IRC log of the Ubuntu-ca meeting on 4 October 2011

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(2011-10-04 19:00:54) dscassel: All right, let's get this thing

(2011-10-04 19:01:31) genii-around: Anyone to ping or so on? 

(2011-10-04 19:02:24) dscassel: Mass call! DavidLevin james_w
KombuchaKip oracology Jeruvy Kulag rgreening willwh bregma FiReSTaRT
Kamondelious lborda ryanakca zeroedout cdbs kavurt sipherdee cyphermox
IdleOne kenjy MagicFab starcraftman DarwinSurvivor jaguar khoover
MylesBraithwaite txwikinger 

(2011-10-04 19:02:35) dscassel: Ubuntu Canada Meeting starting now! 

(2011-10-04 19:02:45) txwikinger: hey 

(2011-10-04 19:03:04) dscassel: Agenda:

(2011-10-04 19:03:16) dscassel: hey txwikinger :) 

(2011-10-04 19:03:30) dscassel: Feel free to introduce yourselves. 

(2011-10-04 19:03:53) dscassel: I'm Darcy, LoCo Contact for Ubuntu
Canada and I'll be chairing the meeting today. 

(2011-10-04 19:04:33) genii-around: I'm Mike, from Toronto 

(2011-10-04 19:04:47) BobJonkman: Hi all! I'm Bob Jonkman from Elmira
ON, just north of Waterloo - Ubuntu Enthusiast 

(2011-10-04 19:05:19) dscassel: (If anybody else wants to chair future
meetings, I'm looking for new volunteers. It's pretty easy, but I need
to start delegating more. :) 

(2011-10-04 19:05:38) dscassel: Hi BobJonkman, genii-around :) 

(2011-10-04 19:06:26) DarwinSurvivor: Doug from Surrey (vancouver) 

(2011-10-04 19:07:19) ***genii-around slides DarwinSurvivor a coffee 

(2011-10-04 19:08:09) dscassel: Welcome to the meeting, DarwinSurvivor

(2011-10-04 19:08:13) dscassel: That's everybody? 

(2011-10-04 19:09:17) genii-around: Seems so 

(2011-10-04 19:09:46) dscassel: Release parties! 

(2011-10-04 19:10:05) dscassel: I guess we've just got the two. 

(2011-10-04 19:10:20) genii-around: dscassel: -qc is not having one? 

(2011-10-04 19:10:24) dscassel: I'll be throwing one Saturday, October
15 at Kwartzlab in Kitchener. 

(2011-10-04 19:10:37) dscassel: genii-around: Probably! 

(2011-10-04 19:11:11) dscassel: MagicFab: Are you guys hosting a release
party? We should get it in our calendar. 

(2011-10-04 19:11:22) genii-around: The Toronto party is on release day,
October 13 

(2011-10-04 19:11:28) dscassel: Vancouver's probably doing one too, but
they're usually much later after release. 

(2011-10-04 19:11:37) BobJonkman: Toronto apparently has one next

(2011-10-04 19:12:21) ***BobJonkman needs to read faster and type slower

(2011-10-04 19:12:25) dscassel: (Quebec and Vancouver are independent of
Ubuntu Canada, but it's nice to know what's going on) 

(2011-10-04 19:13:04) willwh: HI GUYS 

(2011-10-04 19:13:09) willwh: late to the party as usual ;) 

(2011-10-04 19:13:10) dscassel: Hi, willwh :D 

(2011-10-04 19:13:18) ***genii-around slides willwh a beverage of their

(2011-10-04 19:13:35) willwh: you know fine well it's coffee ;D 

(2011-10-04 19:13:40) genii-around: Hehe 

(2011-10-04 19:13:46) ***willwh sips 

(2011-10-04 19:13:54) dscassel: DarwinSurvivor: Have you ever been to
Ubuntu Vancouver's parties? 

(2011-10-04 19:14:30) ***bregma shows up fashionable late and dressed in

(2011-10-04 19:14:36) bregma: hey all 

(2011-10-04 19:14:37) DarwinSurvivor: dscassel: haven't been to any of
there stuff in person 

(2011-10-04 19:14:49) DarwinSurvivor: just constributed virtually a bit 

(2011-10-04 19:15:23) willwh: oi bregma :) 

(2011-10-04 19:15:31) willwh: I'm just running through the agenda notes,

(2011-10-04 19:15:40) dscassel: bregma: Ever considered running a
release party? :D 

(2011-10-04 19:15:56) bregma: I live in the back woods, I can party by
myself but.... 

