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MUMU - Mississauga Ubuntu MeetUp

MUMU is a group of Ubuntu users that meet once a month in a pub in Mississauga to share a beer, exchange information and talk about just about anything.

We welcome everyone, from the new user to the Linux veteran, including any other Unix-like OS user.

Feel free to bring your laptop or any questions you may have. We'll be more than glad to help you.

Group page: Yahoo Group page
Website: Mississauga LUG

Also check Ubuntu-ca Mailing List for info.


Days: Third Tuesday of every month
Location: Shoeless Joe's, 6570 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga, Ontario (map)



Member List

Victor Mendonça
Bob Jonkman
Andy Boersma

Interested Parties

Victor Mendonça
Andrew Mathenge
Bob Jonkman (Weekdays only)
Andy Boersma
Ralph Janke
Frank McCarron

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