: where, I need one

(2011-01-16 19:56:51) linuxpusher: I will send a sase this week

(2011-01-16 19:57:01) dscassel_: Present!

(2011-01-16 19:57:09) dscassel_: Dammit, I had 8pm in my head.

(2011-01-16 19:57:10) hakimsheriff: finnaly

(2011-01-16 19:57:11) BobJonkman: Hooray!  

(2011-01-16 19:57:15) dscassel_ is now known as dscassel

(2011-01-16 19:57:17) linuxpusher: woohoo

(2011-01-16 19:57:35) hakimsheriff: I think the meeting is over for a few minutes now

(2011-01-16 19:57:37) BobJonkman: You're number 6 .  Good to be seeing you!

(2011-01-16 19:57:53) dscassel: Hi BobJonkman

(2011-01-16 19:58:11) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Oh good. So you'll take care of the minutes, then?

(2011-01-16 19:58:18) dscassel: :)

(2011-01-16 19:58:27) hakimsheriff: what do you mean?

(2011-01-16 19:58:42) BobJonkman: Not to worry, hakimsheriff - I promised hypatia that I would dump my log...  

(2011-01-16 19:58:55) linuxpusher: lol

(2011-01-16 19:59:00) dscassel: Joke.

(2011-01-16 19:59:07) hakimsheriff: okay good, i got a lot of hw to do

(2011-01-16 19:59:46) linuxpusher: I am seriously going to look into BIG stickers

(2011-01-16 19:59:48) dscassel: Okay, so I probably shouldn't read through the scroll.

(2011-01-16 19:59:49) hakimsheriff: i saved a log if needed

(2011-01-16 19:59:53) BobJonkman: Well, it was a pleasant chat, everyone...

(2011-01-16 20:00:05) dscassel: Anyone care to summarize?

(2011-01-16 20:00:06) hakimsheriff: more like a chat then a meeting

(2011-01-16 20:00:18) dscassel: hakimsheriff: The best meetings are. :)

(2011-01-16 20:00:25) BobJonkman: Summarize now, or on the meeting page?

(2011-01-16 20:00:32) linuxpusher: maybe next time the lurkers will join in?

(2011-01-16 20:00:38) hakimsheriff: we kind-of skipped the website part

(2011-01-16 20:00:39) hypatia: dscassel: intros, stickers, ubuntu hours

(2011-01-16 20:00:45) dscassel: BobJonkman: If there's anything you want my input on, summarizing now would be good.

(2011-01-16 20:01:08) BobJonkman: Would like to see more authors/editors for http://ubuntu-ca.org

(2011-01-16 20:01:12) dscassel: Yay, stickers!

(2011-01-16 20:01:13) elmo40: I see people want stickers, well I can make a few things like this: http://imagebin.org/132961

(2011-01-16 20:01:43) dscassel: I also want business cards and maybe t-shirts.  But in due time...

(2011-01-16 20:01:44) BobJonkman: (I invited people from #linuxcaffe to join us)

(2011-01-16 20:01:51) linuxpusher: mee too

(2011-01-16 20:01:57) dscassel: BobJonkman: Awesome. :)  Welcome, linuxcaffe.

(2011-01-16 20:02:29) linuxpusher: does anyone have a high res tux they can send me?

(2011-01-16 20:02:56) hakimsheriff: i want to go to linuxcaffe

(2011-01-16 20:02:58) dscassel: linuxpusher: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tux.svg

(2011-01-16 20:03:02) linuxpusher: I was thinking of adding it to the ubuntu-ca sticker only Big

(2011-01-16 20:03:03) hakimsheriff: to bad i live in montreal

(2011-01-16 20:03:05) elmo40: http://www.neohide.com/files/2009/linux/linux-penguin.jpg

(2011-01-16 20:03:12) linuxpusher: Thanks guys

(2011-01-16 20:03:13) hypatia: we did a run of Ubuntu Women business cards from Vistaprint

(2011-01-16 20:03:20) hypatia: it might be worth doing the same for Ubuntu Canada

(2011-01-16 20:03:39) hakimsheriff: yes that would be great

(2011-01-16 20:03:40) BobJonkman: Where do we get funds for something like that?

(2011-01-16 20:03:53) hypatia: i'd pitch in $5

(2011-01-16 20:03:55) hypatia: :)

(2011-01-16 20:04:00) hakimsheriff: me too

(2011-01-16 20:04:01) dscassel: BobJonkman: Yeah, pass the hat around.