(2011-10-04 19:16:15) willwh: I live in Victoria, and I should probably
run one 

(2011-10-04 19:16:29) bregma: maybe get my daughter's boyfriend from up
the line, he run Ubuntu 

(2011-10-04 19:16:43) dscassel: DarwinSurvivor: Cool. They're pretty
enthusiastic about their parties. 

(2011-10-04 19:16:48) IdleOne: dscassel: cyphermox is handling
arrangements for the -qc release and I believe he will announce an
"official" date tomorrow. 

(2011-10-04 19:16:59) dscassel: IdleOne: Excellent. :D 

(2011-10-04 19:17:05) genii-around: bregma: Blueskaj is up around
Espanola, he might go 

(2011-10-04 19:17:10) dscassel: willwh: Yes. Yes you should. 

(2011-10-04 19:17:46) willwh: life is so busy atm - work, contract work,
3 month old... ;) 

(2011-10-04 19:17:50) willwh: I will see what I can do 

(2011-10-04 19:17:56) dscassel: Babies. Yeah. 

(2011-10-04 19:17:59) genii-around: bregma: ( assuming Ontario, sorry if
not ) 

(2011-10-04 19:18:30) willwh: I do have the perfect venue;

(2011-10-04 19:18:34) willwh: I know the owners well :) 

(2011-10-04 19:18:51) genii-around: Cool. 

(2011-10-04 19:18:51) dscassel: willwh: Do it! :D 

(2011-10-04 19:19:13) dscassel: Corey and Brian Burger are in Victoria.
You should invite them. 

(2011-10-04 19:19:25) willwh: funnny oyu mentioned that - I just IM'd

(2011-10-04 19:19:36) willwh: he's probably stuck in a tree, or, mapping
something, and very afk. 

(2011-10-04 19:19:44) dscassel: Heh. 

(2011-10-04 19:20:07) BobJonkman: Post URP announcements on the mailing
list too, and make sure to get them on the Ubuntu calendar 

(2011-10-04 19:21:26) willwh: I will - as soon as I confirm with Moon. 

(2011-10-04 19:21:37) dscassel: Yeah, getting them up on the LoCo
directory is nice, but I can do that if details are posted to the
mailing list. 

(2011-10-04 19:21:52) willwh: great dscassel. 

(2011-10-04 19:22:06) BobJonkman: psema4 and I never did have our
September Ubuntu Hour; I should ask him about turning into a URP in

(2011-10-04 19:22:13) genii-around: Confirmations from LoCo directory
are way down for me from last year. One "openiduser" with a guest or two

(2011-10-04 19:22:31) dscassel: BobJonkman: That'd be awesome. 

(2011-10-04 19:23:04) dscassel: genii-around: Nobody every RSVPs for me.
Except BobJonkman and txwikinger of course. 

(2011-10-04 19:23:17) BobJonkman: It'll be at least a week after the KW
URP, maybe I can scoop some laser CDs ? 

(2011-10-04 19:23:38) dscassel: BobJonkman: Sure. 

(2011-10-04 19:23:43) BobJonkman: Yay! 

(2011-10-04 19:24:07) dscassel: I don't have an ocelot design yet. Holly
may get her 11th grade art class to make one. ^^; 

(2011-10-04 19:26:33) genii-around: dscassel: I still have 8-10 official
Natty remaining from when you were down last, I'm putting those on
display as well. I'm not going to make a lot of new ones this time, got
stuck with them, ended up putting them liberally on the corkboards and
flyer counters around neighbourhood. 

(2011-10-04 19:26:55) genii-around: Probably make them on the fly this

(2011-10-04 19:27:00) ***starcraftman comes back to life after a long
public transit ride. 

(2011-10-04 19:27:21) ***genii-around slides starcraftman a coffee 

(2011-10-04 19:28:03) dscassel: genii-around: Yeah, makes sense. 

(2011-10-04 19:28:07) ***starcraftman hopes its strong. 

