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Ubuntu Vancouver is constantly looking for free, Ubuntu-specific, current, and very-high quality materials that will be helpful to our local community in Vancouver.

The best resources present Ubuntu clearly and concisely. They respect the Ubuntu ethos. In other words, the word "Dummy", "newbie" or other derogatory language shouldn't appear anywhere in the book. In the world of Ubuntu, every person is a member of the community and has equal standing.

This is our current list.




A concise companion book for everyday Ubuntu use. Covers Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10. Topics covered: covered include: Installation & configuration, desktop use, applications, software, security.

Kim (our Fearless Founder) gave a "Lightning Talk" at the July 2009 General Meeting entitled: "Free Linux and Ubuntu Books"

Suggest an Item

Please send an email the Ubuntu Vancouver Mailing List if you have a suggestion for something we should include.

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