(2011-01-16 20:04:11) hypatia: there may be actual funding for locos, not sure

(2011-01-16 20:04:17) BobJonkman: OK.  A nefarious purpose for Ubuntu Hours

(2011-01-16 20:04:18) dscassel: hypatia: Not really, no.

(2011-01-16 20:04:29) hypatia: hat-passing it is, then

(2011-01-16 20:04:51) hypatia: if someone designs one i'll do the hat-passing and order them

(2011-01-16 20:04:57) dscassel: LoCos get CDs and conference packs. And love. But that's about it.

(2011-01-16 20:05:00) linuxpusher: Cool tux, I was thinking of the ubuntu-ca sticker with tux and our local bglug

(2011-01-16 20:05:13) hakimsheriff: that would be awesome

(2011-01-16 20:05:15) linuxpusher: in blue

(2011-01-16 20:05:21) hypatia: i'll put up a photo of the ubuntu-women one when i swing by hacklab, which is where i left them

(2011-01-16 20:05:42) hypatia: oh hey they are online

(2011-01-16 20:05:42) BobJonkman: We can do some hat-passing here, and I travel to Toronto often enough to drop of hat-passing-proceeds to you in a month or so.

(2011-01-16 20:06:04) hypatia: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Resources scroll down

(2011-01-16 20:06:35) hypatia: looks like we can just adapt those for ubuntu canada

(2011-01-16 20:06:37) hypatia: yay

(2011-01-16 20:06:51) hypatia: i can make that happen

(2011-01-16 20:07:27) dscassel: I have a logo around here somewhere...

(2011-01-16 20:07:44) dscassel: This is the one I made before the font came out... http://flyingsquirrel.ca/stuff/ubuntu-ca.svg

(2011-01-16 20:08:03) hypatia: we should probably use the new font

(2011-01-16 20:08:10) hypatia: i love that logo though

(2011-01-16 20:08:12) elmo40: use a Canadian font!

(2011-01-16 20:08:55) ZykoticK9: elmo40, what is a "Canadian font"?  Does it have maple leaves on it or something ;)

(2011-01-16 20:09:26) linuxpusher: I will work on my idea this week and send a link via list ubuntu.ca

(2011-01-16 20:09:42) dscassel: I tried using something that kinda looked like the Government of Canada's "Canada" but it didn't look right.

(2011-01-16 20:10:00) dscassel: I'm not much fo a graphic designer, but I can see when things are wrong.

(2011-01-16 20:10:04) dscassel: Can't do much to make them right, though.

(2011-01-16 20:10:28) ZykoticK9: dscassel, i think your ubuntu-ca logo (font included) is awesome.

(2011-01-16 20:10:54) linuxpusher: I'll give it a try

(2011-01-16 20:10:58) dscassel: Ah, here it is: http://ubuntuone.com/p/Lw1/

(2011-01-16 20:10:59) hypatia: i'll see if i can come up with a biz card this week

(2011-01-16 20:11:13) hypatia: probably not worth ordering til we make the site less faily though :)

(2011-01-16 20:11:33) ZykoticK9: dscassel, ya - much prefer the font you went with

(2011-01-16 20:11:47) hakimsheriff: adam pothan made a really awesome logog

(2011-01-16 20:12:02) dscassel: And one for a dark background (which doesn't look like much if you just open it in Firefox: http://ubuntuone.com/p/Ydy/

(2011-01-16 20:12:06) hakimsheriff: i dont know what his irc nick is

(2011-01-16 20:13:39) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Do you have a link?

(2011-01-16 20:14:25) hakimsheriff: let me upload it, one second

(2011-01-16 20:15:00) BobJonkman: Is there a font viewer that's easier to use than the Character Map tool?

(2011-01-16 20:15:57) hakimsheriff: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/298a56cc94.png

(2011-01-16 20:16:09) dscassel: BobJonkman: I just use OpenOffice or something.

(2011-01-16 20:16:20) ZykoticK9: BobJonkman, xfontsel?  not sure if it's "easier" then anything though.

(2011-01-16 20:16:57) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Nice, but it's the old branding.

(2011-01-16 20:17:35) BobJonkman: And speaking of fonts, is there a monospace font in the Ubuntu font-family?