(2011-10-04 19:29:04) genii-around: starcraftman: Yes :) 

(2011-10-04 19:29:15) dscassel: My todo is list is: design and print CD
labels (need to start soon, since they take a while to print), order

(2011-10-04 19:29:22) dscassel: I don't have time for posters, I don't

(2011-10-04 19:30:16) BobJonkman: I'm not sure anyone ever comes because
of a poster. 

(2011-10-04 19:30:30) BobJonkman: But they make good reminders for
people who were planning on coming anyway 

(2011-10-04 19:30:58) genii-around: dscassel: I wanted to use this pic
for cd art: http://fr3ak.deviantart.com/art/ocelot-76784799 but the
artist has not gotten back to me yet about using it 

(2011-10-04 19:31:06) dscassel: I need to send out reminders to the
usual mailing lists too. 

(2011-10-04 19:31:36) dscassel: genii-around: That's awesome. 

(2011-10-04 19:31:56) dscassel: I'd have to test it to see how it turns
out in lightscribe. 

(2011-10-04 19:32:08) genii-around: I'll bug him again soon 

(2011-10-04 19:32:50) starcraftman: genii-around: damn, now that's some
cool stuff. Can you ask him to put it forward for Ubuntu wallpaper, now
that's something to get people interested! 

(2011-10-04 19:34:10) dscassel: Also, local reddits. Kwartzlab got some
good uptake from using the waterloo reddit to publicize stuff. 

(2011-10-04 19:34:46) dscassel: I'll need to post a blog post
announcement too. 

(2011-10-04 19:35:42) starcraftman: dscassel: proven fact, anyone nerdy
enough to use Linux has to be on reddit :) 

(2011-10-04 19:36:04) dscassel: starcraftman: I'm not, but as
generalizations go, probably accurate enough. :) 

(2011-10-04 19:36:58) starcraftman: dscassel: ya, I guess reddit has
gotten a bit less popular among techies, not like back when everyone
migrated from digg. Feels weird hasn't been a new site like that to
replace reddit yet. 

(2011-10-04 19:37:36) ***BobJonkman is a non-reddit, non-digg luddite 

(2011-10-04 19:37:51) dscassel: I think a lot of UW students use the
local reddit. 

(2011-10-04 19:37:53) genii-around: Sorry for lag, since I'm still here
at work late, someone came by I had to talk to. 1 minute please 

(2011-10-04 19:38:00) dscassel: genii-around: Sure. 

(2011-10-04 19:38:18) ***dscassel is periodically distracted by people
here at Kwartzlab open night. 

(2011-10-04 19:38:44) dscassel: BobJonkman: Do you have any free cycles
over the next week? Can I offload any of my TODO list on you? 

(2011-10-04 19:38:59) genii-around: starcraftman: I'll put it in my next
message to him 

(2011-10-04 19:39:20) BobJonkman: Busy every night into the weekend;
next week should be somewhat better 

(2011-10-04 19:39:43) ***starcraftman has little to no time, full course
load and interviews for coop. Sorry. :/ 

(2011-10-04 19:39:44) BobJonkman: Send me your list, I'll cherry-pick
the most lucrative deals 

(2011-10-04 19:40:32) dscassel: BobJonkman: Sure. :) 

(2011-10-04 19:41:42) willwh: starcraftman: news.ycombinator.com &&
slashdot.org - what else do you need? 

(2011-10-04 19:41:48) willwh: follow the folk you like on g+ ;] 

(2011-10-04 19:42:35) starcraftman: willwh: no thanks on g+, google
knows enough without me just giving them my personal data. 

(2011-10-04 19:42:44) genii-around: dscassel: I never heard back if the
Toronto video feed last time was good/bad/etc. Since it was something
experimental I was wondering whether to repeat or not. Since the parties
are all different days maybe not this time though. 

(2011-10-04 19:43:36) dscassel: genii-around: I checked in a couple
times. Cool idea, but I couldn't make out much of what was going on. 

(2011-10-04 19:44:29) dscassel: genii-around: I've got a Kwartzlab board
meeting next Thurs. so I can't really check on it this time. 

(2011-10-04 19:45:24) genii-around: Yeah that room is dimly lit and we
didn't really have some focal point like speakers or displays, etc.
Maybe for next LTS 

(2011-10-04 19:47:45) dscassel: Any other thoughts on release parties? 

