Aggregate of all 2013 Canadian Team Reports

Work to continue on the CanadianTeam/ReApprovalApplication2012 page in February; submit to LoCoCouncil in March, be ready for April's RaringRingtail release.

The Ubuntu Hour Waterloo for February will be combined with Ubuntu Hour Kitchener on 1 March 2013.

• 5 July 2013 - Ubuntu Hour Kitchener
• 5 July 2013 - Ubuntu Canada Guelph Chapter is formed!
• 25 July 2013 - IRC Meeting for Ubuntu-ca (Agenda and Minutes)
• 25 July 2013 - Ubuntu Hour Guelph (Pictures, Tumblr)

Ubuntu Hour Guelph at the Pennywhistle Pub (picture by azend)

Not much happened this month except for the IRC meeting, but what a meeting! Thanx again to the LoCo Council members and LoCo Team Contacts who helped us find strategies to improve participation.

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