(2011-01-16 20:18:11) hakimsheriff: adam pothan made it

(2011-01-16 20:18:17) hakimsheriff: all credit goes to him

(2011-01-16 20:18:47) dscassel: I really, really like Djavan Fagundes logo (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dnoway/329157552/in/faves-ubuntucanada/) but it's the old Ubuntu tri-colour.

(2011-01-16 20:22:03) hakimsheriff: okay i have to go, bye

(2011-01-16 20:22:21) linuxpusher: Thanks for all the links, I will work on some ideas and get back to you all on list

(2011-01-16 20:22:31) linuxpusher: bye

(2011-01-16 20:22:46) dscassel: Later, linuxpusher :)

(2011-01-16 20:22:54) linuxpusher: chow

(2011-01-16 20:23:09) hakimsheriff: i will follow the conversation on my phone

(2011-01-16 20:24:56) dscassel: BobJonkman: Yes, I'll be running another release party at Kwartzlab. It's tradition now. :)

(2011-01-16 20:25:03) dscassel: And an Ubuntu Global Jam too.

(2011-01-16 20:25:33) BobJonkman: The Jam will be a few weeks before the URP?

(2011-01-16 20:25:34) dscassel: I was thinking of doing it as more of an unconference, on the topic of "how to contribute to Ubuntu (or Debian or free software in general)

(2011-01-16 20:25:42) dscassel: Yeah.

(2011-01-16 20:25:49) dscassel: Hold on...

(2011-01-16 20:25:56) BobJonkman: Good.  Looking forward to it.  

(2011-01-16 20:26:10) BobJonkman: Although at the last Jam I submitted more bugs than I fixed

(2011-01-16 20:26:43) dscassel: The global jam is April 1-3. But I'd expect most of the action to be on the Saturday.

(2011-01-16 20:26:53) dscassel: BobJonkman: That's perfectly fine. :)

(2011-01-16 20:27:13) hakimsheriff: Were will it be?

(2011-01-16 20:27:59) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Everywhere! I'm sure MagicFab will be doing something in Montreal.

(2011-01-16 20:28:20) dscassel: I'll be holding an event in Kitchener.

(2011-01-16 20:30:07) dscassel: I would encourage anyone with any interest at all to run an event in their city. :)

(2011-01-16 20:30:19) hakimsheriff: So are we making buisness cards?

(2011-01-16 20:30:56) dscassel: hakimsheriff: The operative question is is someone taking on the making of business cards?

(2011-01-16 20:31:44) dscassel: I might have some free time in April or so.

(2011-01-16 20:31:46) BobJonkman: Needed:  Someone to design the card; funds; someone to get the cards printed; then distribute the cards

(2011-01-16 20:31:59) hakimsheriff: Cant we get them made with vistaprint

(2011-01-16 20:32:35) BobJonkman: I think that's what hypatia was suggesting

(2011-01-16 20:33:38) hakimsheriff: Are we getting tshirts. Or would that be to expensive

(2011-01-16 20:33:41) dscassel: There's also the thing about Ubuntu business cards being a perk of Ubuntu membership.

(2011-01-16 20:33:45) BobJonkman: http://www.vistaprint.ca/vp/errjscript.aspx is thoroughly inaccessible, completely Javascript dependent. <sigh>

(2011-01-16 20:33:56) dscassel: Not a big deal, just that the business cards probably shouldn't be personalized.

(2011-01-16 20:34:34) dscassel: hakimsheriff: I was thinking we'd put something up on Zazzle or similar and have people order them themselves.

(2011-01-16 20:34:37) BobJonkman: I thought the business cards would be a generic Ubuntu Canada promotional thing

(2011-01-16 20:34:48) BobJonkman: Not unlike the stickers

(2011-01-16 20:34:50) dscassel: BobJonkman: Yeah.  Just throwing that caveat in there.

(2011-01-16 20:35:03) dscassel: Since I don't know who's making them.

(2011-01-16 20:35:30) ***dscassel missed the first hour of this conversation, remember. :)

(2011-01-16 20:37:05) BobJonkman: First we need a design.  Maybe that's what linuxpusher was going away to do: (2011-01-16 20:22:21) linuxpusher: Thanks for all the links, I will work on some ideas and get back to you all on list

(2011-01-16 20:38:32) BobJonkman: OK, I promised I'd make dinner after the meeting was over.  I'll dump my log after we've eaten.

(2011-01-16 20:38:37) dscassel: BobJonkman: The design could just be the logo...