(2011-10-04 19:48:23) dscassel: Okay.. FSOSS! 

(2011-10-04 19:49:12) genii-around: You need help with booth or so on? 

(2011-10-04 19:49:23) dscassel: If you're in Toronto or vicinity, you
should seriously consider coming to the Free Software and Open Source
Symposium slash Toronto Linuxfest October 27-29 

(2011-10-04 19:49:41) dscassel: genii-around: Apparently you need to pay
for booths so we're not getting one. 

(2011-10-04 19:50:02) dscassel: *grumble* 

(2011-10-04 19:50:02) genii-around: Ah, OK. I think the FreeGeek gang is
down there already 

(2011-10-04 19:50:17) dscassel: genii-around: Yeah, I heard this from

(2011-10-04 19:50:25) rugbeeprop: hello 

(2011-10-04 19:50:34) dscassel: I'm hoping I'll have CDs in time.
Although I'm not going to blow my whole shipment on them. 

(2011-10-04 19:50:54) ***genii-around slides rugbeeprop a coffee 

(2011-10-04 19:50:56) dscassel: rugbeeprop: Hi! Welcome the the Ubuntu
Canada IRC meeting. Where you from? 

(2011-10-04 19:51:28) ***starcraftman wish they held more linux events
like FSOSS in montrealish area. 

(2011-10-04 19:51:39) dscassel: genii-around: Otherwise I'd order a
conference pack. 

(2011-10-04 19:51:45) rugbeeprop: hi Darcy, Tek here, Oshawa 

(2011-10-04 19:51:55) dscassel: starcraftman: I wish they had more stuff
like this in Toronto too. :) 

(2011-10-04 19:52:08) ***BobJonkman is sad that FSOSS/Linuxfest
conflicts severely with unmissable family obligations 

(2011-10-04 19:52:13) dscassel: I've skipped FSOSS in the past, mostly
because it's a "symposium" 

(2011-10-04 19:52:29) dscassel: rugbeeprop: Hey, Tek! 

(2011-10-04 19:52:38) dscassel: How do you feel about running a release
party in Oshawa? :D 

(2011-10-04 19:52:45) rugbeeprop: lol 

(2011-10-04 19:52:47) starcraftman: dscassel: but symposiums are epic,
they were on Futurama! 

(2011-10-04 19:52:54) rugbeeprop: great... who is organising it? 

(2011-10-04 19:53:05) dscassel: rugbeeprop: Although genii-around will
be hosting one in Toronto if you'd rather commute. 

(2011-10-04 19:53:10) genii-around: Or failing Oshawa release party,
coming to Toronto! 

(2011-10-04 19:53:12) dscassel: rugbeeprop: That'd be you. :) 

(2011-10-04 19:53:25) rugbeeprop: lol who else is from around Durham

(2011-10-04 19:54:42) dscassel: rugbeeprop: I'm sure I've heard of
someone else, but nobody on my list. 

(2011-10-04 19:54:45) ***dscassel keeps a list 

(2011-10-04 19:54:56) genii-around: dscassel: I'll get in touch with the
FreeGeek guys and try to coordinate 

(2011-10-04 19:55:27) rugbeeprop: what does it involved? I have never
been to any release party before 

(2011-10-04 19:55:37) genii-around: I might also be able to raise a few
Toronto FreeNet people 

(2011-10-04 19:55:58) dscassel: genii-around: That'd be cool. I'll need
to know ASAP if I should order a conference pack. 

(2011-10-04 19:56:17) genii-around: OK 

(2011-10-04 19:56:40) dscassel: (brokerage fees cost a bunch of money,
so I'd prefer not to if there's no use for it) 

(2011-10-04 19:57:04) BobJonkman: What's in a conference pack? 

(2011-10-04 19:58:26) BobJonkman: If we're slowing down, I just want to
mention @chaslinux's Ubuntu Hour in Kitchener on Friday. 

(2011-10-04 19:59:18) dscassel:

(2011-10-04 19:59:32) dscassel: (sorry, got distracted by Kwartzlab

(2011-10-04 19:59:47) dscassel: BobJonkman: Great! Of course, I'll be
out of town. Again. 

(2011-10-04 20:00:01) genii-around: rugbeeprop: Basically you find a
place to have it ( preferably with internet), tell all the people you
know, try to get it listed in events areas of your local linux user
group, newspapers, etc. Then hope for the best. 

