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=== Updates ===

The first meeting was a success. A total of 5 people showed up, and we are hoping we can get more for the next ones ([[http://sobac.com/temp/mumu/|pic]]).

We are still trying to define a location and a name (there are other LUGs called mlug).

The next meeting will take place at the [[http://onlinux.ca/|Ontario Linux Fest]] on October 25th.

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'''Next Meeting:''' October 25th at the [[http://onlinux.ca/|Ontario Linux Fest]] <<BR>>
''Note: there will not be a meeting on October 29th''
'''Next Meeting:''' November 19th at the [[http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=43.5268&lon=-79.676&zoom=17&layers=0B00FTF|Mulligan's Pub and Grill]] <<BR>>


==== Pictures ====

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Mississauga LUG

This page has been created as an attempt to organize a Linux user group meeting in Mississauga(ON), Canada.

The page is open for edit, so anyone can add information.

More details on the organization for this meeting can also be found at the Ubuntu-ca Mailing List.


Days: Last Wednesday of every month
Local: Mulligan's Pub and Grill, 2458 Dundas Street West, Mississauga

Next Meeting: November 19th at the Mulligan's Pub and Grill



Member List

Victor Mendonça

Proposed Names

. MUMU - Mississuaga Ubuntu MeetUp
. MsgLUG - Mississauga Linux User Group
. MTUX meet up - Mississauga TUX meet up
. Mississauga linux user meetup
. Mississaua *nix user meetup
. MILU - MIssissauga Linux Users
. MINUXS - MIssissauga liNUX userS

Proposed Locations for Future Meetings

. Burnhamthorpe Branch Library - Victor
. Pub near Dundas and Woodchester - Frank
. The Wester, the better. Someplace with food and beverage would be good - Bob Jonkman

Note: If possible, please provide a OpenStreetMap link to the proposed location

Proposed Dates for Future Meetings

. Sunday afternoon (Weekdays I work until 8PM and have school once a week so some weekdays after 8:30 are possible)- Victor
. "Not the first or last Sunday of the month, maybe Monday or Tuesday (but not the first Tuesday of the month)" - Frank
. "Any work day, after about 6:00pm" - Bob Jonkman
. "Any weekdays after 5:30PM" - Azard

Interested Parties

Victor Mendonça
Andrew Mathenge
Bob Jonkman (Weekdays only)
Andy Boersma
Ralph Janke
Frank McCarron

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