(2011-01-16 20:38:58) dscassel: Thanks for running the meeting, BobJonkman. :)

(2011-01-16 20:39:04) hakimsheriff: I agree with dscassel

(2011-01-16 20:39:09) BobJonkman: It would be nice to have a link to http://ubuntu-ca.org as well.

(2011-01-16 20:39:18) dscassel: To what?

(2011-01-16 20:39:34) dscassel: Oh. Right. Yeah.

(2011-01-16 20:39:42) dscassel: Maybe a QR code. :)

(2011-01-16 20:39:44) BobJonkman: http://ubuntu-ca.org, the Web site that we've been working on :P

(2011-01-16 20:39:49) BobJonkman: Yes!

(2011-01-16 20:40:58) BobJonkman: So there you go.  Text for the name of the group, a logo, a QR code, a human-readable URL.  Lots of design elements there

(2011-01-16 20:42:28) hakimsheriff: I think u can get 250 free buisness cards with vistaprint

(2011-01-16 20:43:01) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Be careful, though. Vistaprint is kind of eveil

(2011-01-16 20:43:04) dscassel: evil. :P

(2011-01-16 20:43:07) hypatia: the free ones have logos on the back :/

(2011-01-16 20:43:29) BobJonkman: hypatia said they used Vistaprint for the Ubuntu Women's cards

(2011-01-16 20:43:50) BobJonkman: All in all, I'd just as soon use a local Canadian print shop

(2011-01-16 20:44:52) dscassel: And I'd kinda like one that held the design and did print on demand, so we don't have to distribute ourselves.

(2011-01-16 20:44:59) BobJonkman: Someplace I can walk in with a thumbdrive, and walk out with a shoebox full of cards

(2011-01-16 20:45:28) hypatia: dscassel: while i'd normally agree, with biz cards you save so much money in bulk

(2011-01-16 20:45:56) dscassel: I suppose this is true...

(2011-01-16 20:46:35) dscassel: But hey, we're probably bikeshedding at this point.

(2011-01-16 20:47:13) BobJonkman: ...while http://ubuntu-ca.org languishes with neglect

(2011-01-16 20:47:24) dscassel: Poor website!

(2011-01-16 20:47:32) dscassel: BobJonkman: Did you want to work on it?

(2011-01-16 20:47:54) BobJonkman: I'd just like to put up some relevant, recent material.

(2011-01-16 20:48:13) dscassel: Do you have a launchpad account?

(2011-01-16 20:48:32) BobJonkman: Don't know that I want to work on the design at this point, but I'll do things like post meeting notices and calendar events

(2011-01-16 20:48:45) BobJonkman: yes, Im some variant of BobJonkman

(2011-01-16 20:50:35) BobJonkman: https://launchpad.net/~bjonkman

(2011-01-16 20:51:56) dscassel: Can you try logging into ubuntu-ca.org?

(2011-01-16 20:53:08) BobJonkman: Seems to work, I get redirected through the Launchpad OpenID, but then get returned with " Only site administrators can create new user accounts."

(2011-01-16 20:53:55) hakimsheriff: I could help out with the website too

(2011-01-16 20:55:26) dscassel: BobJonkman: Try it now.

(2011-01-16 20:55:56) dscassel: hakimsheriff: You're hakimsheriff on Launchpad?

(2011-01-16 20:56:01) BobJonkman: Same thing.  Let me flush my cache

(2011-01-16 20:56:06) dscassel: (silly question, but I wnato be sure).

(2011-01-16 20:56:28) dscassel: BobJonkman: I'm not entirely sure how this is supposed to work.

(2011-01-16 20:56:35) dscassel: Drupal would not have been my first choice. :)

(2011-01-16 20:57:19) BobJonkman: We probably have more Drupal smarts in our KW lugs than any other kind of smarts...

(2011-01-16 20:58:16) BobJonkman: Doesn't seem to be any other kind of login mechanism.

(2011-01-16 20:59:13) dscassel: Hold on, I'll open it up to allow people to create their own accounts.

(2011-01-16 21:00:00) dscassel: Okay, try it again. hakimsheriff, be my guest as well.  Go to http://ubuntu-ca/ and click LogIn.

(2011-01-16 21:00:50) BobJonkman: Different error:  Account registration using the information provided by your Launchpad ID  provider failed due to the reasons listed below. Please complete the  registration by filling out the form below. If you already have an  account, you can log in now and add your Launchpad ID under "My  account".      You must enter an e-mail address.   The name bjonkman is already taken.   