(2011-10-04 20:00:49) dscassel: rugbeeprop: Yeah, that's about it,
really. Just find a venue and meet up with Ubuntu people. :) 

(2011-10-04 20:01:13) dscassel: The only tricky part is getting the word
out so people show up. (It's best if you drag out a friend or two :) 

(2011-10-04 20:01:53) rugbeeprop: sounds easy enough, I could probably
try to find a place, however, what are the timing, i.e. a couple of
hours, half a day or a whole day? 

(2011-10-04 20:02:14) dscassel: rugbeeprop: Whatever you'd like. Usually
a few hours. 

(2011-10-04 20:02:34) dscassel: Also, it doesn't *have* to be right
after the release. Vancouver usually waits a month or so. 

(2011-10-04 20:03:03) genii-around: rugbeeprop: I've found here over a
period of 3-4 hours that there seems to be a steady turnover of people
every half-hour to hour 

(2011-10-04 20:03:12) BobJonkman: dscassel: have you ever received a
conference pack? I'm thinking things like banners and tablecloths can be

(2011-10-04 20:03:35) dscassel: BobJonkman: The banner and tablecloths
are one-off. txwikinger has those. 

(2011-10-04 20:03:55) dscassel: I haven't ordered it before. txwikinger
got one for last year's aborted Linuxfest. 

(2011-10-04 20:04:09) rugbeeprop: Let me scout for location first, I
could probably set something out for a saturday or something 

(2011-10-04 20:04:23) genii-around: If the fee isn't incredibly horrible
I can put in 

(2011-10-04 20:04:55) khoover: did i miss something? 

(2011-10-04 20:05:07) dscassel: rugbeeprop: Cool! If you have details,
email the ubuntu-ca list. I can do the LoCo directory listing if you're
not set up to do t. 

(2011-10-04 20:05:20) rugbeeprop: sounds good 

(2011-10-04 20:05:43) dscassel: khoover: Just the IRC meeting. :) 

(2011-10-04 20:06:02) khoover: dscassel, for what? 

(2011-10-04 20:06:11) dscassel: khoover: ubuntu Canada! 

(2011-10-04 20:06:25) dscassel: we do this monthly. 

(2011-10-04 20:06:38) dscassel: khoover: Ever considered running a
release party? :D 

(2011-10-04 20:06:47) khoover: ...no? 

(2011-10-04 20:06:58) dscassel: It's fun! You should! :D 

(2011-10-04 20:07:03) dscassel: Where are you again? 

(2011-10-04 20:07:21) genii-around: khoover: We discussed upcoming
release parties, and the FSOSS Linuxfest at Seneca, where we would like
to have a presence if possible ( http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2011/ ) 

(2011-10-04 20:07:51) dscassel: genii-around: re: helping with brokerage
fees, thanks. :) 

(2011-10-04 20:08:15) khoover: eh, markham. 

(2011-10-04 20:08:23) khoover: just north of toronto 

(2011-10-04 20:08:26) genii-around: dscassel: No probs.. I can put in
maybe $40-60 if it helps 

(2011-10-04 20:09:41) khoover: tbh, i'd probably end up heading to the
seneca thing. rather close to my house. 

(2011-10-04 20:11:14) khoover: dscassel, exactly how would one host a
launch party? 

(2011-10-04 20:11:32) genii-around: mom phoned, back shortly 

(2011-10-04 20:11:33) dscassel: khoover: genii-around will be hostping a
release party in Toronto next Thursday if you'd just like to attend. :) 

(2011-10-04 20:11:46) khoover: that sounds much nicer. 

(2011-10-04 20:13:54) khoover: where in toronto exactly? 

(2011-10-04 20:14:14) dscassel: khoover: But more parties are also good.
basically find a venue and get the word out. A party doesn't have to be
anything more than a bunch of people at a restaurant/pub/cafe 

(2011-10-04 20:17:10) BobJonkman: khoover: Ubuntu-ca events list
(including venues) at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca 

(2011-10-04 20:17:21) genii-around: Back 

(2011-10-04 20:17:26) dscassel: If there's nothing else, I'll adjourn
the meeting. 

(2011-10-04 20:17:30) dscassel: But feel free to keep chatting. :D 

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