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Clear message

The Toronto chapter of the Ubuntu Canada team will meet regularly to discuss initiatives relating to Ubuntu and FOSS.


  • To facilitate the promotion of Ubuntu in Toronto
  • To allow Ubuntu users to meet and discuss initiatives and projects
  • To bring a sense of teamwork and accomplishment to our collective actions


Meeting Information

We will be meeting on Saturday, September 9th at 2:00PM at the [ Linux Caffe] to discuss, plan, and prepare for the marketing project, the date for which is to be announced but planned for the end of September or early October.


Listed below are various projects that we're working on.

Canadian Marketing Campaign

Ubuntu Canada is organizing a nation-wide marketing campaign! The campaign date for Toronto is to be announced, but is aimed for late September or early October. The Toronto chapter is doing its part by hitting a busy corner of the city and handing out CDs and brochures in an attempt to promote Ubuntu. If you're interested in helping out, contact DaveSullivan or visit us on IRC or the mailing list.

Ubuntu Videos

We will be discussing developing and producing Ubuntu promotional and/or documentational videos which will be eventually submitted to [ Ubuntu Video].

Get Involved

Getting involved is simple. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the joy of Ubuntu, then please, we invite you to join us on IRC or the Ubuntu Canada mailing list and share your ideas with us. We are also going to be holding regular meetings, so be sure to return to this page for meeting dates and times.