(2011-01-16 21:01:10) dscassel: Ah, okay.  One moment.

(2011-01-16 21:01:47) hakimsheriff: it seems to work for me

(2011-01-16 21:01:55) dscassel: Try again, BobJonkman

(2011-01-16 21:02:11) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Yup, I've set you up so you should be able to add content now.

(2011-01-16 21:02:53) BobJonkman: OK, it's going to send me an e-mail, then I'm legal.

(2011-01-16 21:03:17) BobJonkman: I wonder why LaunchPad doesn't supply the e-mail address through OpenID ?

(2011-01-16 21:03:33) dscassel: BobJonkman: No idea.

(2011-01-16 21:03:35) hakimsheriff: i have not recieved an e-mail

(2011-01-16 21:04:02) hakimsheriff: i will be back. one second

(2011-01-16 21:04:05) dscassel: BobJonkman: You should be good now even without email confirmation.

(2011-01-16 21:04:27) dscassel: I gotta run too...

(2011-01-16 21:04:46) BobJonkman: Not yet: You must validate your email address for this account before logging in via OpenID

(2011-01-16 21:04:56) BobJonkman: But I need to make dinner for the family.  

(2011-01-16 21:05:09) BobJonkman: Far too late already.  See everyone later!

(2011-01-16 21:05:19) vaughn: I assume I missed the meeting?

(2011-01-16 21:05:49) hakimsheriff: Still didnt get an email

(2011-01-16 21:06:00) dscassel: hakimsheriff: But can you log in?

(2011-01-16 21:06:14) hakimsheriff: Let me try

(2011-01-16 21:06:32) dscassel: vaughn: Pretty much, yeah. :)

(2011-01-16 21:06:34) BobJonkman: Sorry vaughn, it's all over.  After dinner I'll post a log dump on the meeting page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-01-16

(2011-01-16 21:06:51) dscassel: vaughn: It was a fairly unorthodox meeting anyway. :)

(2011-01-16 21:06:56) ***BobJonkman is really leaving now

(2011-01-16 21:07:12) dscassel: Yeah, I'm off too.

(2011-01-16 21:07:29) ***BobJonkman can pretend he's in a different timezone

(2011-01-16 21:07:31) vaughn: that's too bad

(2011-01-16 21:07:37) dscassel: hakimsheriff: If you can't log in, let me know.  I'll pester txwikinger about it in the morning.

(2011-01-16 21:07:50) hakimsheriff: Am i allowed to post up thingd

(2011-01-16 21:08:06) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Should be able to. If you can't, let me know.

(2011-01-16 21:08:14) billybigrigger: meeting tonight?

(2011-01-16 21:08:16) dscassel: vaughn: Questions? Concerns?

(2011-01-16 21:08:21) dscassel: billybigrigger: Just missed it. :)

(2011-01-16 21:08:30) billybigrigger: dscassel, dammit

(2011-01-16 21:08:31) billybigrigger: :P

(2011-01-16 21:08:36) billybigrigger: would have been my first sit in

(2011-01-16 21:08:41) billybigrigger: i never make the sunday meetings :P

(2011-01-16 21:09:11) vaughn: Well i managed to read everything from the meeting already (I was logged in) so I'm pretty much caught up with anything

(2011-01-16 21:09:22) dscassel: billybigrigger: Yeah, txwikinger has problems with Sundays too. We should probably move it, but I don't know if there's any day that's better.

(2011-01-16 21:09:25) hakimsheriff: It says i hav to confirm my email

(2011-01-16 21:09:31) dscassel: Sunday works pretty well for me (usually)

(2011-01-16 21:09:48) dscassel: hakimsheriff: Ah, nuts. I'll ask txwikinger about the email thing tomorrow.

(2011-01-16 21:10:02) billybigrigger: sundays are probably good for me now

(2011-01-16 21:10:12) billybigrigger: i'm stuck in this camp until breakup :)

(2011-01-16 21:10:12) dscassel: I don't see a way to circumvent the email confirmation.

(2011-01-16 21:10:16) billybigrigger: i'll be here for 3 months

(2011-01-16 21:12:00) dscassel: It's been lovely, but I gotta run.

(2011-01-16 21:12:07) dscassel: Later, Canada. :)

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